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31.94% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 45: I feel sorry for your enemies

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Chapter 45: I feel sorry for your enemies

A group of devils, yokais and humans gathered on the outskirts of a village in Japan.

"Tonight we will begin the plan." A Tanuki who seemed to be the leader of the yokais told his comrades.

"Yes" A seductively looking devil who seemed to be the leader of the devils nodded.

"As we agreed, the leaders of the Tanuki, Inugami and Kamaitachi races will go along with the leader of the succubi and two peak High Class Devils and attract Barakiel's attention. The Himejima family will attack his wife and you will kidnap his daughter" The Tanuki reviewed the plans with the rest of his team. The rest nodded and went to make preparations.

"Well, now I have to report what I discovered to the teacher" One Nekoshou came out of the shadows "Finally this infernal mission is over, I don't want to spend any more time next to the teacher".

Kuroka had spent a year with Semiramis researching Baraqiel's wife and daughter. It didn't take long for them to find their whereabouts, Jason then ordered them to watch the place and contact him if they found anything suspicious.

Semiramis had been training Kuroka all this time. She had learned all sorts of murder methods, such as creating poisons and antidotes, stealth skills, improved her skill with Senjutsu and youjutsu, and obtained immunity to all poisons.

It was true that she had improved greatly during this time, but she had suffered countless pains in order to achieve this improvement. It is no lie to say that she would already be dead if not for her great willpower.

Semiramis had sent Kuroka to assassinate targets more powerful than herself in order to improve her assassination skills, at first she failed and Semiramis only helped her when Kuroka was on the verge of death.

Improving her ability to create poisons and antidotes and gain immunity to poisons were improvements she had obtained at the same time. Kuroka created the poisons and then was forced to take them by Semiramis, then she had to create her own antidote in order to survive.

Kuroka hid in the shadows and ran to an abandoned house within the village. The house was shattered on the outside and it seemed that it would not last long before it collapsed.

Kuroka entered, the interior of the house as disastrous as the exterior. Kuroka stood in the center of the room and stepped lightly three times.

"Enter"The voice of Semiramis came from beneath Kuroka.

Kuroka opened a secret door on the floor and walked down the stairs. She opened the door at the bottom of the stairs and entered the secret room.

Kuroka could not help but be astonished to see Semiramis' room, though she had seen it countless times this year. The walls were made of gold, a luxurious bed was in a corner and beside it was a luxurious tea table.

Semiramis sat on a golden throne in the middle of the room, one leg on top of the other as she rested her head in her hand. Unlike Kuroka, who wore a black spy/killer suit, she wore Soaring Dragon's kimono. Anyone who saw her would have been stunned, but Kuroka who knew how vicious the woman sitting on the throne was, only lowered her head respectfully.

"I have already discovered the plans they are going to make tonight," Kuroka informed her teacher.

"I see" Semiramis nodded, "Jason should be about to come, I want you to explain the situation to him."

Kuroka was excited to know that Jason was coming, Semiramis had told her that Jason was going to have more women in the future and she regretted not being able to be there to seduce him. Semiramis didn't worry about seducing him, she was busy thinking about how to become the queen of his Harem.

Jason was lying in his bed with Medea in his arms. Both had just finished their love activities when Jason received the mental message of Semiramis. He lightly kissed Medea and got out of bed.

"It's time"

Medea got up and helped Jason get dressed, Jason then helped Medea put on Soaring Dragon's kimono. Medea then created a portal and both crossed it.

Kuroka was about to retire when she noticed the disturbances in space. She became alert immediately, but Semiramis told her to relax and she let her guard down.

A man dressed in a white sweatshirt and black shorts left the portal accompanied by a woman in Soaring Dragon's kimono. The man had blue hair and a white mask that covered the top of his face.

Kuroka recognized them at the time, they were obviously Jason and Medea. She ran and jumped into Jason's arms the moment she saw him.


Jason embraced her unconsciously, his large mounds crashed into his chest. Jason was surprised to notice that they had grown remarkably in just one year.

"Well, tell me what you've discovered" Jason spoke coldly.

Kuroka then separated from Jason and proceeded to explain everything he knew.

A week ago, the head of the Himejima family, along with some family elders and others of the new generation, had personally come for Shuri Himejima and her daughter Akeno Himejima. Shuri had refused to return to the family because the safest thing was that her daughter was going to be executed for being half fallen angel.

The Himejima family tried to use force to bring them back but they were defeated by Baraqiel. The Himejima family then revealed the whereabouts of Baraqiel, his daughter and his wife to some enemies of the fallen angels.

A faction of devils, a powerful faction of yokais and some members of the Himejima family had formed a team to call Baraqiel's attention and take advantage to attack Shuri and Akeno.

"OK, good job" Jason spoke coldly but stroked Kuroka's head fondly. Kuroka felt his heart warm as he felt Jason's gesture and blushed slightly.

"Are you going to have any trouble saving the mother/daughter couple?" asked Medea.

"A year ago I might have had some doubts, but now I have nothing to worry about," Jason smiled confidently.

"I feel sorry for the people who want to attack those two women," Semiramis sighed.

Name: Jason Frey

Age: 11 (29)

Title: `The Chosen´

Bloodline: Elemental Dragon / Ashura

Shop Points: 200

Summon Points: 0

Skill Points: 0


Strength: 20500 -> 25000

Speed: 20500 -> 25000

Lifespan: 1000000 years

Mana: 26500 -> 30000


Death Eyes Lv MAX

Sword Master Lv 7 (1500 -> 2500/20000)

Fire Magic Lv MAX

Ice Magic Lv MAX

Thunder Magic Lv 2 (50/200)

Wind Magic Lv 2 (50/200)

Earth Magic Lv 2 (50/200)

Dark Magic Lv 3 (250/1000)]

Icycal flame Lv 4 (3250/10000)

Siegfried Blessing (Innate)

Jason Charm (Innate)

-Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (Ex) (sealed AA): 15000 mana every shot

-Rho Aias (None)



-Noble Phantasm


-Lottery (next ticket 10000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 10000 summon points)




-The Fate Path

-Siegfried Fate Path (Completed)

-EMIYA Fate Path (Sealed)]

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