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67.36% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 96: Clan Kushihashi: Kushihashi Seiryuuu

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Chapter 96: Clan Kushihashi: Kushihashi Seiryuuu

A blonde-haired girl wearing a light blue one-piece dress—Lavinia was standing there.

Long straight blonde hair that seemed to gleam like silk, blue eyes that seemed transparent, long white arm and legs that were well-proportioned, and though the light blue one piece was simple, it had drawn out the distinctive characteristics of a young lady to the maximum.

Since she was wearing clothes that were so far apart from her usual pointed hat and robe that made up her magical girl cosplay, Jason was captivated, his mouths hanging open vacantly.

Lavinia's face was unusually red, and her arms and legs were fidgeting. Somehow, her appearance was a state of embarrassment.

"…This appearance, from a short while ago, has felt somewhat embarrassing."

"Isn't it fine? If you were to go out right now, there'd be guys calling out to you." Jason teased her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Indeed, with the magical girl look from shortly before, it did seem that there'd be many who'd call out to her due to her being a beautiful blonde-haired girl. However, if it was this one-piece dress appearance, that was another story altogether. It was reasonable that there'd likely be many who tried to seduce her if she walked around town looking like that.

Lavinia questioned Tobio.

"What about you, Jason? Does this appearance become me?"

"Yeah, I think it's exceedingly cute."

Hearing Jason's impression, Lavinia smiled even as she blushed.

"I'm satisfied as long as you like it, I don't care about the rest of the people," Lavinia muttered.

Jason grinned when he heard her muttering.

As Lavinia was inquiring after the thoughts of the male group, Natsume and Sae made an appearance. Natsume spoke full of self-confidence.

"Well? Is it not the advent of the blonde-haired ultra-beautiful girl? Look look, revere her all of you guys. Offer her tribute. And then, pay your thanks to me."

Faced with Natsume who had said this after puffing out her chest with an 'ahem', Samejima spoke with a half-opened eye.

"The magical girl was of high-quality material to start with. Didn't you just strip those clothes off her and dress her in a one-piece?"

"You don't understand! This is why the Yankees are no good! After all, this one-piece, the supreme article for illuminating Lavinia—"

As Natsume and Samejima slipped into their usual quarreling, Tobio and Sae could only sigh in an exacerbation.

Next to them, Vali, who had put on a black leather jacket that did not fit his size, said, "If I could get just a bit taller already, I could dress myself in something like this," as he seemed to make a decision about something.

Jason was surprised when he saw the characteristic black leather jacket that was the jacket Vali was wearing in the DxD novels.

"That leader jacket suits you very well, Vali. But I think that you need to be a bit taller, chibi" Jason didn't miss the time to mock the little devil.

"Hmmph, wait and you will see the greatness of the Vanishing Dragon with the black leather jacket" Vali harrumphed.

Having finished Lavinia's coordinated outfit, for lunch, everyone proceeded to a ramen shop that Vali wanted to eat at… Well, the second lunch for Jason and Vali. The silver-haired youth began lecturing about ramen, but as it was something everyone was familiar with, things flowed along smoothly...but the ramen itself tasted considerably good.

After lunch, socializing as they went to each shop, they each bought what they wanted.

Along the way, the gazes of the men who came and went were directed at Lavinia who had changed into the one piece. However, it seemed that they couldn't call out to her even though they wanted to. At any rate, there was a scary-faced onii-chan with dyed brown hair and an extremely handsome white-haired man accompanying her after all.

At such times, Samejima's presence was useful. In a case where the other party was a group Yankee style young men… Jason would take care of them.

…Be that as it may, since for Tobio and the others the independent avatar type were worthy of being extraordinary bodyguards, if the big black dog were visible, then even the Yankee boys wouldn't come out when faced with such readily available decisive measures.

Having finished both lunch and their shopping, Tobio and the others went to a park that was downtown, and at the plaza there they ended up playing with Jin and Griffon, which also served as an after-meal workout.

"I want ice-cream!" Vali shouted.

"Okay, one-chan is going to accompany you… Do you want to come, Jason?" Lavinia asked.

"Okay, I also want an ice-cream," Jason agreed.

They went to the nearest ice-cream shop.

"I'm going to buy ice cream for everyone."

(As expected of the one-sama of SlashDog) Jason thought.

After purchasing ice cream for the group, Lavinia went to give the ice cream to the rest of the team.

Jason waited with Vali in the shop, Vali was in trouble choosing the flavor of his ice cream.

"Just take chocolate or vanilla and let's go" Jason reprimanded him.

"Impossible! Chocolate doesn't suit the white of the Vanishing Dragon, and I don't like vanilla flavour."

When Vali finish purchasing his ice cream (Jason forced him to buy chocolate ice cream), they sit in a near bench, and they ate the ice cream quietly. They didn't go near the SlashDog team because Jason wanted to talk alone with Vali.

"Vali, tell me what do you know about Augusta."

Vali frowned.

"She is Oz's Witch of the East, to be precise, she is the 'second generation' Witch of the East. The Witch of the East Augusta of the Purple Flame. That is her true identity."

The second-generation.... In the children's novel 'The Wizard of Oz', the Witch of the East should have been crushed to death as a result of Dorothy being transferred to the Land of Oz along with her house…. Given that, would that mean that the first generation was the one that was crushed to death?

"The teacher who taught Lavinia magic, she was a witch dwelling in Oz—Glinda, the Witch of the South," Vali told Jason.

Jason wasn't surprised when he heard that Lavinia was the apprentice of a famous witch.


"Did you felt that?" Jason asked Vali

"Yes, it seems that they are in problems." Vali shrugged.

"Let's take a look."

"If you say that, I can't say no."

A graceful faced boy of about the same age who was wearing glasses was facing the SlashDog members. He was wearing a blazer that was primarily blue in color.

"Nice to meet you, Four Fiends and Inugami-kun. I am Kushihashi, Kushihashi Seiryuu."

Jason, who was walking beside Vali, sense something in the air.


"Interesting, it seems that the 5 clans are moving" Vali pondered.

"Mmm?" Jason looked at Vali with a questioning face.

"Be advised. Kushihashi is the family governing the Phase of 'Wood' from the Five Phases, and 'Wood' can manipulate 'Wind' and 'Lightning'."

"And from this dragon aura in the air, the one they are facing is the next family head. The one that has inherited the azure dragon, Seiryuu Kushihashi."

Jason and Vali arrived at just the right time to see Tobio covered in dark energy, facing him was a boy with glasses that was surrounded by an azure aura.

Kushihashi Seiryuu, wiping the blood from his mouth with his hand, again made a symbol with his hands.

"Without such splendidness, it wouldn't be interesting! Well then, I guess I should also bring it out!"

The blue 'essence' covering him swelled further still! It could be clearly realized that he was doing something tremendous.

"'In the name of Jupiter, the spirit of wood, carriest the sun on the winds, bringeth it to the east'! 'By Three-Blue and Four-Green, at my cry—"

It was just as Kushihashi Seiryuu was about to recite the whole of this verse—. In the space between Tobio's group and Kushihashi Seiryuu, a flash of lightning suddenly rained down like an enormous pillar. Even if it was a blue sky above, high output 'lightning' was falling.

At that, not just Tobio and company, but even the opponent Kushihashi Seiryuu stopped his hand signs and words of power.

"That's far enough, next head of the Kushihashi."

"So it was a battle with a next family head from the Five Principal Clans that you brought me to, huh."

Vali was also standing next to Barakiel. With these members it had become a full lineup, no, someone was missing.

As soon as he noticed Barakiel and Vali, Kushihashi Seiryuu made a bitter smile.

"…The fallen angel, Barakiel-dono of 'lightning', and the rumored Vanishing Dragon huh. This is quite something."

Kushihashi Seiryuu shrugged his shoulders. However, his fighting spirit didn't abate. Even Barakiel's appearance didn't disrupt his battle posture. But, then that voice called out from behind him. Simultaneously, sparks of fire danced around the entirety of the plaza.

"Seiryuu, stop this."

Hearing that voice, Kushihashi Seiryuu was astonished, and the fighting spirit, the blue 'essence' that was enveloping his body, was erased.

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