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90.27% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 129: Calamity/Karma (3)

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Chapter 129: Calamity/Karma (3)

Tobio used those 10 seconds to reverse his Balance Breaker. When he finished, he wanted to get up to observe the situation when Sae's embrace assaulted him.

Koga, Shigune, Vali, and Momoji Nakiri approached the two childhood friends.

"Ehem" Koga drew attention slightly.

Sae blushed, but she didn't separate from Tobio's body. She was afraid of losing him if she separated from his body.

"Sae, please stop, you're going to crush me to death," Tobio complained.

It wasn't until Tobio told her that Sae separated from him. Tobio tried to get up, but overwhelming pain filled his body. It seemed that he had been suffering an immense beating for a long time.


One of the areas where he felt most pain was his stomach. He lifted his shirt and saw the marks of kicks and fists all over his front.

"What happened?" Tobio was about to cry. The bruises all over his body were a sign of the pain the boy was suffering.

Strangely enough, Vali explained it simply.

"Jason and Ouryuu Nakiri have used you like a football."

"Jason? Where is he?" Tobio asked.

"Oni-sama and Jason-sama are fighting on top of the mountain."

Tobio looked at the new girl in confusion.

"She is Ouryuu's sister, Momoji Nakiri."

Tobio understood.

"Five main clans, Nakiri clan"

"You don't look shocked."

"Haha, thanks to Jason, I don't think there's anything else that can surprise me."

Vali shared his thinking, though not for Jason. Since he had seen Medea create magical circles without formulating the spells, Vali began to believe that the impossible didn't exist.

The mountain was still shaking. It seemed that Jason and Ouryuu had an intense battle. Vali clenched his fist, desire for battle shone in his eyes.

"I want to join the battle" Vali prepared to run after Jason.

Tobio stopped him as he grabbed Valis's arm.

"If you go, you're going to lose your life."

"...In any case, it's a life that's already been abandoned once!"

The tremors suddenly ceased. At that moment, the voice of a third came out.

"Now, don't say that, Vali."

This time the voice heard from the dragon doll that was placed on his shoulder was that of Azazel.



Vali and Sae looked at the doll.

Azazel spoke.

"I wasn't late making contact, right. I received a rough report from Barakiel. Well then, what's the present situation?"

Tobio and the others described Lavinia's situation in detail.

Azazel fell quiet for a moment to ponder and...

"I see — those troublesome Oz. Their aim from the start was Lavinia herself, huh. From the beginning, it was just about cornering that girl's spirit so they could control her. However, to use Lavinia's own master like that..."

Tobio voiced his frustration.

"It was our fault. Even though we had assumed it was a trap..."

Azazel interrupted him.

"No, it wasn't your fault. We could blame Jason for having been able to avoid that situation if he had acted first, even though it wasn't his job. We could blame Lavinia for being so easily controlled. You could blame me for not acting personally. If we go on like this, anyone is guilty of one reason or another."

Tobio and the rest kept quiet. They knew Azazel was right, but for some reason, they felt more guilty.

"Governor-General! I don't agree with you. We can't let Jason wipe our asses whenever we have a mission."

Azazel nodded.

"Mmm, that's not a bad way to think, Tobio."

Azazel then spoke to Vali.

"You seem to have been able to help Jason for a while with your Balance Breaker, that's a breakthrough, not bad at all."

"How do you know?"

"Barakiel told me. Apparently, Jason has been fighting Ouryuu, and his battle has clashed with the one Barakiel was having with Satanael and his Abyss Team. In the end, Jason knocked Ouryu unconscious and pulled Barakiel out of his fence."

Everyone nodded; they weren't at all surprised to learn that Jason had done that. The only one in shock was Momoji to know that her brother had lost.

Azazel then spoke to the last Four Fiend.

"Koga Hyousuke, what will you do?"

Koga spoke while crossing his arms.

"Well, I have boarded the ship. Might as well ride it all the way."

In response to his brief reply, Azazel gave him a warning.

"It seems that you received something from Satanael, but it isn't good to use that power too much. Most likely, it will result in nothing good, right?"

It seemed that Azazel had been told about that transformation of Koga's.

Koga shrugged.

"Except for guys who are hostile to me, I don't use that power all that power. However, since its power obtained at a great cost, I don't know to what extent I can use it. It is mainly for The Four Divine Beasts and the Ouryouu for which my curiosity overflows. Although it seems that the latter is too much for the present me."

At Koga's statement, Azazel said, "This is quite troublesome," in a surprised voice.

Tobio could not surmise Koga's true intentions, but given the degree to which he had slaughtered those people from the remnants of the 'Utsusemi Agency', he had been carrying a sense of vigilance towards him.

Azazel had inquired about the intentions of everyone there. He said, "Good Luck" to everyone before going back.

A sudden chill then drifted up to them. Everyone's gaze gathered in one direction.

Jason, with an irritated face, appeared in the field of the forest. With his right hand, he was grabbing someone's leg. A severely wounded Barakiel accompanied him.

"Ah! Oni-sama!" Momoji shouted in surprise.

Jason's leg was that of Ouryuu Nakiri. The boy was unconscious as Jason dragged him across the floor.

The reason for the chills was none other than Jason. The face he had at the time was terrifying. Jason threw Ouryuu at his sister's feet.

"If you don't take him in less than 10 seconds, I'm going to kill him. Or maybe I'll kill myself. I don't want to hear him anymore!"

It didn't take long for Jason's irritation to show up.

"Momo-chan, give your oni-chan a hug."


Momoji didn't blush or anything. She didn't show any expression, giving Tobio and the rest a chill colder than Jason had given them.

"Thank you for your kindness, Jason-sama. I apologize for my brother. I'm going to retire."

Momoji followed Jason's example and grabbed Ouryuu's leg to drag him across the floor.


Momoji's body shook slightly. She turned her brother around, making his face look at the ground. Momoji continued walking, but his brother didn't keep talking, he swallowed dirt every time he opened his mouth. The young maiden was not afraid that Ouryuu would suffocate from the land, being the yellow dragon the ground was like air to him.

"Let's go too."

Jason said so. Lavinia had entered the forest with Natsume and Kouki; they had already recovered.

"Sae!"Natsume jumped to her friend.

"Where is the sister-in-law?" Vali asked.

An uncomfortable silence covered the clearing of the forest when Vali finished speaking.

"Sister-in-law?" Barakiel asked. He did not know of Medea's participation.

"Hehe, Medea is back. Why should she stay?"

"Is she not coming back with us?"

"She doesn't want to, do you think I can stop her?"

Vali didn't say anything anymore. What a joke! With what he had seen, Medea was stronger than Jason. How could he force her to accompany them? Vali didn't know that if Jason wanted her, she wouldn't hesitate to follow his order.

Jason had told her to come back once Kouki and Natsume were recovered. He didn't want to have to deal with Azazel and his questions, although these were inevitable.

"Now that I think about it, who's going to drive?"

Barakiel had unusable arms and could not drive.

"I can." A gentle voice was heard. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Are you sure? Will the great clans allow an heiress to lead for Grigori, Suzaku?"

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