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61.11% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 87: More than 736,542 times

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Chapter 87: More than 736,542 times

Jason was walking with Azazel through Grigori's territory.

"I couldn't ask you the other day because we didn't have time to talk. What do you think of Slash Dog?" Azazel asked Jason.


Jason thought for a moment about the answer he was going to give Azazel.

"I think they have good potential, but they're too green. They still have a lot of training to do, but they shouldn't have a problem fighting high or even fighting ultimate levels." Jason responded.

Azazel nodded. He had a thought similar to Jason's, considering the fights Slash Dog had against Jason.

"Have you considered that not all the members of Slash Dog were there?"

"Yes, Kouki had been defeated before. But I don't think it would have made much difference in combat, he's close combat, and I would have defeated him easily. He might even have hindered Tobio if they didn't have enough coordination."

"You're right, but I'm not talking about Kouki. Slash Dog has another member you couldn't meet last time. We call her the perfect shield."

"Besides, she's an insatiable glutton."

Jason raised his eyebrows in surprise. Someone Azazel called the perfect shield? He couldn't wait to meet that person.

As they walked on, Jason remembered what Elisabeth had told him.

"Azazel, are you close to the Windsor family?"

Azazel frowned, but a mysterious smile appeared on his face as he looked at Jason.

"You could say so. At the moment we're just business partners, but we may get closer in the future." The mysterious smile did not disappear from Azazel's face.

Jason felt something strange when he saw that smile next to Azazel's words.

"Old fox, you better not do something you shouldn't," Jason warned him.

Jason knew it was useless to threaten Azazel, so he gave him a slight warning.

"Don't worry. It's nothing bad. You may even thank me when the time comes."

"Aren't you going to tell me what it is?

"If I told you, wouldn't I lose all the grace?"

Jason shrugged, Azazel had his point after all. A surprise would cease to be a surprise if the person who had to give the surprise told the person receiving the surprise that the surprise is coming.

Soon they arrived at the apartment where the members of Slash Dog resided. Going inside, Jason found a scene similar to the first time he came here.

The only difference was the two new faces Jason didn't know. One of the two new girls was eating a 1kg jar of ice cream, with several empty jars by her side.

The other girl was next to Tobio, talking to him. Did they seem to get along pretty well, to the point of being close?

Jason was surprised because he thought the introverted boy couldn't get so close to a girl. Jason came to a quick conclusion; the girl was the one who had approached him.

"I want a rematch!"

Jason saw a silver blur running towards him. Vali looked tired, perhaps because of the intensive training he had gone through over the past few days.

"How do you say it?" Jason asked with a mocking smile on his face.

"What do you mean? I want a rematch now!"Vali tried to grab Jason's neck.

He tried, but he didn't make it. Jason, in his adult form, reached 185 cm and was just a few centimeters lower than Azazel. Little Vali was unable to climb that high.

"You need to say a word, didn't you lose the previous fight?" The mocking smile did not disappear from Jason's face.

"I've been told you fainted at about the same time as me" Vali did not accept defeat.

"But you fell first, anyway, until you accept it you won't have your revenge" Jason shrugged.

"Grrr" Vali clenched his teeth in rage. A look of hatred passed through his eyes.

"" Vali said with difficulty.

"What do you say? I didn't hear you" The mocking smile grew.

"Fight me, shitty Aniki!" Vali shouted with all his strength.

They all looked stunned at the scene in front of them. Had Jason managed to dominate Vali with only words?

Shigune and Sae looked at the unknown boy curiously. The rest of the members had told them that he had been able to defeat all of Slash Dog and then finish Vali.

"Are you sure? This time I won't hold back at all, maybe you'll die" Jason took a serious look.

"I'm sure I've improved a lot these days," Vali replied with confidence.

Jason raised an eyebrow. How much could Vali improve in just two days? Jason decided to show him what the difference was between him and Vali.

"Watch out, Partner!" Albion warned Vali when he felt something was wrong.

Vali didn't have time to react. A sword was in her neck, inches from cutting her skin. Vali looked fearfully at Jason's black eyes, something in his mind said that if Jason cut him, he would be dead.

"Do you understand now? You're not a threat to me yet. I can kill you more than 736,542 times before you get to activate your Juggernaut Drive."

Vali's frightened look disappeared, and an excited one replaced her. Vali set herself a new goal at that moment.

Jason sighed mentally; he recognized Vali's look. Giving him a reason to grow wasn't bad, but Jason was sure it was going to be annoying in the future.

"What a powerful Dragon Slayer sword," Azazel said.

He was surprised. The aura that detached the sword was at par with the most powerful sacred sword, Caliburn, and the most powerful demonic sword, Gram. How could he not know anything about this sword?

"He is my most precious companion," Jason stroked the sword.

Balmung was special to Jason for many reasons. Not only had it been accompanying Jason for years, but it had also saved him during the rescue of the Nekoshou. But the most essential thing for Jason was that the sword came with a message from his original mother.

It's not that Jason had any feelings for his original parents, they had abandoned him, and there was no excuse to erase that fact. Jason just wanted to meet them and ask them a question, Why?

"What's the name of the sword?" Azazel curious asked.

"Balmung," Jason replied.

"Balmung? It can't be, I've seen the sword before, and it's not as powerful as yours".

"Do you call that sword Balmung? A simple imitation that takes advantage of the name of the sword of one of the most famous Dragon Slayers. Do not compare my sword to an imitation." Jason spoke in a cold voice.

The atmosphere became uncomfortable. Azazel kept in his mind that he should not compare Balmung again with "imitation," he held that same thought in the same place where he had kept making jokes about the fallen angel that accompanied Jason.

"Cough, cough. Shigune, Sae, why don't you introduce yourself?" Azazel tried to relax the atmosphere.

"Shigune Nanadaru, I'm hungry."

Shigune is a beautiful biracial young woman of Japanese and European descent, making her Eurasian. She has long blonde hair that is tied using ribbons and tied in a braid looking a lot like a crown. Her eyes are heterochromatic with the right blue eye and a black left eye.

Jason was enchanted by her heterochromatic eyes. It was the first time he saw a person with different eye colors.

"Do they look strange to you?" Shigune asked.

"No, they're wonderful," Jason sincerely replied. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Shigune blushed slightly and refocused on eating ice cream. She noticed a fixed look on her and saw that Lavinia was looking at her with suspicion. Not understanding the reason for that look, Shigune ate her ice cream without paying much attention to it.

Jason looked at the other girl, the girl sitting next to Tobio.

"Sae T-Toujo, nice to meet you!" She bowed to Jason

"Jason, nice to meet you." He returned the gesture.

She was a very cute girl, brown hair, tied in two ponytails, and green eyes. A curvilinear figure accompanied her natural beauty.

Jason shook his head. He wasn't going to steal someone's girlfriend. The netorare was not something that went well with him.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

It´s really difficult to get into the top 100 so there is no surprise this week.

Of course, if the novel goes up to the top 100 there is going to be a surprise.

I have read this week chapter of Boku no Hero Academia manga and I have a question.

Isn´t Shigaraki Tomura OP?

Jason would go to Boku no Hero world?

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