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72.22% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 103: Infernum

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Chapter 103: Infernum

"Seiryuu Kushihashi, Genbu Doumon, Byakko Shinra, Suzaku Himejima and Ouryuu Nakiri."

Of those five, Jason had met two of them. He also knew the identity of Ouryuu Nakiri of the next generation but had no idea of this one.

"Of those five, the two most powerful in this generation are Suzaku and Ouryuu while Seiryuu, Genbu, and Byakko are one step behind. Normally, Ouryuu is usually more powerful than the rest for a bit, but Suzaku and Ouryuu are the most powerful in history. But you can't underestimate the other three. They are in the top 3 of the strongest in their respective clans. Suzaku warned Jason.

Jason nodded to what Shuri had said. He had confronted Suzaku with all his aura before, and she had been able to endure in front of him.

"You must be especially careful with Ouryuu. As far as I know, he can beat Longinus users in his Balance Breaker."

Jason was quiet when he heard that.

"A human capable of defeating Longinus with his Balance Breaker... If he joined Soaring Dragon, what would be his real limit?"

Shuri sank into her thoughts as she listened to Jason. She had seen how much the younger ones had grown up in Soaring Dragon and had no doubt that Medea, Semiramis, and Jason were able to harness the talents of Soaring Dragon members.

Jason decided to take a look at this Ouryuu Nakiri at some point. He looked at Shuri's beautiful face and remembered Suzaku.

"At first the Suzaku chose you, didn't it?" Jason asked.

Shuri did not hesitate to answer.

"Yes, but I didn't inherit the flames when I left with Barakiel."

"So, do you know who's named Suzaku right now?" Jason asked.

Shuri's gaze became nostalgic. She seemed to be missing someone.

"Suzaku Himejima... she is the daughter of my older sister and Akeno's older cousin."

"Why do you ask that?"

Shuri looked at Jason and felt uncomfortable when she saw his evil grin.

"Oh, yesterday I had an encounter with a girl from the Himejima clan and a boy from the Kushihashi clan, what a coincidence that they were called Suzaku and Seiryuu."

Shuri opened her eyes wide. She rose and grabbed Jason by the shoulders.

"Have you seen Suzaku?! How is she? Has she grown well?"

Shuri bombarded Jason with questions knowing that he had met her beloved niece. Suzaku was so close to Shuri's family that she considered her as her daughter.

"Relax, she's fine. I must say that she is too perfect and has grown too well." Jason nodded quickly.

Remembering the two melons that bounced every time Suzaku took a step, Jason remarked in his mind that she had grown perfectly well. He looked at Shuri's breasts and remembered Akeno's breasts in the series and wondered if having large breasts had anything to do with belonging to the Himejima family.

But remember that the author could not live without Oppais, Jason concluded that any important girl had huge tits. The only exceptions were the lolis, and even in those cases, the author had some way of making the breasts quite big.

Shuri felt Jason's gaze on her tits and then saw him lost in his thoughts.

(Isn't this bastard comparing my breasts to Suzaku's?)

Jason came back to reality and noticed Shuri had a frown as she looked at him.

"Cough-Cough, I think that's it for now. Thank you so much for the information, Shuri."

"It's nothing. It's a pleasure to be useful to the faction leader... May I ask something?"

Jason nodded.

"Why do you need information about the five clans?"

"I may have a conflict with them soon."

Before leaving the room, Jason said something to Suzaku without looking back. Suzaku's face lit up at Jason's words.

"Ask Medea to make you a Soaring Dragon kimono. From now on, you're a core member."

Jason left Shuri's room and went to a particular area inside Soaring Dragon.

On the bottom floor of Hanging Gardens of Babylon was Soaring Dragon's high-security prison.

It was the prison of Alcatraz, Cocytus, etc... of Soaring Dragon.

It was called Infernum.

In front of Jason, there was a seemingly infinite corridor of cells, and all had bars and walls made of nuclear paste.

This material, found inside neutron stars, is one hundred billion times stronger than any known terrestrial compound.

A neutron star is born after a supernova, an implosion that reduces an object the size of the Sun to another that occupies half the space of a large city. The result: a material a hundred billion times denser than anything known. The immense gravity of these celestial objects causes their outer layers to freeze solid, making them seem similar to a planet, as they have a thin crust that envelops a liquid nucleus.

Jason had tested the durability of this material before, going so far as to use the Noble Phantasm of Balmung at the same time that Semiramis and Medea launched their attacks more powers.

The result: Not a single scratch.

The bad news is that Jason would never be able to create that material, or at least for the time being. He couldn't touch or use that material that requires billions of densities to exist.

It was only thanks to the system that Jason was able to obtain this material and put it to use to create this super-prison.

Jason had not been foolish enough to spend all his nuclear money in prison, a good amount of this material had been kept within the faction's reserves. Jason's problem was that he didn't have anyone who could make use of this material.

To be able to use it in Hanging Gardens, it had been thanks to the unique method that Semiramis had to be able to build it. Without this method, she could not have used this material to create the prison.

Too bad that method could only be used to build the fortress.

Jason sighed with regret as he looked at the beautiful silver material. Where would he find someone who could use this material? If he could use it to create weapons, the strength of Soaring Dragon would grow by several folds.

Jason advanced slowly but steadily through the prison. He didn't know how long it had been when he reached the end of the hall.

A door stood in front of him; the words "extremely dangerous" stood out in the center of the door. The door didn't have a knob to open it. A password was needed that only Medea, Semiramis and Jason knew.

"The pure gets dirty, the dirty gets purified."

The door in front of Jason opened.

The hallway continued and was practically the same as the previous hallway. The only noticeable difference was that the cells were no longer barred and were armored rooms where there was only a hole in the door to pass a food tray.

While the former corridor was for "regular" or "weak" prisoners, this corridor was made to be able to lock enemies with a higher level of power.

Jason didn't stop to inspect the corridor; it wasn't the first time he'd come, and it wasn't going to be the last.

This corridor was shorter than the previous one, so Jason did not take as long as before to get to the end of this one.

A door similar to the previous one was in front of Jason. Unlike before, there was no message on the door to warn the person who wanted to move forward.

"Good becomes bad, bad becomes good."

The door opened after saying the corresponding password, and Jason advanced to the next room.

There were no more cells or rooms here. It was just a small hallway leading to the next room.

Jason stepped forward and stopped in front of the door. Jason's heart racing, this was the place Jason feared the most. Doubts filled Jason's mind, and for a moment, he thought of returning.

"This is a necessary thing. I can't run forever."

Charging with determination, Jason pronounced the password for the last door.

"Everything that lives dies, and everything that dies is reborn."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I have finished with exams and work, now I have plenty of time to write!

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