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46.52% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 66: Encounter in the training room (R-18)

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Chapter 66: Encounter in the training room (R-18)

Jason went into the training room. He thought it was going to be unoccupied as it was late at night but to his surprise, someone was already inside.

Nekohime was sitting in a lotus position within the magic formation. Jason was stunned watching the beautiful scene in front of him.

Nekohime's beautiful face without a single drop of makeup, eyes closed and drops of sweat falling from her forehead. Her beautiful, shiny blond hair collected in a ponytail.

Jason had his gaze fixed on the cat's ears and tail protruding from Nekohime's head and ass. She used to hide these distinctive features of the Nekoshou so Jason had not been able to pay attention to these details in the past.

The energies of nature gathered around Nekohime. She was surrounded by a fine golden aura, it was so fine that Jason could hardly see it despite his increased senses due to his dragon bloodline.

Jason opened his Death Eyes. He could see how nature's energy entered Nekohime's body and she controlled it skillfully.

Nature's energy particles had different colors. Jason looked specifically at the black and gray particles, the negative particles. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nekohime also absorbed these dark particles, although she did so with care.

Jason kept watching her for a while, so maybe he could gain some idea to improve his skills.

Nekohime continued to absorb and control nature's energy. Jason then noticed something strange in Nekohime's body, the cat's face turned pale and spat out a puff of dark blood.

Nekohime began to breathe quickly, her skin was darkening and she began to lose control over nature's energy. Jason knew this was going to end badly if he didn't intervene and rushed to her side.

He searched for a certain point with his Death Eyes, found it right behind her heart. Jason placed his hand on Nekohime's back and absorbed all the negative energy in the body of Princess Nekoshou.

Jason's Ashura Soul quickly devoured all the negative energy that had accumulated inside Nekohime's body. Jason sighed in relief when he saw that her body was returning to normal.

Nekohime did not stop using the technique she was using. It was obvious that she was using a special technique as she could directly absorb nature's energy into her body, instead of using it like other Nekoshou's.

She seemed to know that Jason was helping her by absorbing the negative energies. She increased the speed with which she absorbed nature's energies. Jason was surprised because he could tell that with the speed at which he was absorbing the negative energies was two or even three times faster than when he was absorbing them on his own.

(It's a shame Nekohime couldn't take the pressure of Nirvana Rebirth, my training would be much more effective with her.)

Nekohime stopped absorbing nature's energies. Jason waited for her to open her eyes but it seemed that she was not going to open them for the moment. Nekohime's face was turning red and drops of sweat fell down her body, clinging the Soaring Dragon kimono against her body.

Jason wiped away the nosebleed she had given him when he saw Nekohime's glued clothes remarking her large breasts. He frowned because he didn't know what was going on with Nekohime, she had already absorbed the negative energy from his body. Why did it seem that something was wrong with her?

Jason used his Death Eyes again to look inside Nekohime. He was shocked when he saw that the natural energy she had absorbed was like a great ocean, or rather like a great river. The river was advancing through a special channel within Nekohime's body, but there was something obstructing the advancement of the river.

The channel was so charged with nature's energy that it seemed it would explode if it absorbed a single drop more natural energy.

Nekohime frowned and the river began to exert more pressure on the obstruction. Cracks gradually appeared over the obstruction, Nekohime then exerted even more pressure and broke the obstruction.

The golden aura surrounding Nekohime exploded outward, blinding Jason. Jason felt someone pushing him and fell to the ground on his back, someone sat on top of him.

Jason stretched his hands to grab the body that had fallen on top of him. He was stunned when he touched two soft mountains and squeezed them instinctively. He thought that it was really relaxing when he squeezed both mountains.


Jason opened his eyes and looked at Nekohime stunned. He was grabbing her breasts and squeezing them tightly.

"Sorry!" He quickly withdrew his hands.

Or so he tried, but Nekohime was faster and held them tightly against her chest.

Jason looked at her and saw her flushed face, she seemed shy despite her lewd movements. Jason felt something was wrong when he saw her feverish eyes.

Nekohime leaned over Jason and kissed him. Jason didn't know why, but he returned the kiss without hesitation. Nekohime left Jason's hands free and put them on Jason's chest, stroking him slowly.

Jason was surprised when he felt Nekohime's tongue. Unlike Ingvild, Medea and Semiramis, Nekohime's tongue was rough but not uncomfortable. For him it was really pleasant and gave him a different kind of pleasure than kissing any other girl.

Nekohime separated her mouth from Jason's and lowered her face towards Jason's chest. She seemed to feel that the sweatshirt he was wearing was a nuisance so she opened the zipper and took it off.

Jason did nothing to prevent it and just looked at her with a feverish look similar to that of Nekohime. She began to lick Jason's chest gently, Nekohime's rough tongue tickling his chest.

Nekohime reached the area above Jason's heart. She stopped licking and opened her mouth, showing her sharp canines and ready to bite Jason´s chest. Jason saw what she was going to do but didn't stop her as he felt this was something special and he was curious about it.

He would try to stop it if it was other girl other than Nekohime, but he trust her so much and he know that se wouldn´t do anything bad to him.

Nekohime tried to bite Jason's chest, but a dark light shone and the command seals of Medea and Semiramis shone. Nekohime was surprised when she saw the seals on Jason's chest.

"It looks like this place is already taken."

She licked the six seals, one by one, and continued licking until she reached the other side of Jason's chest. She licked in circles, she seemed to have felt something and looked Jason deep in the eyes. Nekohime seemed to want to search deep within his soul for each and every one of his secrets.

"You're so mysterious, it's lucky you have two hearts"

Jason was going to ask her what she meant by having two hearts but Nekohime bit Jason's chest. A sharp pain came to Jason's body along with something else.

A wave of ecstasy shook Jason's body. He wanted to push Nekohime away but he seemed to have lost all his strength. She dropped her kimono, showing Jason her naked body.

Jason was gawking at the artwork in front of him. Nekohime's blond hair next to her beautiful eyes of the same color, cat's pointy ears and the tail that was curling into the young man's body.

Jason's cock, which he believed had lost all its strength after a long night with Medea and Semiramis, had become erect again and was pushing against Nekohime's vagina.

Nekohime pulled Jason's pants down and grabbed Jason's dick. She led the spear to the entrance of her vagina. Jason was going to stop her since they had not done any previous game, but he keep quite when he noticed all the juices coming out of Nekohime's pussy.

Nekohime sat on Jason. Jason felt his penis forcefully pass through Nekohime's interior and a trail of blood fell on Jason.

Nekohime frowned at the pain of losing her virginity, but this did not stop her from continuing her hip movement.

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