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34.72% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 49: Hanging Gardens of Babylon/ Rule Breaker

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Chapter 49: Hanging Gardens of Babylon/ Rule Breaker

"Gardens... float up."

The throne room began to shake visibly.

"What is it?"

"Is it an enemy attack?"

The girls began to panic as they felt the tremors in the room. Jason watched the situation unfold with a big smile, Semiramis continued to sit on the throne with her proud gaze.

The tremors stopped after a few minutes and the girls calmed down as well.

"Why don't you take a look at the landscape?"

They all looked at Jason confusedly, he simply pointed to a side door in the throne room. They then left the room and found an impressive stage.

"Increíble!" Blair said out loud what they were all thinking.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon was flying over Kuoh, from it you could see the whole city and even beyond. The view they had was incredibly beautiful.

"You are surprised, aren't you?" Semiramis went out accompanied by Jason and Medea. "My Noble Phantasm, Hanging Gardens of Babylon"

"As you realized, this castle is not made to defend, it's an air fortress rather said"

They all nodded in fulfillment. They all had an idea of the purpose of this floating fortress.

"Most of you will have guessed by now," Jason spoke. "From now on this will be the main base of Soaring Dragon."

They entered the throne room again, there were already the 20 maids waiting to take each person to their respective room.

"Jason-sama" Nekohime called Jason.


"Can you tell me why she's the one sitting on the throne?"

"Simple, she is the only one who can control this fortress and the fortress is controlled from the throne" Jason shrugged.

Nekohime nodded in fulfillment and gave Semiramis a look of disdain. Semiramis frowned at her gaze, but remembered something and looked at Jason.

"Master, don't you remember that you owe me a reward?"

Jason didn't realize the little battle that was going on between the two women.

"Yeah, now we'll talk about it later."

Semiramis smiled victoriously and Nekohime had a look of defeat.

"Well, the maids will take you to your rooms" Jason caught everyone's attention. "Semiramis and Medea you stay"

The girls followed Andrea and the rest of the Maids to their rooms.

Shuri and Akeno slept in the same room. Chloe, Sarashiki and Blair also shared a room while Ingvild, Nekohime and Kuroka each had a room. Semiramis also had her own room, but it was a mystery if she was really going to use it.

Jason's room was the largest and most luxurious. The bed was so big that it could allow more than 20 people to sleep in it at a time. That room was to be shared by Medea and Jason for the time being.

Jason was currently in the throne room accompanied by his two Servants. Semiramis rose from the throne and embraced Jason's arm, crushing his two mountains on his arm.

"Are you going to give me my reward, M-A-S-T-E-R?" Semiramis tried to seduce Jason. She hoped he couldn't resist her charms.

Semiramis felt a chill running down her back when she felt a murderous look from the side. She saw Medea look at her with a strange smile, that smile throw a bucket of cold water on her head.

"Don't you think a simple concubine should keep her composure in front of the empress?" Medea wanted to mark territory as the first wife.

Semiramis knew that Medea had great importance in Jason's heart, but her pride would not allow her to step back.

"These are not very hard words, PRINCESS" Semiramis remarked the word princess. "It seems that this QUEEN should teach you manners" And she remarked the word queen again.

Medea's face darkened, she could not admit defeat either.

"As long as you don't teach me things like poisoning my husband," Medea attacked.

"I don't think you need it, in fact I admire your methods more" Semiramis defended herself with an attack at a low point. "Your tactic of killing your husband's wives and children is much better."

"At least I don't poison my husband to get his position, who knows if you'll repeat your "feats" again."

Jason almost peed on himself when he noticed the atmosphere and pressure emanating from the two Servants. He wanted to intervene, but he was sure that nothing good would happen if he really intervened.

"At least they remember me for my own accomplishments, not for being someone else's companion."

"Oh, is Hanging Gardens of Babylon one of your achievements?" asked Medea, Semiramis nodded confusedly.

"But... you are not the true creator of Hanging Gardens of Babylon," Medea took the lead in the battle.

Semiramis was surprised to hear Medea's words, how did she know about that?

"How do you know?"

"As Empress, I have the duty to investigate future members of the Emperor's harem" Medea smiled brightly.

Jason didn't really understand what was going on, but he noticed that Medea had won this first battle.

Jason applauded and caught the attention of the two women. Medea faced him slightly proud while Semiramis was slightly down. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Are you finished?" He asked with a blank face.

They both blushed as they remembered that Jason was present, he had seen all the battle that had taken place between them.

Jason nodded internally as he saw the two Servants with their heads bowed. They seem to still remember who really rules.

"Medea, I want you to make Hanging Gardens of Babylon your `temple´"

They were both surprised to hear Jason's words. Hanging Gardens of Babylon was already the territory of Semiramis, how could Medea create her temple here too?

"Although it wouldn't be as strong as Semiramis territory, it should still be quite powerful"

Medea no longer doubted, she trusted Jason completely. Semiramis didn't care that Medea created her territory here, the stronger the faction became, the better.

Jason suddenly remembered something that had kept him intrigued for some time. He wanted to try one thing, if the experiment was successful then he could change the future of some of his actions.

Jason called the maid who was waiting behind the door and told her to bring Kuroka to the throne room.

"Why do you need my apprentice?" asked the demigod beauty curiously.

"I want to do a little experiment" Jason smiled mysteriously.

Kuroka ran to the throne room when she was notified that Jason wanted to talk to her. She came to the throne room and saw her teacher sitting on the throne and Jason leaning on a pillar next to Medea.

"Did you call me, Leader?" With Soaring Dragon's two most powerful people, Kuroka dared not be careless with her words.

"What do you think of your devil pieces?" asked Jason.

Kuroka's face darkened. Her devil pieces were the thing she hated most in this world, she would tear them off if she could. Unlike Kuroka, Nekohime and the rest had not received devil pieces for some reason.

"I hate them," Kuroka replied.

"What if I told you I could help you get rid of them?"

Jason's words were like the devil's whisper for Kuroka. Her face lit up and she looked at Jason with hope.

"Give me the dagger" Jason extended his hand toward Medea.

Kuroka saw Medea pull out a strange looking dagger. Jason took the dagger and approached Kuroka.

Kuroka vaguely noticed what Jason wanted to do, but she trusted him so she didn´t resist.

Jason stabbed in the center of Kuroka's chest, she felt a strange sensation but it wasn't pain. A strange hole formed in Kuroka's chest. What was seen through the hole was not Kuroka's organs, but a different space.

Jason saw two pieces of red alphil inside Kuroka's chest. He put his hand into the hole and grabbed the two pieces, pulling them out effortlessly.

When Jason pulled out his hand, the hole in Kuroka's chest closed. She noticed nothing strange about her body and sighed in relief.

Jason gave her the two chess pieces.

"For you"

Kuroka took them, threw them to the ground and stepped on them hard. She stepped until there was no trace of the evil pieces. Then she sat down, hugged her knees and cried loudly, a great weight had been lifted from her back.

Jason sat next to her and hugged her tightly. Kuroka hugged him back and cried loudly in his chest.

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