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4.16% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 5: First encounter

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Chapter 5: First encounter

The next day, Jason returned home with Medea protecting him in the shadows. When he arrived his father was waiting for him to have a talk with him.

Mr Frey: "Jason, in September you are going to start elementary education in a school near home. I know you haven't made many friends over the years so I want you to take this opportunity to improve your relationships with children your age."

Jason: "Yeah, I'll do my best."

Seeing his son so serious, Mr. Frey couldn't help but sigh and hope that his son would make friends once and for all.

That's how Jason started three months after his birthday elementary education.

A year passed. Jason attended class in the morning, where he was considered a genius because of his great academic ability (Obviously he already knew it but still had to pretend), in the afternoon he trained at the temple where Medea had finished building the territory and in the evening he dedicated himself to hunting evil youkais, low class devils and fallen angels who were committing crimes in the surroundings.

Apparently, Jason displaying Balmung in the past had caught the attention of factions and sent people to investigate. The criminals of the various factions had also been attracted and had begun to commit crimes so Jason had taken advantage to improve his sword skills and his control with magic.

The first time Jason hunted someone, it was a fallen angel who was stealing the life force of humans in an area near the house of Jason's parents so he decided to get rid of him. Being Jason's first battle his movements were quite dull, but thanks to his improved attributes and his sharingan was able to kill him after suffering some wounds that Medea helped him heal at the time. Seeing the burned rests of the fallen angel by his fire magic, Jason couldn't help but vomit everything he had in his stomach which Medea couldn't stand and she chuckled quietly so Jason gave her a penetrating look just to see her turn her head as if she wasn't there.

Medea's relationship with Jason had improved this year. Although Medea was usually in the shadows watching Jason, she no longer spoke to him in a cold voice and occasionally went out and had a conversation with him.

After three months of hunting, Jason had become accustomed to the bodies of dead people. In addition, he had developed a skill related to the sword.


Sword Master lv1 (0/100)

Apparently, the higher the level, the stronger the user would be with the sword.

9 months later, a year had passed since school began. Jason had managed to be the best of the grade with perfect scores but had not made any true friends to much regret of his parents. Jason didn't really seem to care, after all in his previous life he hadn't had any friends and was more focused on training and night hunting than at school.

After a year of training, Jason was already training with a gravity of x5 and hunting at night with a gravity of x2, although it was still difficult to fight with comfort with it activated.

Of course such a hunt for a year would attract the attention of the high ranks, but with the protection of Medea the middle class devils, youkais and fallen angels that were sent could not detect them.

That lasted a year before a certain silver-haired maid arrived in the area. This town was where her husband's sister was going to grow up so there was nothing left that could threaten her life, so she decided to take a look personally.

The reports they had been receiving said that devils, fallen angels and youkais who were hiding and committing atrocities were dying by magical fire attacks or sword cuts. At first the deaths they suffered were very ugly, but every time time time passed the assassin skill was improving

Grayfia had been searching for the cause of the deaths for some time without finding anything, but the deaths continued to appear throughout the city. It was not until a month later that she happened to encounter something.

One morning she was walking through the city when she found an 11-year-old boy with white hair and red eyes walking to school, what surprised her was that she didn't notice the boy until his classmates started greeting him. She found it strange that she couldn't detect a child at first and see him only after he communicated with someone, she also found it funny that he was a head taller than his classmates and curious about his facial features and hair color. She decided to keep an eye on him and learn more about him.

Later that night she discovered something she didn't expect, she saw the child go out the window and apparently now she could easily detect it, but other people didn't see it. It was until he reached an area where Grayfia had already detected magical power, apparently it was a low class devil that was eating human flesh lately. Then she saw the boy draw a sword out of nowhere, the sword emanated a powerful dragon slayer aura so she identified it as a weapon that had been able to kill a famous dragon in the past, but could not clearly identify which one. He ended up seeing the boy subjecting the devil with a strange fire magic that caused smoke to emanate from his body and ended up decapitating it with his sword. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Grayfia decided to approach the boy, she intended to report this to her husband, as she hoped he could become part of her younger sister's peerage.

Jason knew from this morning that a very powerful being had noticed him. At first he became nervous but when Medea told him about her appearance, he ordered her not to apply the occult magic on him, so Grayfia could see him for the rest of the day. He hoped it would appear in front of him soon.

Not disappointing him, Grayfia appeared at night in his room a week later.

As Jason was getting ready to go out another night, Medea's voice rang in his ear.

Medea: "She's here," she said in a cold voice just as when they first met.

Jason didn't know why, but since Grayfia started following him last week and told Medea not to cover for him from her, she had started treating him cold again.

You can't blame Jason, he's completely new to relationships with women, so he couldn't understand Medea at all.

A magic symbol glowed in Jason's room through which Grayfia appeared. When Grayfia saw him up close she couldn't help but be surprised at how handsome and tall he was when he was so young. Leaving aside that he was the same height as children two or three years older, his snow-colored hair and red eyes gave him a strange but charming charisma.

Grayfia was surprised to feel a negative feeling directed towards her, the feeling did not come from Jason as he was looking at her calmly (which also surprised her quite a bit) and seemed to contain... Jealousy? Soon the feeling disappeared and she thought she had imagined it, or rather, she didn't want to believe what kind of being could hide from her view of her powers without her noticing.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Jason's calm voice.

Jason: "May I ask who you are and why you came into my house?"

Grayfia was amazed at the boy's calm when she saw him, but she hid it and responded with Gremory's maid-chief manners.

Grayfia: "I introduce myself, I am Grayfia Lucifuge, maid-chief of the Gremory house and wife of the current Maou Sirzechs Lucifer."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

There are a lot of people that are telling me the same advice of not letting him go under Rias peerage.

Do not worry please, Rias peerage is going to be the same as the original history. I didn´t plan to get him in her peerage at anytime so don´t worry.

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