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41.66% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 59: Ingvild POV (2)

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Chapter 59: Ingvild POV (2)

(We continue with Ingvild POV)

Medea said goodbye to us and left. Jason and I sat at a table. He told me to ask him what doubts he had and I didn't hesitate to do them.

I knew that the potion he had given me was extremely rare and I didn't know why he had used something so expensive on me. Even my mother had to go into the Tartars to get a possible cure for my illness.

I was surprised when he told me that I had potential and when he told me that I was pretty I couldn't help but blush. I found it odd that Jason, who apparently was not older than 10-11 years, told me such things, but I could feel from his aura that he was older than he really looked. By his aura I could tell that he was 20-30 years old.

His aura was an aura he had never felt before. I could feel him radiating pure yang, that yang was calling me to his arms. Something inside me was telling me to get as close to him as possible.

Jason explained to me about Soaring Dragon and his ambition to take his faction to the top. At the time I thought it was a faction on par with the 3 big factions but later I learned what I really meant by the top.

At the time I thought it was impossible to do that and even if that was the case, why choose me?

Jason later explained to me about my Sacred Gear: Nereid Kyrie, which is capable of controlling both the sea and the dragons, and the great devil power that resided within me as a descendant of Leviathan.

When I heard the power of my Sacred Gear, I thought of the strange aura Jason was emitting.

"Are you a dragon?" I asked him unconsciously.

Indeed, he was a dragon. Jason briefly explained to me about his bloodline, although I later learned that he could "evolve," and a strange thought of controlling him and making him mine crossed my mind.

I brought my fingers to my lips when I remembered the kiss we had previously shared. At that moment I felt a chill running down my back.

I didn't think too much about it because Jason had asked me again about joining his faction. I didn't think much about it before I accepted, I had nothing left and staying with them was my only option.

I felt a strange sensation in my body and a connection between me and Jason and a smaller connection between me and Medea. Jason explained it was because he was the leader of the faction and now he could tell if I was in danger.

Jason said goodbye and went to training. The days passed and Jason came to the forest to train every day, he could also feel Medea but I only saw her the first few days before I stopped seeing her.

My relationship with Jason improved a lot over the next two weeks, somehow I had managed to open up to him. I watched him train and when he was done I would come up to dry his sweat, every time I did it I felt the same chills I had felt before.

Medea reappeared two weeks after Jason woke me up. She had a strange glow on her face and I felt my heart contract slightly when I saw her.

Medea joined the daily conversations Jason and I had. I was obviously happy to get to know her better.

It didn't take me long to think of her as my older sister and she thought of me as her younger sister. She offered to train me.

Medea told me that I had a lot of talent in water magic. She helped me to improve the control of my magic as I did not need to increase my magical power for the moment.

2 years passed while training with Medea in the mornings and watching Jason train in the afternoon.

Every day that passed I saw Jason more handsome, little by little I was falling in love more and more. I knew it was wrong because I already knew that Medea was Jason's wife, but I couldn't help falling in love with him.

The moment of Soaring Dragon's first mission came shortly after a fight with Jason to test the outcome of our training. I accompanied Medea to the underworld and we welcomed a group of women-cats who were living in a ruined village.

Jason arrived shortly after with another small group of women-cats. They were experimental subjects that Jason had saved.

I couldn't know much about the cat-girls Jason had saved but three of them had caught my attention, they were Nekohime and the two sisters, Kuroka and Shirone.

I was secretly jealous when I learned that they were going to live at Jason's house. I also wanted to go to his house because I really wanted to meet his little sister, but I couldn't find an excuse to do it.

They also joined Soaring Dragon, but I couldn't feel any connection with her like I did with Jason or Medea.

Soon I felt that a new connection was forming, apparently Jason had summoned another Servant. What happened could only be described by the word Catastrophe.

Huge scale natural disasters occurred all over Japan, all focused on the area in which we were located. I felt useless for the first time seeing Medea and Semiramis create barriers to protect me alongside the Nekoshou.

The natural disasters ended and then I felt that terrifying suppression. A demonic Jason appeared in front of us before flying into the sky.

His body was covered with tattoos and his eyes were completely black but strangely I felt no terror but was even more attracted to him.

I had a prejudice with Semiramis knowing that she had tried to attack Jason. She left with Kuroka for a year so that prejudice stayed that way for a while.

Jason returned from his second mission with a mother and daughter. I quickly befriended Shuri and started treating Akeno as my younger sister.

When I found out that Akeno was going to school Jason, instead of being jealous I felt it was natural.

The prejudice toward Semiramis acted when she sat on the throne of Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but Nekohime stepped forward and criticized her first. She took quite a few positive points from me at the time.

All prejudice towards Semiramis disappeard when I saw Hanging Gardens of Babylon in action. Jason's words echoed in my mind when I saw her proud look from the throne.

"I think it's the perfect place for the Wise Queen of Assyria, Semiramis."

He was completely right, that throne seemed made for her.

Soon it was time to march on England. It was the first week after so many years that I didn't see Jason for two days in a row, let alone five days.

I had long wanted to get even closer to Jason. I had wanted to do it since Medea told me that he was going to have more women in the future I had wanted to do it, but shyness could with me.

That week I was thinking about inviting Jason on a date when I felt a pair of familiar arms hugging my waist behind me.

"Are you thinking about him?

I didn't dare hide anything from my older sister, she seemed to know what I was thinking about all along.

"When he comes, I'll be there for you."

I felt more confident listening to her words, so I took courage and decided to ask him.

I even tried to make excuses in my mind by telling myself I didn't want a date.

Luckily Jason decided to invite me on his own, to which I nodded without hesitation.

That night I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep, so I got out of bed and walked down the aisle to clear myself. I vaguely heard strange sounds coming from Jason's room so I approached out of curiosity.

I'm not going to describe what I heard, I'm so embarrassed! Medea found me and surely misunderstood me, thank goodness she promised me she won't say anything.

(End of Ingvild POV)

Medea sighed and closed the purple notebook she had been reading. You could see "Ingvild Diary" written on the cover.

Semiramis was laughing low by her side.

"Not only was there a woman masturbating while Jason and I shared intimate moments, but there was also a young maiden in love"

"She's really innocent and shy, I hope she can go one step further on today's date" Medea sighed.

"I really like that girl, I also hope she can succeed" Semiramis agreed with Medea.

Rarely were these two Servants in agreement.

Tower Bridge, London.

Jason and Ingvild were watching the beautiful sunset contrasting with the River Thames. Jason looked at the beautiful face of Ingvild who was gawking at the beautiful scene.

He stroked her cheek and Ingvild looked into his eyes. Jason's eyes were filled with love and passion while Ingvild's had a touch of shyness and love.

Jason brought his face closer to that of Ingvild and opened his mouth slightly, placing his lips over those of Ingvild. Ingvild kissed him back.

Both intertwined their tongues for a brief moment before separating. The two looked into each other's eyes before saying at once.

"I love you"

And they fused back into a passionate kiss.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

We have reached 1.5 million views!!! I´m really happy, I never expected to get to this point when I started writing a novel for fun, I'm really happy.

I can only say that I love you guys for reading my novel and supporting it daily!

This is the last chapter for this week. Tomorrow I´m going in a holiday trip and I don´t have time to write.

Next week we are starting with the new summer release schedule.


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