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1.38% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 1: Death, reincarnation in DxD and system

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Chapter 1: Death, reincarnation in DxD and system

In a certain place in a divine world, many high level gods ran from one side to the other looking for a certain problematic supreme goddess.

God random 1 "What are we going to do, our lordship has escaped again to play in the mortal world, I hope she doesn't do any show please!"

Meanwhile, a certain girl was walking through the streets of London, just as she crossed the street she sneezed. "Who could speak bad of this lady?" As she murmured she did not realise that a truck was coming. When she was about to run her over, a boy came from behind and pushed her out of the way, dying in return. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

(Jason POV)

Hello, my name is Jason Frey, I am 18 years old this year, when I was born my parents abandoned me in an orphanage so I never knew any paternal love. In the orphanage I didn't have many friends, in fact they discriminated against me, do you wonder why? It was because of my white hair and red eyes. Everyone said I was a monster, the nun who looked after the orphanage never treated me well. When I started going to school I started making friends but as the years went by they distanced themselves from me for the same reasons and although I looked better than average, the girls were afraid to approach me, not for my appearance but for the social pressure of the environment. No one wanted to get close to me so in the end I had no choice but to look for a way out of my loneliness, and I found it in the world of anime. I started watching the Fate/Stay night and Fate/Zero series, continuing with Fate/Apocrypha and the game Fate/Grand order. When they released the Highschool DxD anime I became a fan of it at the very moment.

This year I had already turned 18 and I had been kicked out of the orphanage (which I couldn't care less about), today the new volume of DxD came out and I had gone out to buy it. Just as I was returning home I saw a little girl crossing the street without looking at the traffic light and I was scared when I saw that she stopped in the middle and a truck was coming, so I did not hesitate and pushed her out of the way, in exchange the truck ran over me killing me.

You may be wondering `If you are dead, how can you be telling your story? ´. Well, it's hard to explain, or rather, it's hard to believe. Apparently that little girl was a supreme goddess who had been charged with overseeing a certain number of worlds by the Primordial God and wanted to thank me for taking her out of the way (although obviously she wasn't going to die for that).


And so Jason found himself in a large hall surrounded by high-level gods around him as the supreme goddess bowed in front of him. After convincing her to get up she spoke.

Supreme Goddess: "Thank you so much for before, for reward for saving me I can grant you three wishes you want. Things like reincarnation, superpowers, systems, anything goes."

Jason was really surprised, he felt the urge to shout `Cliché! ´ but he swallowed his words and decided to think about it seriously.

(Mmm... one desire must be to reincarnate in some special world, another a special system but the third one I don't know which to choose... a special skill or a bloodline maybe? That's it! I got it.)

Jason: "I want to be reincarnated in the world of DxD a year before Issei´s birth, I want a system of Fate Series and the Rinne sharingan of Sasuke in Naruto!"

Supreme Goddess: "Your wishes will be granted, now let me transport you to your new world."

Suddenly a light enveloped Jason and he disappeared from the room.

God random 1: "Your Honor, this time you did make a big one, if he finds out that his son died because of you we'll still have a way out, but if `she´ finds out she won't have anything that can save our necks, even if you're her daughter-in-law". God trembled at the thought of `she´.

Supreme Goddess: "Don't worry, she's the one who ordered me to do this for my future husband, in fact I would have destroyed that world by now if it weren't for that fucking faction".

The goddess was very irritated when talking about them, after all they were the ones who forced her little husband to remain alone in the world of mortals, afterwards they could not leave him mature or his powers would become at the same level or superior to that of his mother. So she and her mother-in-law decided to devise this plan for his sake and get him out of the cage in which he was locked up, giving him a way to the top.

(Husband, your wife will always be watching you, I hope you grow up fast so I can spend time with you.)

This Supreme Goddess was the daughter-in-law of one of the 3 primordial rank beings, the primordial dragon and she was also Jason's fiancée for when he ascended to the kingdom of the gods, but that is an issue for the future.

Japan, city of Kuoh.

In a hospital a mother held a baby in her arms, while the baby looked at her with curiosity, she was a beautiful woman hovering around 30, next to her a tall man of about 35 looked with a long smile and tears in his eyes. The woman looked at him and asked.

Mrs. Frey: Honey, what should we call this little creature?

Mr. Frey: My son will be an important person in the future so I will call him Jason, as the Argonaut.

Mrs. Frey: You've heard baby, from now on you'll be Jason, Jason Frey.

When they saw the boy smiling they thought it was because he liked the name, if they knew why he was really smiling they would faint in an instant.

At that moment in Jason's mind a mechanical voice could be heard.

[ Welcome to the System interface,

Name: Jason Frey

Age: Newborn

Title: None

Bloodline: Human / Descendant of Hero Jason the Argonaut

Shop Points: 0

Summon Points: 0

Ability Points: 0


Force: 0.1

Speed: 0.1

Lifespan: 90 years

Mana: 18


Sharingan (1 tomoe) (0/100)



-Noble Phantasm

-Lottery (1 free)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (1 free)


System note: You don´t have a start pack but you have a free lottery and a free servant. Good Luck!]

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

New novel, this time a Fanfic. Hope you like it.

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