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40.97% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 58: Ingvild POV (1)

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Chapter 58: Ingvild POV (1)

(Ingvild POV)

My name is Ingvild Leviathan. I am currently 120 years old, although I have spent about 100 years sleeping.

I was born in a seaside city in Europe with my father and mother. I led a normal life like any girl; I went to school, played with my friends and spent time with my parents.

I love singing and the beach. My favorite time of the year was summer, every day I went to the beach accompanied by my parents. There we made sand castles, played with the ball and sang summer songs together.

Everything was going well until I turned 17. Although I was a little shy, I had my group of friends with whom I stayed and had fun with them. Although many boys approached me, I was too shy and always rejected them.

The year I turned 17 I started to feel sleepy and slept more than usual. The situation was getting worse and I started sleeping for whole days. That's when my parents told me about the supernatural world.

My mother was one of the few pure-blooded descendants of one of the original Maou, Leviathan. My father was a relatively famous human magician.

They had met when my mother made a contract with him. My mother didn't care about the Maou power struggles so she decided to go live in the human world with my father.

At first I didn't believe anything they were telling me, but I believed it when I saw my mother's bat wings and my father's magic. My wings unfolded then and I realized that I was not completely human, I was a mixture of human and devil.

My parents took me to a hospital in the underworld. There they detected my illness, it was a very rare disease that made me fall into a deep sleep.

I was hospitalized hoping that the disease could be healed.

Soon I entered my first deep sleep. I slept for twenty years in a row.

When I woke up I saw my mother, she hadn´t changed, next to an elderly man. I was surprised to learn that he was my father and that it had been twenty years since I had fallen asleep.

I was frightened at the thought of the time that had passed, remembered the faces of my friends in Europe and thought that by that time they should have their families formed.

That night I entered my second deep sleep. This time I slept for a total of 30 years.

When I woke up I saw a scene similar to the previous one, only this time there was only my mother. It was at that moment that I realized that my father had died of old age a few years ago.

I hugged my mother and we both cried all afternoon. I remembered my friends from Europe again and thought they should be grandmothers and have grandchildren.

I was afraid, afraid to fall asleep again and not wake up again. I desperately tried not to fall asleep, I had the feeling that I would not wake up again if I did. In the end I couldn't stay awake and went back to sleep.

This time the dream was different from the previous ones. Sometimes my consciousness woke up and I could hear what was happening around me.

Two conversations remained marked in my memory. The first was when my consciousness first awoke.

I heard two voices, one belonging to my mother while the other belonged to the doctor.

"Can't you really do anything?" My mother's voice was sad, she seemed to have cried a lot.

"No, we're sure she's already entered the phase of eternal sleep."

"You should surrender."

That's what the doctor told my mother before he left. I felt my mother hold my hand tightly, I tried to squeeze it but my body didn't move.

"My girl, mom promises you that I will never give up."

I wanted to cry when I heard my mom's voice, I wanted to tell her that everything was fine and she didn't have to worry. I had a bad feeling when I heard my mother's determined voice.

The second conversation was a few years later. This time it wasn't a conversation between my mother and the doctor, it was another woman with the doctor.

"Do you really want to take care of the medical expenses, Leviathan-sama? She is after all a descendant of the original Leviathan"

"Being a descendant of the original Leviathan doesn't mean she's a bad person. I also have a promise to keep to her decesead mother" she replied to the doctor.

"Sigh, and to think that her mother went into the Tartarus just so she could find a cure to her daughter´s decease" The doctor sighed.

"Her mother was a good person, she was willing to give her life for her daughter. The least I can do for her is take care of her daughter"

I was shattered inside to hear the conversation between the stranger and the doctor, my mother had died while looking for a cure for my illness.

I knew my situation wasn't good, I probably wouldn't wake up again. I missed my parents and I missed the sea and being able to sing.

The years went by. My consciousness woke up from time to time and sometimes I felt the presence of this mysterious woman inside my hospital room.

Five years ago my consciousness woke up again. That time I could not feel the presence of that person inside my room, but there was a different woman. I don't know why, but I can distinguish people by the aura they emit. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This woman was touching different parts of my body as she mumbled words that I didn't understand. I was tense, but I relaxed when I noticed that the woman had no bad intentions toward me.

"What a rare disease, my methods are not enough to cure it." The woman's voice was soft and soothed the nerve I was feeling at the time.

I felt my body levitate and suddenly I noticed that the whole aura of the hospital had disappeared, being replaced by the aura of the trees and animals of the forest. I noticed my body falling and landed on top of a bed.

The woman caressed my forehead and murmured. "What a pretty girl, I hope Jason can cure her disease. I'm sure he can find a way."

I felt hopeful when I heard of someone that could heal my illness. Suddenly the woman's presence disappeared and reappeared shortly after with another person.

They exchanged a brief conversation. I deduced that the boy should be the Jason the woman had mentioned earlier. Then I felt one hand holding the back of my head while another hand carefully opened my mouth.

Lips touched mines and a tongue was inserted into my mouth, dropping a strange liquid that my body unconsciously swallowed. I felt as if I was beginning to regain control of my body and opened my eyes to see the beautiful white-haired boy who was kissing me.

The liquid had stopped falling, but the boy was still kissing me. The kiss felt so good that I returned it to him unconsciously. The boy stopped the kiss and I opened my eyes wide as I remembered what had just happened.

I shouted by reflex and hit the boy's face. I regretted the moment and apologized as I thanked him for saving me.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Ingvild inners thoughts!

I haven´t read the last novels so I don´t now if it is revealed something about her parents. I search for it but I didn´t find anything so I have invented it.

Don´t blame me so much! XD

I´m thinking about the writting schedule for the summer.

I´m going to write four chapters/week. The question is if I am going to upload them on weekends or during the week. Tell me in the comments what do you prefer.

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