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27.08% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 38: Elemental Dragon (2), Ashura Soul

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Chapter 38: Elemental Dragon (2), Ashura Soul

Clouds covered all of Japan and lightning fell all over Japan, but they were centered in the Kuoh area.

In a forbidden zone within Japanese territory.

"Why haven't you already controlled the lightning?" A beautiful blonde woman anxiously shouted at two middle-aged men.

"The rays are too powerful," shouted the oni-looking man who was sweating profusely.

"We can hardly control them so that they do not fall into crowded areas!" shouted the tall man with a katana hanging from his waist.

"It seems that the Raijin and Takemikazuchi kami are not able to control a few simple rays, you should be ashamed to call yourselves gods of thunder!"

"We are doing what we can, Amaterasu-sama!"

The clouds dispersed quickly and the rays disappeared, both gods who were trying to control the rays sighed for relief.

Amaterasu on the other hand had a look of horror in her eyes.

What person is capable of controlling such terrible lightning? ´

All the gods in Takamagahara sighed for relief as they saw the lightning stop, apparently the disaster was over.

Not even a minute later, they became tense again. Strong winds had suddenly appeared, tornadoes and hurricanes began to form all over Japan.

"Fujin, try to control the wind! Somebody call my idiot brother here!"

Amaterasu thought she was going crazy, `Susanoo come fast´

Jason's house, Kuoh.

"Papa, Mama, why do I feel the presence of oni-chan in the air?"

Drops of sweat fell from the faces of Mikoto and Martin.

The strong winds were obviously formed by the awakening of a new element in Jason. His body radiated green light and his hair changed to the same color.

The Nekoshou had been placed inside a barrier that had been created by Medea and Semiramis.

"What's going on with Jason?" Medea was worried about him.

"Do you have time to think about him?" Semiramis was frustrated, she was struggling to maintain the barrier and her companion was not fully concentrated.

The situation in Japan alerted all the powers in the world. The gods of different countries offered to help and could barely keep the hurricanes and tornadoes from ending the lives of countless people.

The winds calmed down after a short time. The green light on Jason's body was replaced by a brown one.

Just when everyone thought the worst was over, the earth began to tremble.

All of Japan panicked, the shaking earth was an earthquake premonition.

All the gods were in shock. An earthquake was not so rare, but this earthquake was on a scale that affected all of Japan!

The temblors were greater in Kuoh. Except in Jason's house of course, there a little girl looked curiously at her parents.

"Why do I feel oni-chan on the ground?" Kaida asked with an innocent face.

Mikoto looked at her husband and said in a deep tone.

"This is the last element, we may be observing the awakening of a new emperor."

Martin nodded seriously. "It looks like the future is going to be complicated."

All the factions of the world came together to stop the earthquake. Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels joined hands for the first time to stop the catastrophe that was to take place in Japan. Gods of all pantheons quickly traveled to Japan to lend a hand.

The tremors stabilized with everyone's help.

The brown light Jason's body did not disappear, however 4 other lights shone next to the brown one. Red, blue, yellow, green and brown shone on Jason's body.

The colors melted into Jason's body and disappeared. If anyone could see Jason's heart, they would see that it was made up of these 5 colors.

Medea and Semiramis broke down the barrier and fell to their knees to the ground, both exhausted. A smile grew on the faces of both, the same thing happened on the faces of all the leaders and members of the factions that had helped with the disaster, which was replaced by a face full of horror.

Jason's body began to shake. Black tattoos grew from seals of command on his chest, tattoos spread throughout his body.

His body began to emit a pure dark aura.

Martin's eyes opened wide in disbelief.

"It can't be"

"Is something wrong, honey?"

Mikoto was euphoric, Jason had awakened his 5 elements without problems. Martin was also happy but not as happy as his wife.

But now his eyes showed incredulity, terror, emotion and joy.

"He's waking it up," Martin said with difficulty.

Mikoto also opened her eyes with disbelief, but did not dare to make assumptions lightly.

"Are you talking about that?" she asked cautiously.


"He's waking up his Ahura Soul"

In the temple of Kuoh.

Jason was covered in black tattoos when he opened his eyes. Jason's eyes were black with no piece of white.

He got up in a trance and walked out of the training room, which was shattered.

Medea was going to go and hug him, but at the sight of his present appearance she stood still and did not move from the terror she felt.

Jason was covered in tattoos that occupied his entire front and back and reached to his face. His dark black hair and completely black eyes exuded terror to anyone who saw him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason looked at the sky stunned. Darkness began to channel, forming two dark wings on his back.

"Jason, wait!" Medea reacted and tried to stop him.

Jason didn't hear her and flew into the sky. From his position he could see the entire territory of Japan.

The gods who were still hugging each other for having managed to stop the disaster felt the dark aura and traveled to see what it was.

Seeing Jason looking at Japan with a dark look along with the dark aura that followed, they began to tremble.

Amaterasu stepped forward, as leader of the Japanese gods she had to step forward. Inside, though, she was shaking.

"May I ask who you are?" she asked cautiously.

Jason didn't answer, rather he didn't listen to her.

Amaterasu's face turned red with anger, it was the first time she had been ignored like that. She swallowed the anger as she felt the energy emanating from Jason.

Suddenly the space opened up and a little girl came out of it.

Ophis looked at Jason curiously. She felt that he was powerful and could help her defeat Great Red.

"You, come with me," she said in an emotionless voice.

Jason did not respond and continued to observe Japan.

Ophis decided to take him by force. She appeared by his side and proceeded to grab his arm.

Jason then turned his head and looked into her eyes. Ophis felt as if she was facing a primordial beast that was going to devour her, she hadn't felt anything like it since she had left that higher world.

Jason's aura increased and increased. His entire aura was concentrated in Ophis, but the remains of the aura were suffocating the nearby gods.

Ophis had never felt death so close to her. Her eyes began to show an emotion, fear.

At Jason's house.

"E...em...emperor" Martin was shaking as he felt Jason's aura.

Although Jason's aura was centered on Ophis, someone on Martin's level could feel it.

Jason turned his gaze away from Ophis when he felt that she could not overcome him.

Jason was unconscious, his instincts like Ashura had taken control of his body. He was watching Japan because something told him that something very dear to him was on that island.

A voice sounded in Jason's voice. His body trembled, he disappeared and reappeared in a certain forest in Kuoh.


A new novel is going to be uploaded soon!

The Apocalyptic World.


And the end came.

God got bored of humans and decided to kill them. To do this he transformed animals and other species into monsters to start a game of hunting or being hunted.


First-year class D at the Hunter Academy. Only the garbage in the garbage entered this class.

"Sahazel, are we going to train in the dark forest?"

"I'm not interested"

"Sahazel, they say Jamie and Tom from class A are fighting again for the second year second beauty. Shall we go see him?"

"Two idiots fighting for a slut, I'm not interested."

"Sahazel, I've heard..."

"I said I'm not interested!"

"But I've heard that Miss Long of the Long family is fighting a hydra, her clothes may tear."

"Sahazel don't run, wait for me!"

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