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92.36% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 132: Guests at the fortress

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Chapter 132: Guests at the fortress

Friday arrived, announcing the arrival of the weekend. As usual, Arthur and Elisabeth said goodbye to Jason and Akeno, with the new addition of Vali.

"Is someone coming to pick you up?" Akeno asked Vali.

Jason replied.

"No, he's coming with us."

"Huh?" Akeno was confused.

"Are Tobio and the others ready?" Jason asked Vali.

The answer came from the dragon doll on Vali's shoulder.

"We're waiting for you at the bank you already know."

Akeno thought that voice sounded familiar as if she had heard it before.

"All right, let's go."

Vali and Akeno followed Jason through the streets of London. They didn't take long to get to a bank by the side of a road.

Jason remembered that this was the place where he had spoken to Azazel the first time. Actually, it was the second time. The first was inside a Burger King. Jason had sat on that bench because it was empty and he wanted to think about serious matters. Now, this bench was totally occupied by the members of SlashDog, while Azazel was standing to wait for Jason.

Lavinia was the first to jump to the thre boys who were coming.

"Jason! Vaa-kun!"

Lavinia hugged Jason and leaned her head against his chest, taking a penetrating look from Natsume. Jason had already returned to his height of 1.80m, and only Azazel was taller than him with his 1.88m.

Akeno was in shock as he looked at Azazel.


"Long time no see, little Akeno."

Akeno got scared and looked at Jason. Was he going to send her to Barakiel? She began to tremble. She wanted to stay in Hanging Gardens of Babylon with the rest of the girls, and she didn't want to go back to live with her father where she didn't have any friends, and she and her mother were alone.

"Auch" Akeno took her hands to her forehead. Jason had given her a slight blow when he saw her reaction.

Jason held out his hand.

"Let's go home."

Akeno nodded. She knew her reaction had been exaggerated. Her mother was still in Soaring Dragon, how could Jason let her go away from Shuri?

"Is Sae also coming? Tobio doesn't need her for this training. We're not going to train his Balance Breaker." Jason asked Azazel.

"Sae is no longer the same useless as before; we have given her back something that belonged to her," Azazel said but did not go into details.

Jason nodded without much concern. He was going to take care of Tobio while Medea, Ingvild and Kuroka were going to keep the rest of SlashDog. Vali was going to train on his own, and Azazel was going to visit the fortress accompanied by Semiramis.

A magic circle appeared under the feet of everyone present. The transportation circle wrapped them, and they appeared in the throne room. There were waiting Semiramis, sitting on her throne, as usual, Medea, Ingvil, Kuroka and, surprisingly, Shuri.

"Mommy!"Akeno ran into his mother's arms.

Shuri hugged her daughter. She looked at Azazel with no particular expression.


Azazel gave an exasperated sigh.

"You don't even try to hide, Shuri."

"Why should I? I have nothing to hide."


The Slash Dog team looked confused at the conversation between this woman and the governor-general. They seemed to know each other from before, and conflict also appeared to have occurred before.

"Hey, Tobio, doesn't that woman and her daughter look familiar to you?" Sae was better at capturing the details.

Only Vali knew the truth about what happened to Shuri and Akeno. The rest had only heard of the subject because Satanael had mentioned it briefly, but the lack of details and that they were unable to link the figure of Argos with that of Jason made them have no idea what was going on.

Slash Dog was amazed at the throne room. The throne room was the most beautiful and glorious thing they had ever seen and would ever see. The golden columns and walls, the paintings and decorations were splendid. Nothing could compare to the throne room of Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

As Azazel was talking to Shuri and Slash Dog they were lost in thought as they watched the great throne room, Jason approached Semiramis and Medea. He gently kissed the two Servants on the lips, to the amazement of the newcomers.

"He not only has a beautiful wife, but he also has two."

"Are you jealous, Same-chan?"

"Go eat shit, Koga."

Shigune hit the necks of the two boys.

"Shut up. You'll have a girlfriend when you're as handsome as Jason."

"Tch" Both answered at the same time.

Jason stroked Ingvild's head and kissed him on the forehead. Ingvild blushed at Jason's sudden display of affection, not expecting him to kiss her in front of the rest. She was not equal to Medea and Semiramis. The two Servants were the princess and queen within Soaring Dragon while she was only an apprentice of the princess.

"Nya- I want a kiss too" Kuroka jumped on Jason.

"Kuroka, show Slash Dog the throne room. They seem gawked at it."

"Yes, Nyaa"

Kuroka went to do what Jason had sent her.

"Ingvild Leviathan?"

Ingvild looked at the person who had recognized her. She didn't know how the tall man who had come with Jason had recognized her.

"Are you Ingvild Leviathan?" Azazel asked again.

"That's my name, do we know each other?" she asked confusedly.

"Not really, in fact, I didn't know you existed until five years ago." Then he looked at Jason. "I guess her disappearance is also up to you."

"You can say it like that. How do you know about her?"

"Five years ago, an old enemy of mine who had hidden in the depths of the underworld created a great shock when she learned that her niece had been kidnapped. Apparently, she had been under the care of one of the present Satan, and when she disappeared, Katerea went out to ask for explanations. It was a great surprise to learn that there was still a descendant of Leviathan, Ingvild Leviathan."

"How did you recognize her?"

"She is an official underworld search target. Her description matched her appearance, and by the great devil power she is not bothering to hide made me think of her."

"Jason didn't kidnap me!" Ingvild exploded.

"He healed my illness, and he has given me a place to belong, a family. I would still be sleeping if it weren't for Jason saving me. He woke me up from a 100-year-old dream."

"Now, Ingvild. Calm down. Jason stroked Ingvild's head. The accusation of kidnapping her wasn't so severe as to make her so nervous.

Ingvild took a deep breath and calmed down slowly.

Jason clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. Slash Dog were circling as they watched the throne room and were guided by Kuroka, Medea and Semiramis. Only Azazel, Jason, and Azazel had witnessed the previous conversation.

"Tobio, Vali," Jason called them.

The two boys approached.

"You come with me. Let's start your training."

They nodded. Jason said goodbye to the rest and left with the two boys. He had already instructed the girls to take care of the rest.

"Azazel?" Semiramis called the governor. She gave him a professional smile, a smile she had used many times in her past life to deal with men.

"Are you Medea?" Azazel couldn't say he wasn't affected by Semiramis' charisma, but he had been able to put on a serious face. Especially since the pressure Semiramis was giving him was causing cold sweats to appear on his back.

He had confused Medea with Semiramis. Medea had her hidden strength as usual, and Azazel had thought she was an ordinary woman, so he hadn't paid much attention to Jason's wife. Semiramis, on the other hand, was emitting a terrifying power, and he had linked that with the power that Medea had shown the previous weekend against Augusta.

"No, my name is Semiramis. Medea is the woman who is talking to the blonde girl."

Now there was cold sweat running down Azazel's back. There wasn't a terrifying woman inside Soaring Dragon; there were two of them! He comforted himself, thinking that Semiramis also had power in limited situations...

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