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2.77% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 3: Explanation and starting to train

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Chapter 3: Explanation and starting to train

Medea: "JASON!"

Medea shouted his name in rage, Jason sighed in relief when Medea didn't attack him at the time and thanked the system mentally when he saw the sound barrier he had placed around his room (that scream would have awakened the entire neighborhood).

Jason: "That's right, my name is Jason Frey, can you please introduce yourself."

Medea took the time to calm down before speaking, but she didn't dispel her murderous intent. Jason understood that this situation was not easy to deal with and decided to give her time to fit in.

Medea: " Who would think that my Master would be a reincarnation of Jason, my name is Medea, princess of Colchis."

With the summoning the servants could only see the memories of this life, so Medea believed he was a reincarnation of Jason who for some reason had dragon aura so he could use the flames. The memories of the system were hidden from her so she had a misunderstanding and Jason had to tell her everything from the beginning.

Jason: "Ahh, Medea you can dissipate that murderous intention please, you're going to drown me under pressure" Jason begged her, he didn't want to spend a command spell on a misunderstanding like this.

After hearing him Medea realized this and dissipated the murderous intent before taking a deep breath and sitting on Jason's bed.

Medea: "Even if I'm not exactly happy that you're my Master we'll have to work together to get the Grail, so there' s no use losing a command spell for that".

Listening to Medea speak, Jason felt like laughing loudly. He knew perfectly that she still wanted to kill him but without his mana she couldn't survive in this world, surely she was waiting to meet another master so she could use her noble phantasm to betray him.

Jason: "You think I don't know what you're thinking, Medea the witch of betrayal," he said in a mocking voice.

Medea was surprised to hear a 7-year-old talk in that tone, then became furious to hear him call her a witch and ended up curious thinking (Can you know what I'm thinking? Impossible, I haven't told him about my noble phantasm). She was shocked to hear his next words.

Jason: "Rule Breaker, you were going to kill me and give the Command Seals to another Master, right? but it's a shame you can't do that."

Medea in shock for knowing the name of his noble phantasm asked: "Why?"

Jason: "Because there are no more Masters in this world and there is no Grail in it, in reality there is but the Grail in this world does not grant desires."

Medea couldn't believe it and stared at the blank space as she murmured ` Impossible, impossible, impossible ´.

Jason: "I understand that you don't believe it, but let me explain it to you." Listening to Jason, Medea knew that there was more to the story than it seemed, so she looked him in the eye waiting for his next words.

Seeing her staring at him, Jason couldn't help but blush. It was the first time a woman had stared at him without negative feelings, her gaze only contained pure curiosity for his explanation. Jason calmed down and went on to explain.

Jason: "We are currently in a world parallel to yours, I call it the DxD world. I, like you, am not an original person of this world."

Medea" Are you not from this world? Why haven't I seen anything in your memories?"

Jason: "The summoning only allowed you to see memories of this life. I have summon you to help me gain enough power to achieve my goal." A look of longing could be seen in his eyes, as if he were impatient to meet someone.

Seeing that look, Medea remembered the times that accompanied Jason by his side, how she sacrificed everything for him and then was abandoned. Remembering his abandonment, Medea interrupted him with a voice as cold as ice.

Medea: "What's in it for me, Master?"

Jason didn't notice the tone of her voice or pretended not to notice.

Jason: "In the future we will leave this world, we can probably return to yours, there I will help you win the Grail to grant your wish. In return, I want your strength to be able to fight by my side."

Observing the seriousness of Jason's words and hearing him say he wanted to fight alongside her, Medea blushed for a moment before regaining the cold face she had since realizing he was a reincarnation of Jason who had summoned her.

Medea: "You're too weak to be able to fight by my side."

Jason smiled mysteriously before answering, "For now."

Medea: "Well, for now I'll stay in the shadows protecting you" And with that she vanished.

When he saw that the conversation had gone well, Jason let out a sigh of relief.

(System, can I see Medea's stats?)


[Servant Status

Name: Medea

Servant class: Caster

Strength: E

Endurance: C

Mana: A+

Luck: B


-Item creation: Medea is capable of making healing potions that grants limited immortality.

-Territory Creation: she can create a 'Temple', which is superior to a 'Workshop'.

- High-Speed Divine Words: High-Thaumaturgy-level Magecraft can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.

- Teachings of Circe: a Skill that represents the time where princess Medea earned magecraft in the temple of the moon goddess Hecate

Noble phantasm:

-Rule Breaker: a sword of negation and betrayal that nullifies every kind of magecraft in the world.]

(System, can Medea raise parameters?)

[It shouldn't be possible, but being attached to the system thanks to you, it could improve by undergoing hard battles, but being a servant who has a level of magic equal to or higher than Sirzechs in Destruction mode, it's very difficult for her to level up in this world.]

(Same or stronger than Sirzechs, she didn't seem to be lying when she talked about not being able to fight alongside him.)

When he thought that he still had a way to go to be at her level, Jason closed his fists tightly and a look of determination could be seen in his eyes.

Medea was in the shadows of the room watching him as he plunged into his thoughts, no one knew what Medea was thinking about but when she saw that look of determination again she blushed as she let out an inaudible sigh (I wonder who is the person who can get so much determination out of him).

The next day Jason woke up, had breakfast and went to 'play ´ as he does every day. When he arrived in the forest near his home, he was going to create a barrier to start training when he remembered Medea and decided to create a special training camp with her help.

Jason called Medea through his link to come to his location. Medea was circling around the city to recognize the territory when he called her,

Jason: "Medea, have you started creating territory?"

Medea was surprised by his question but answered "No, your house doesn't seem like a good place to create a territory, it's better for me to create a territory in a temple".

Jason thought carefully and remembered that there was an abandoned temple a km away so he decided to take her there. When they arrived Jason asked her if it was a good place, to which Medea nodded and began to create the territory.

Jason: "Medea, can you create gravitational magic?" Jason wanted to know if he could do a training similar to the time room in Dragon Ball, but at the moment he didn't want to exaggerate with the training so he just asked about gravity.

Medea: "Yes I can, do you have any use for it, Master?" she asked curiously.

Jason: "Yes, I want you to apply twice as much gravity to me for now."

Medea wanted to ask why, but she didn't and only applied what Jason had told her.

As he felt the gravity increase, Jason bent his body slightly because he wasn't used to it. Ten minutes later he got used to it, although his movements were still a little slow. Jason began his training routine of running 20km, doing 1000 push-ups, 1000 crunches, etc... When he finished with his physical routine, he continued training his new magic that he had managed to develop with his increase in magic, he called it `Smoke ´ and it consisted in expelling a great amount of smoke at great temperature, it is a spell that could cause severe burns to large quantities of low level demons at the sime time and can cause slight damage to medium level demons.

Medea seeing his eyes and that his magic did not need a magic circle felt curious, but then changed his state to one of shock and his jaw was wide open when he saw Jason a 7 year old boy draw a 2 meter sword, a noble phantasm.


Jason: "Yes, why?"

Jason's tone that sounded as if a normal person had a Noble Phantasm was really common almost makes Medea faint.

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