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Chapter 109: Lavinia´s past

Along the way, Lavinia told her story and how she got involved with Tobio and the rest.

Lavinia Reni, despite possessing a talent for magic, was not born into a genuine magician's household. She was born to an ordinary family.

However, when she was born, she had been in possession of supernatural ability. From the time of her infancy, a doll of ice had manifested by her side, the Longinus 'Eternal Ice Princess'.

As a young girl, she knew nothing about it whatsoever, and she feared the princess of ice that no one other than herself could see as an 'Ice Goblin'.

It was when she was about nine years old. A significant incident occurred to her.

Her parents died in an accident.

Because she had been under the impression that what had killed both of her parents was the 'Ice Demon'.

She felt resentment, hatred, as well as malice towards the 'Ice Demon that never left her side. If observed by people who couldn't see anything, they could only perceive Lavinia as a troubled girl who would rage in a loud voice towards empty air.

Even for Lavinia herself, the memories of that time were rather vague.

Then, Lavinia met Glenda.

The Witch of the South Glenda who was Lavinia's master, took charge of her and taught her the way to handle her Sacred Gear, as well as how to control magic.

In meeting this gentle teacher, Lavinia's heart, which had been sealed away, gradually began to thaw.

Glenda, due to certain circumstances, had moved from the world of Oz to live in this world. Her purpose was to study Sacred Gears.

Life in Glenda's forest was simple, and for Lavinia, it was a time of irreplaceable happiness.

It was there that Lavinia cultivated her talent for magic.

It happened when Lavinia was thirteen years old. Glenda suggested to Lavinia that she spend time outside with magicians of her own generation.

That is to say, Glenda judged that, if there were other magicians present in this world, then she should cultivate a rapport with the other magicians in this world.

Shortly afterward, Glenda entrusted Lavinia to 'Grau Zebaurer'. Lavinia was pained to be separated from Glenda, but on top of longing for her teacher, she resolved to throw herself into her studies at the magical association.

It was after she'd spent several years with 'Grau Zebaurer'.

More bad news reached Lavinia.

Glenda had come under attack by a witch who had come from Oz. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Having received that report, I returned to the forest that was my second home town. However—"

The isolated house in the forest she had spent so much time had been burned down, leaving only the carbonized ruin of a house behind.

Glenda's wellbeing was unknown. However, if it just concerned the magicians who had come from Oz, she knew how to investigate their trail.

Lavinia pursued the magicians, and in the midst of that, she got wrapped up with the matter of the 'Utsusemi Agency' and the 'Four Fiend Project'.

Natsume then asked.

"So you're fighting to learn about the condition of your master?"

Lavinia replied.

"They did not give me a direct answer. Therefore, whether they entered Oz directly or whether they remained in this world to continue meddling, whatever the case, I have decided to pursue them. To that end, since this is my situation, I would like for every one of you to fulfill your own objective. I don't want to be a hindrance. Even if it is just me by myself, I will pursue them."

As she said that, Lavinia's expression, unlike how it usually was, was displaying an attribute of cool-headedness.

Having learned of Lavinia's objective, silence swept through the vehicle for a short while.

The first one to speak was Tobio.

"I now understand Lavinia-san's circumstances. I don't yet understand the full extent of my power, but even so, I will cooperate with searching for your master."

Those were Tobio's true feelings.

Hearing Tobio's statement, Lavinia was slightly surprised.

Tobio continued.

"Lavinia-san has been cooperating with us despite having circumstances of her own. If it wasn't for Lavinia-san, I would not have been able to recover from that perilous condition, and Sae and our classmates certainly would not have been rescued."

Natsume and Samejima also nodded in response to these words of his.

If Lavinia hadn't have been there, it would seem that the battle with the 'Utsusemi Agency' would not have concluded safely. Tobio felt strongly that they also wouldn't have been able to rescue their classmates ultimately.

To this Samejima, while folding his arms, smiled bitterly.

"It's quite vexing, but it's just as Ikuse says. If it were just us, it wouldn't have been a pleasant outcome. Well, the ship has already sailed. In any case, aren't we heading right towards those witches anyways? Well then, I say we should clean them all up in one go."

Natsume, leaning forward from the back seat, suddenly hugged Lavinia.

"Quite right, even Samejima-kun says good things once in a while. That's how it is, Lavinia. Let's cooperate with each other! Seeing as we're companions, it's too late to back out now!"

Even Sae chipped in at that.

"Lavinia-san. I... don't know to what extent I'll be able to cooperate, but I want to repay you as thanks for all your help. Therefore, will you tell me how I can be of service?"

In response to the voices of her comrades, Lavinia smiled.

Lavinia placed her hands on the arms of Natsume, who was still hugging her.

"Natsume, Shark, Shyaae, Tobi...thank you."

She looked at Jason, waiting for his words.

"Be careful."

That's all Jason said.

He hadn't offered his support or said he was going to help her in her search. But Lavinia felt that his words were much more comforting than others.

Be careful. Those words were the ones Lavinia needed to hear the most. She knew more than anyone how dangerous her quest was going to be and the high probability that an incident would occur, she didn't need the supporting words of children who still couldn't control their own powers.

"I will," Lavinia replied.

Jason nodded. He knew what was going on in Lavinia's head. Tobio could not control his Sacred Gear and could lose control while Natsume's and Kouki's were weak if they could not control their true form, without saying anything about the useless Sae.

How could they help Lavinia against the best magicians of another world?

In explaining her circumstances, and by making all members aware of them, they'd become unified in thought. While on the way towards a battle, in this vehicle, they'd strengthened their unity.

At this, even Barakiel cracked a smile from the driver's seat.

Suddenly Samejima asked a question of Vali who was in the passenger seat.

"How about you, Lucidra-sensei? Will you be cooperating with the magical girl?"

Vali had not interjected at all during Lavinia's story. Everyone's gaze focused upon the young boy.

Vali abruptly put on a nihilistic smile.

"I've been aware of Lavinia's circumstances from before. I've had an interest in fighting the Wizards of Oz all along after all. Well, I'll lend you my power."

At his impertinent line, Samejima shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ahh, sure sure," in amazement.

Lavinia smiled and spoke.

"Yes, I am aware. Vaa-kun is such a simple boy, after all."

Lavinia's smile reached Vali through the rearview mirror. Upon noticing it, Vali's face turned blood red.

He had wanted to put on airs suitable for his age, but his true intentions were quite frank.

Jason laughed hard at the sight of his younger brother's face.

"What are you laughing at?"

Vali's face became even redder.

Jason replied as he held his laughter.

"Nothing, nothing.

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