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10.41% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 14: Medea (1)

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Chapter 14: Medea (1)

(So this is the Icycal Flame) thought Jason when he saw the flame in his hands (I wonder what I can do with it).

Jason started training with the new flame. The flame seemed to work like fire magic at first but later Jason realized their differences. If Jason wanted to burn something with the flame it had the effect of normal fire magic by amplified by several layers, then he tried to simulate the effect of ice magic and it was also amplified by several layers.

Jason then tried to use both effects at the same time. He created a target to test the result and threw the flame combining both effects. The result was that the target was covered with a layer of frost before disappearing into ashes.

Medea was watching Jason's new skill with curiosity as she furtively glanced at Jason's mature body, blushing in the meantime. She watched in shock as Jason managed to put together two opposing attributes that should be repelled in order to achieve a terrifying effect, she was sure that any enemy of Jason in the future was going to have a very bad time dealing with that ability of his.

Ten minutes later Jason ran out of manna. Although his physical appearance changed, he did not return to the physical appearance of an 8 year old boy, but rather remained in the appearance of a 16/17 year old teenager with white hair. He had dropped from 1.80m to 1.70m, although his muscles had dropped in volume compared to his previous form and were still well defined throughout that 6 pack.

Medea couldn't help but hypnotize herself at the sight of another new look for Jason, unlike the old one which had a more mature charm this one had a more youthful one.

Jason: "What are you doing here?"

Medea: "I felt a powerful energy here so I came to see what it was."

Jason smiled when he knew she was worried about him and decided to joke with her.

Jason: "I didn't know you could worry about me, Medea."

When she noticed Jason's smile and heard his words she blushed, but when she remembered how Jason had treated Ingvild before she calmed down and sent Jason a cold look before leaving without replying.

Jason smiled bitterly as he did not know what he had done to receive this treatment from her. He shook his head when he reached no conclusion and set out to continue training.

Medea was still hiding in the shadows and when she saw that Jason wasn't going after her to apologize or something she was disappointed and sad to think that he didn't feel anything for her, a tear could be seen falling down her cheek.

At dinner time Jason said goodbye to Ingvild and told her that he was going to return every day to the temple to train and visit her. Ingvild only nodded absently with a red face as she was looking at Jason's youthful body and could not focus on anything else but him.

Jason noticed his gaze and realized that he was still in his adolescent form so he changed to his childish form before returning home.

The next day the new school year began and Jason had to attend classes. Medea didn't show up during the night or the next day, as Jason could feel her close to him thanks to his connection he didn't worry too much and continued training and having conversations with Ingvild from time to time. Ingvild liked to watch Jason as he trained and brought a towel with her to wipe away the sweat of the effort.

Jason: "Ingvild, you don't have to do this, even if I'm your leader now you don't have to treat me like one."

Ingvild: "I'm not doing this because you're my leader." She replied with a lovely smile.

Jason was distracted for a few seconds at the sight of his smile. Ingvild noticed his gaze and blushed. Jason saw her blush and misunderstood.

Jason: "Are you okay? Let me see if you have a fever" He joined his forehead with hers to test his temperature as his mother did with him when he was little.

Upon noticing the contact with Jason Ingvild's blush became deeper. No one knows where she got the strength to push Jason before running to her room.

Medea was watching the whole scene from the beginning and bit her lips in frustration. A line of blood could be seen falling on her very pale face. If Jason saw Medea in his current state he would be worried to see his sickly appearance.

Two weeks passed like this. Jason went to school in the morning and spent the afternoons training or talking with Ingvild.

Jason was worried that Medea had not shown up for these two weeks and her aura was getting weaker and weaker. One night he couldn't take it anymore and decided to call her to his room to talk to her.

Jason: "Medea, come out and I want to talk to you."

Medea: "What do you want from me, Master?"

Medea didn't come out, but she spoke to Jason. Her voice sounded weaker and spoke coldly to Jason, changing the way she called him to Master.

Jason frowned when she didn't come out and he repeated his words.

Jason: "Medea, come out and I want to talk to you."


Medea didn't answer this time and Jason started getting angry.

Jason: "Medea show yourself or I'm going to use a command stamp to get you to show yourself."

Medea's command stamps were in the area above Jason's heart forming 3 volumes in a circle (Orochimaru's cursed mark).

Medea in the shadows trembled as she heard Jason threaten to use command stamps to force her out and the feeling she held during these two weeks became stronger and stronger.

Medea came out of the shadows. Jason saw her as if she were the same as always, only that she had her face covered by the hood and stood unsteadily.

Jason: "Why are you covering your face, Medea," she asked warmly.

Medea: " It is not worthy of you, Master. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason: "Why are you calling me Master now?"

Medea: "You're my Master so I have to call you that."

Jason began to realize that something was wrong. AN: (Good morning champ!)

AN: Author note.

Jason: "Is something wrong Medea?"

Medea: "Master has nothing to worry about".

Jason became alarmed when he noticed that the problem was bigger than he expected and decided to take action. Although Jason respected Medea and never gave her an order against her will this time he decided to be a little harsh.

Jason: "Take the hood off."

Medea: "Excuse me?"

Jason: "Take off your hood!"

Medea's body trembled as she heard the volume rise in Jason's voice and the sadness grew even more inside her. She removed her hood and showed her face to Jason for the first time in two weeks.

Jason was shocked to see Medea's face. Although she was still beautiful she was now pale as if she was seriously ill or had not eaten properly for several months.

Jason quickly ran to Medea and hugged her tightly.

Jason: "Tell me, what happened to you? Why are you like this? Tell me what I can do to help you."

Medea was moved to hear Jason's tone of concern and tears began to form in her eyes, but she regained her former attitude when she remembered these past two weeks and pushed him back.

Jason didn't understand Medea's attitude and had seen her in his eyes for the first time in a long time. In them he saw love, pain, sadness, anguish and hatred. Jason swore it was the first time he had seen so many feelings in one eye at the same time.

He began to reconsider what might have brought her to such a state. He started to think about the time they had spent together this year until the last two weeks. He remembered that she began to treat him coldly when Ingvild arrived and how her body trembled when he raised his voice. He remembered what she had suffered in the past and why she was called the witch of betrayal.

Reviewing all this and even being a NOOB in love, he could tell what was the real cause of Medea's appearance and attitude. It was nothing more and nothing less than him.

When he realized that he was almost making the same mistake as the previous Jason the guilt began to run through his body. Jason understood that if he didn't call her today and threaten her with seals of command it would probably have been too late for him when he notice. Although he had decided to wait a few years to fix his relationship with Medea, Jason decided to act immediately.

Jason became his teenage form. His clothes broke due to increased stature leaving only his boxers. Jason started walking towards Medea again. Seeing Medea facing the ground, Jason called her softly.

Jason: "Medea" muttered softly.

Medea:" Mast..."

Medea couldn't finish talking because her lips had been blocked by Jason's. Jason separated his lips from Medea's and whispered in her ear.

Jason: "I love you, Medea" Said those words before kissing Medea again, this time with more passion than before, inserting the tongue into Medea's mouth.

Medea had her eyes wide open in shock as Jason's words sounded like a bomb in her mind. Noticing the sincerity and love in Jason's words, he closed her eyes as tears streamed from them when she joined Jason with her tongue.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Will Jason lose his virginity in the next cap?

I think that he has a lot of chances, what do you think?

For the Faction name I thought about `Heroes Nest´ a mix between dragon nest and heroes from FATE. What do you think?

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