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44.44% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 63: Casual Meeting

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Chapter 63: Casual Meeting

"It's time to go back to school, Hubby."

"Has time passed so quickly?"

"It's been 15 hours since you entered the training room, so for you it must have been 15 days for you" Medea explained.

Jason opened his eyes and saw Medea dressed in pajamas, it seemed that she had just got out of bed because she had a drowsy look.

(Wait, do the Servants need sleep?)

[User must remember that the invocations made by the system are different from those of the Holy Grail as the system allows Servants to have a real physical body]

(I understand, so the Servants invoked by the system have the same needs as a normal human)

(Wait, normal human? Doesn't that mean that Servants can also learn the techniques purchased in the system shop?)

[Affirmative, human Servants can learn techniques with human requirements, semihuman Servants can learn techniques with semihuman requirements, etc...]

(And I was thinking about how to increase the power of my Servants, it looks like I'm going to have to strive to get many SPs in the future)

Jason then refocused his gaze on Medea, especially on those mountains that couldn´t be hidden by pajamas. He grabbed Medea's hands and dragged her to the formation.

"W-What are you doing?" Medea was surprised because of Jason's actions.

"I haven't paid attention to you this weekend, it seems your body needs a little bit of my affection," Jason whispered in Medea's ear.

"But you have to go to school," Medea reminded him.

"The school can wait a few minutes" Jason activated the time rune.


"Ufufufu, Master seems to have found an interesting way to make use of the rune of time" Semiramis laughed from the throne room while watching the training room thanks to a screen. The image of Jason and Medea intertwined while doing "exercise" could be clearly seen.

Semiramis looked at the two girls who were accompanying her at this time.

"How indecent!" Nekohime shouted as she covered her eyes, blushing, although her fingers were slightly open looking at the scene on the screen.

Ingvild said nothing but she was still flushed. Unlike Nekohime, she watched the scene without covering her eyes and a trace of determination could be seen in her eyes.


Mrs. Smith was writing some mathematical concepts on the board, all the students were taking notes diligently.

The door suddenly opened and a white-haired boy entered class. He had a flushed face and looked like he had been running for a while.

"Sorry I'm late," Jason bowed.

"All right, I'll let it go the first time." Mrs. Smith let it go because it seemed that the boy had struggled to be on time and was barely 10 minutes late.

"Thank you" Jason leaned back and sat in his seat next to Akeno.

"Hey, why are you late?" Elisabeth whispered.

"I was doing morning exercise," Jason replied with a straight face.

(Wow, he's so strong and still training diligently)

Akeno gave Jason a suspicious look, she remembered that her mother had told her that Medea had gone to look for Jason an hour before classes began. He had just come out of a 15-hour training session, so why would he train more?

Jason, meanwhile, kept remembering his "morning training" with Medea. Those tits, that ass, those perfect curves... The dragon that Medea had managed to pacify in doubt barely activated again.

Fortunately everyone was paying attention to the board so they hadn't noticed this detail, everyone but one person.

Elisabeth was taking notes with a red face. Arthur saw her condition and thought she was sick.

"Are you all right?"

"Oh, I'm perfectly fine," she replied quickly.

(So that's the penis mom had described to me, it looks like a little spear!)

The week passed quickly. Jason went to classes in the morning and in the afternoons he trained with Arthur with the sword. Arthur was surprised to see how quickly Jason improved.

On Friday he arrived, Jason was picking up school supplies to return home after a hard day's study.

"Are we going?" He asked Akeno.

Akeno nodded and followed closely.

"Arthur, Eli, we're leaving." Jason said goodbye to them.

Akeno fired them with his hand.

"Wait!" Elisabeth called them.

"Is something wrong?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, why don't we have dinner together?"

"Just you and me?" Jason pretended to be surprised.

Elisabeth blushed, she tried to explain quickly but the words didn't come out.

"I'm just kidding, I know you meant the four of us together."

Elisabeth sighed relieved although she was a little disappointed inside.

The four kids left the school and a limousine was waiting for them at the door. Elisabeth smiled and ran to the car.

"Let's go!"

The others entered the car behind her.

"Shall we go home, miss?" A middle-aged man was driving the limousine.

"No, today we're going to eat at the Burger King."

Jason looked at the middle-aged man, he looked like a completely normal man but Jason could feel a strange pressure emanating from his body.

"He is Uncle Fu, Uncle Fu is my chauffeur and bodyguard" Elisabeth explained.

Uncle Fu nodded and took them to Burger King.

The kids got out of the limo a few streets before reaching the Burger because they didn't want to get too much attention.

They came in and each ordered their own hamburger.

Jason ordered a Black Jack Pepper, Akeno a Bacon cheeseburger and Arthur and Elisabeth decided to take a Whooper.

Jason picked up his hamburger and walked to his seat when he suddenly bumped into someone.

"Are you okay, kid?"

Jason looked and saw tall man appearing to be in his twenties with an average build, black hair, golden bangs and black goatee.

Jason thought the man looked familiar for some reason.

"I'm fine," he replied hastily.

A purple-haired woman with large breasts approached the man.

"Azazel, it is time for us to meet the king of England" The woman spoke to Azazel.

"Tch, first we go to a bar to drink alcohol" Azazel protested.

Azazel and the woman left the Burger King while Jason followed them with his gaze.

(Wow, what big tits that woman had)

Jason was walking back to his table when he stopped abruptly.

"Did she said Azazel?" Jason looked where they had gone but couldn't find a trace of both.

"Jason, let's eat." Akeno called him from the table.

Jason shrugged, sending the figure of Azazel to the back of his mind and walked to eat with his friends.

"Why did you bump into that boy?" Penemue asked Azazel.

"That boy was accompanied by Arthur Pendragon and Isabel Windsor, besides there was another girl who had fallen angel's blood. It's impossible for that child to be a normal person and yet I couldn't notice anything strange.

So I bumped into him to see if I could feel anything..." Azazel paused for a moment.

"And did you feel it? Penemue asked.

"It's terrifying, I've felt a terrifying darkness and my soul is almost absorbed by that darkness. I've also felt an equally terrifying dragon power," Azazel explained with a smile on his face.

Penemue was stunned, "Is it that bad?"

"No, apparently only a tiny part of that power has awakened" Azazel shrugged.

"Should we kill him while we still can?" Penemue asked in a serious voice, she was Grigori's chief secretary and Grigori was everything to her.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on him, I want to see how high he can reach with my own eyes" Azazel applied immense pressure on Penemue.

Cold sweat fell down Penemue's back "I understand".

Penemue was terrified, it was the first time Azazel had acted like this for anything other than Sacred Gears.

"It´s good that you understand" Azazel nodded, taking all pressure off Penemue.

"Now, let's pay that old Windsor a visit."

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