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Chapter 98: Discussion

Barakiel inquired.

"In other words, in regards to Koga Hyousuke, you'd be fine entrusting him to us?"

When Suzaku nodded, Barakiel's expression became one of doubt.

"…Suzaku, is this your own judgment? With that family head, something like this…it seems unlikely that they would permit an alliance with an organization of fallen angels. No, even if the family head were to forgive you, the chief executives would not remain silent."

Suzaku just gave a sweet smile in response to Barakiel's query.

"You could say that we are also not monolithic. The current matter has been entrusted to me. Despite my appearance, I did inherit 'Suzaku'. Besides, to be perfectly honest, the truth is that we have little information about the Abyss Team and Sataniel, and the same goes for Oz. One of the conditions that are part of the implications of the united front I've been proposing is that it also be a win-win for all parties."

"There is much information that cannot be disclosed…but with the Abyss Team and Sataniel being an issue we share in common, we'll hand over as much as we can. …With this, it should be in your favor."

At Barakiel's words, Suzaku let out a sigh of relief.

"It is a great comfort to me that negotiations have gone well, Oji-sama."

From behind Suzaku, Kushihashi Seiryuu did say in a low whisper, "I was opposed this however," with half-closed eyes, but…

He gazes at the white-haired boy sitting alone in the room. He was silent most of the time, and he only threw comments in the meeting, but he had made Baraqiel swallow his own words… He wasn't someone simple. Seiryuu became wary of him since the incident when he almost kills him without Seiryuu noticing his presence.

Barakiel inquired of Tobio and the others. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"The gain of a temporary cooperative relationship with her and her associates is in regards to protecting the Four Fiends. There does appear to be a point of consideration towards them in consideration of the incident a while back as well as the clash a short while ago but…to start with, the important thing should be to rescue the Four Fiends, your classmate. There's no problem with that, is there?"

The first to answer was Minagawa Natsume.

"I...think it's fine. In all honesty, there is a lot that I'd like to say to those guys, however our goal of rescuing all of our classmates comes first."

Samejima snorted and then spoke while sending a glare towards Kushihashi Seiryuu.

"Even though I'd like to give that smug fellow over there a good wallop, well, if we've settled upon this united front I'll go along with it. Nothing would come of me throwing a tantrum over it by myself anyways. Well, in any event, if someone should attack us, it should be fine if I just knock them down."

That truly was befitting his way of thinking.

To this, Vali also expressed the same opinion.

"It's as Samejima Kouki said. Whoever it maybe, if they oppose us, it's fine to defeat them. It's truly quite simple."

Tobio exchanged a glance with Sae, and they each nodded.

"Sae and I also have no problem with it."

Lavinia placed her trust in the judgment of Jason, "I shall leave it up to you to decide."

They all look toward Jason, waiting for his decision.

"We just have to get a brat out. If anyone interferes, I'll just have to kill them. I want to finish this fast."

Having attained the consent of Jason and the others, Suzaku, having confirmed this, produced a single memo from her jacket pocket.

She spoke as she passed this memo to Barakiel.

"This is the location where Koga Hyousuke was confirmed to be—his whereabouts. It would be a good idea to leave promptly. Whether due to him escaping or to him being captured, the more time that elapses, the more likely he will depart from there. We are also planning to head there before the day is up."

Kushihashi Seiryuu followed up on Suzaku's words with a hint of cynicism.

"Well, if we should run across the first, we could protect them for the time being. I hope you won't hate us if we're not on time, though."

It would appear that cracking jokes was part of the personality of the boy named Kushihashi Seiryuu. However, he didn't say anything more as Jason's gaze was on him.

Afterward, following several rounds of exchanges between Barakiel and Suzaku, the conference reached a conclusion peacefully and uneventfully.

Everyone stood up, and just as they were all about to, it happened. Suzaku abruptly called out to Lavinia.

"Lavinia Reini-san."


When Lavinia responded, Suzaku posed a question.

"'Augusta of the Purple Flame'. You are familiar with that name, correct?"

The moment that name came up—it felt as though the temperature of the room dropped slightly. No, it reality it actually did.

It wasn't clear whether it was consciously or subconsciously, but Lavinia was giving off an icy atmosphere.

"Yes. She is one of the magicians I am pursuing. She is 'Witch of the East' Augusta."

Having said as much, Lavinia was releasing pressure from her entire body. Regarding the name that Suzaku had spoken, it had been sufficient to disturb Lavinia's emotions.

Jason recalled the matter Vali had informed him of in the park earlier.

Lavinia was the disciple of the 'Witch of the South' Glenda from 'Oz'. And also, Lavinia was pursuing the 'Witch of the East' from 'Oz', the elderly woman magician who she had encountered in that facility of the 'Utsusemi Agency'.

Suzaku continued.

"In regards to the matter of Oz, I just recalled that I had been informed that you are the disciple of Glenda who was the 'Witch of the South'. The 'West' is also coming here. Although both the 'East' and the 'West' are troublesome, I wonder, could the 'North' becoming as well?"

"Perhaps, though I believe they have not yet come from their country."

"Well then, the position of the king of 'Emerald City' of 'Oz' towards the present situation is…?"

Lavinia lowered her eyes in response to Suzaku's inquiry.

"…I do not know. I have received absolutely nothing about the situation over there."

In response to Lavinia, whose voice sounded forced, Suzaku merely replied, "Thank you. That is sufficient."

Raising her index finger, Suzaku gave Lavinia a piece of advice.

"Just one piece of advice. You shouldn't associate too closely with the Grigori. Even at the best of times, they are a target of observation due to the power they have obtained. I have heard rumors that the Vatican has ordered the assassination of the Grigori operating in this country. If you should happen to come across an exorcist who's enthusiastic about his job, it's possible they may hunt you if given the opportunity."

"…My thanks. I will be careful to avoid being subjected to a 'witch hunt'."

Lavinia lowered her gaze. She suddenly felt someone patting her head, she looks at who was the one patting her, and she found Jason. Jason's gaze was fierce while looking at Suzaku. An evil grin covered his face.

"If the Vatican decides to attack Grigori... Well, maybe I'll send them a warning, or maybe I'll give them a visit to that place in the heavens."

Suzaku's eyes turn serious, and Seiryuu knelt down as Jason Jason let out all his dragon aura.

Barakiel inwardly sighed, this was the second time that he felt this pressure, he was slightly scared because he knows the real age of Jason (Azazel has told him because Barakiel is his best friend) and the full growth potential of Jason was unknown. Barakiel guessed that Jason could grow at the same level as Ddraig and Albion and he won't need to much time before he gets at that level.

"We haven't introduced ourselves formally before. I am Suzaku Himejima, heir to the Himejima clan."

Jason frowned at Suzaku's statement. She was very clever in her presentation, not only she told her name but also her position. In formal presentations, the second person has to tell the same information about himself as the first one.

Clearly, Suzaku wanted to learn about Jason's position within Grigori. Jason saw through her façade and mentally smirked. Well, he didn't mind to tell her, and he wasn't afraid that they would relate him with the 12 years-old school guy.

"Indeed, we haven't introduced ourselves formally. My name is Jason, and I'm Vali's big brother."

Jason could hear Vali swearing.

"This Vanishing Dragon hasn't accepted you as the big brother."

Suzaku and Seiryuu were astonished when they learn this news. But Jason hasn't cleared their doubts.

Was Jason Vali's blood relate brother?

Or was he another adoptive son of Azazel?

The most logical thing would be to think that Jason was Azazel's adopted son, but they would never know if there was another Lucifer descendant they had kept secret.

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