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72.91% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 104: Infernum safest cell? More like a vacation site.

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Chapter 104: Infernum safest cell? More like a vacation site.

Infernum's last cell was the safest of all. The password alone was not enough to open the door.

A camera came out of the wall and analyzed the retina of Jason's left eye. After checking Jason's identity, a tray came out of the door.

Biting his thumb, a drop of blood fell on the tray. The tray then returned to the inside of the door.

A mechanical voice spoke as the door opened.

"Identity checked. Jason, pass carefully."

Jason entered the "cell," although this room could not be called a cell at all.

It was a 40 square meter floor. As he went inside, Jason looked to the left and saw a living room with three sofas, a huge TV and a table.

To the right, a high-end kitchen and near this a bathroom that had the door open. Jason could see different colored underwear next to the towels lying on the floor.

In the hallway that connected these two areas, there were stairs. One went up, and the other went down. Each one had a door that covered them.

Jason knew there was a door upstairs. Four rooms for the current inhabitants of this place.

He also knew what was downstairs. A heated swimming pool next to a sauna.

Who could say this was the safest cell in the most impregnable prison? This was obviously a vacation home. It was better than that!

Jason went into the kitchen. There he saw that there was another room to do the laundry.

He took a general look everywhere and only came out when he noticed that they were not missing anything. Jason went into the living room and sat on one of the sofas. He didn't look for the girls because he knew they were in the pool on the lower floor.

Jason knew that Nekohime could felt when someone had entered but being accustomed to one of the girls from Soaring Dragon going to check that nothing was missing every day did not come up to receive her.

The relationship between the prisoners and the members of Soaring Dragon was very complicated. Taking turns taking care of the prisoners, all core members had to enter here.

The problem was that Soaring Dragon members did not speak to the prisoners. There were some exceptions like Shuri, Akeno, and Ingvild. But even they had a few reservations about being with Nekohime and the rest.

Medea and Semiramis could not bear to be with them. Kuroka, despite having grown up with them, did not have an extremely close relationship as she and Shirone had always been together without getting too close to anyone. Kuroka realized how her teacher "hated" Nekohime so she "wisely" decided to act like her.

Jason began to hear the sounds of laughter and conversation. They seemed to have finished their bath.

The steps were getting closer and closer, and Jason's heart was beating faster and faster.

This was not the first time Jason had been in this place since he had placed Nekohime under house arrest but had never dared to face her.

The shadow of that white star that had caused him so much pain and that cat woman who looked so much like Nekohime still made Jason tremble. He remembered the pain he had endured when the accident happened and how close he had come to dying.

The door leading to the stairs opened, and a group of women came out.

"Aaah, what a refreshing bath." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Short, light blue hair with red eyes and a voluptuous figure with thin thighs and large breasts, Sarashiki stretched as she thanked for the bath she had taken.

As she stretched out, hands grabbed her from behind and drained her massive tits.

"Nya, have your breasts grown, Sara?"

Chloe has green eyes and black hair with cat ears and a tail of the same color. As she hugged Sarashiki, a hand grabbed her tail and pulled with relative force.

"Her breasts have grown, but yours are still just as small, Nyahaha."


A thin young woman, with white skin, golden eyes and violet hair, which keeps him long and with two of its tufts forming spirals, Blair was as playful as ever.

"That's enough, girls. We are going to see the new chapter of DxD world with a Fate System. I hope that in this chapter, the system returns because it has not appeared for a long time" A woman followed behind them.

She had an aura of royalty around her. Blond hair and eyes of the same color, slim and voluptuous body, she was one of three women who had had intimate relations with Jason, even if it was by "accident".

Jason was waiting sitting on the couch and felt a little strange inside. He was happy to see that they were fine, but he also felt a little irritated, why were they ignoring him?

They weren't ignoring Jason. They didn't realize he was there.

"You can get dressed. I don't feel like going upstairs."

"Sigh, do what you want."

Jason heard a door open, and then he listened to the girls' footsteps going up the stairs.

"Nyaa, I also want to see the new chapter. Even though that protagonist is an idiot, his dark part turns me on quite a bit. I wonder what the result will be if the two personalities mix."

Jason watched the girl as she sat on the sofa in the middle of the living room. Jason was sitting on the one on the right, and that was the only one you couldn't see from the hallway.

"Where's the remote?"

Blair looked for the remote on the couches, and her gaze was stunned on the couch on her right.




Blair "shouted" as he covered her body. Jason would have thought she was scared if it wasn't for the cunning glow Jason saw in her golden eyes.

"Nyaaa, Jason, why didn't you tell me you were coming? At least I would have worn my sexy lingerie" Blair complained to Jason although her playful face betrayed her.

"I missed you too, Blair."

Blair's playful face changed and adopted a more serious expression. She no longer bothered to hide her naked body.

"What are you doing here, Faction Leader?"

"I have questions, and I need the answers. I was too hasty to lock you up here."

"Oh, so you're going to set us free?" Blair curiously asked.

Jason knew she was joking with him.

"Hehe, of course not. Punishment is punishment, although you can't complain about yours either."

Blair jumped out of her seat and pointed at Jason as she looked at him with an aggrieved face.

"Haa, of course, I can complain! We can't see the outside, we can't get out of this place, and we can only watch DxD world with a Fate System because there are no other programs on TV. The worst thing is that there's only one chapter every day, and sometimes there's not even a chapter!"

Jason listened calmly to the protests.

"Don't worry. I'll tell Medea to transfer you to a second level cell."

Blair fell silent, her face pale and her body trembling.

"It's a joke."

Blair dropped on the couch. It seemed that her soul had gone to the underworld and returned to heaven in just a few seconds. She jumped off the couch and threw herself on top of Jason.

"Great Lord, you're too magnanimous!"

Jason felt a couple of soft mountains on his chest. It was then that he heard again the steps coming from the stairs.

Suspecting that something similar to what Tobio suffered in the showers would happen, Jason pushed Blair and forced her to sit on the other sofa.

Jason didn't want any problems or anime trope to fuck up his visit. The subject he wanted to discuss was too serious to have any misunderstanding because of a horny cat.

The door to the upper stairs opened.

"Mmh? Why are you so red, Blair?"

"It's nothing, princess."

Nekohime went into the living room and approached Blair. She saw that her subordinate/maid/friend was looking at another sofa. Nekohime followed her gaze, and her eyes were fixed on the boy sitting there.


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