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97.22% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 139: My grandmother runs faster than you!

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Chapter 139: My grandmother runs faster than you!

Tobio ran round after round without stopping. Under Jason's gaze, Tobio couldn't slow down. What he didn't know was that Jason had been slowly increasing Gravity each time Tobio adapted to Gravity. Although the changes were minuscule, they significantly affected the boy who seemed to be running for his life.

"Come on, pussy. My grandmother runs faster than you!"

Jason didn't forget to encourage Tobio from time to time.

"Fuck you!"

Tobio didn't forget to answer him either.

"Hahaha! Good, very good! If you can answer me, you can keep running. Gravity x3"

"Nooo!" Tobio cried.

The pressure went up again for Tobio. But it wasn't as hard as he had thought it would be. Jason had slowly increased the Gravity without Tobio noticing, and now this change was not as difficult as the boy had thought it would be. Tobio was so surprised that he had even lowered his speed involuntarily.

"What the fuck are you doing, Tobio! Do you want me to double it? Run, fuck, run!" Jason shouted.

Cold sweat covered Tobio's back. He started running like there wasn't a tomorrow; he was afraid Jason would keep his promise. Jason tried to put up with the laughter when he saw Tobio's frightened expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_40077713775578533">!_40077713775578533</a> for visiting.

Tobio ran, ran, and ran. He didn't stop running until the forces betrayed him, and he fell unconscious. Jason removed the extra Gravity and went to see the boy's situation. He already knew that Tobio was just exhausted, but worrying was not too bad.

Checking Tobio was fine, Jason called a couple of maids to take him to a room to rest. He also advised Sae to take care of Tobio's needs, so she could pass on the message that training would continue in the afternoon.

Jason stopped by the main training room to see how Vali was doing. He was not much different than he had been when Jason had visited him last time. Jason found that Vali had been eating before he left the training room.

Azazel had left Hanging Gardens of Babylon after breakfast. The governor still had unfinished business at Grigori and could not leave his post for long in these guerrilla times.

Jason made his way to the throne room. Semiramis was sitting on her throne, and she was watching a projection of one of the training rooms.

"What are you doing?" Jason asked as he approached her.

Semiramis didn't answer. She rose from her throne to leave Jason the place. Jason smiled because he knew what she wanted. He sat on the throne, Semiramis then sat on his lap and rested her body on his chest. Jason stroked her head as he watched the projection.

"Oh, so you were looking at the group Ingvild is training for."

"Mmm," Semiramis nodded.

"What do you care about them?"

"Natsume and Sae are nothing special. The same goes for that Kouki." She summed it up for Jason.

"And the other two?"

"Hehe, I don't think I have to tell you anything about Shigune, or rather her Sacred Gear. I must admit that I'd like to see what its real limit is."

Jason already knew that. He realized that Semiramis was avoiding talking about Koga.

"Tell me about the boy. What have you found in him?"

Semiramis frowned.

"The boy doesn't have much time left to live."

Jason was not surprised by what Semiramis had said. He had already been thinking about the consequences of Koga's Balance Breaker. Jason could see that Koga staggered slightly as it turned into his artificial Balance Breaker, so he knew he had to pay the price to use it. Jason had thought it was similar to Issei's juggernaut drive, and now Semiramis had confirmed it to him.

"Are you going to do something with him, Master?"

Jason shook his head.

"That's Azazel's job."

"Are you going to tell me what you were looking for me for, Master?"

Jason gently stroked Semiramis' long black hair.

"I need your help to train Tobio. I want you to teach him to hide his presence."

"No problem. Leave it to me!"

The two remained silent for quite some time. Semiramis was enjoying Jason's care. These moments were Semiramis' favorites, something she shared with Medea.

Semiramis showed a spooky smile, something that didn't go unnoticed by Jason. He thought of the reasons that might have led Semiramis to show that kind of smile and couldn't find one. Jason then remembered the last time Semiramis had personally trained someone without anyone supervising his work. He still remembered how Kuroka had gone to beg him to protect her from the 'old witch', he felt a chill when he remembered Semiramis' icy smile at the time.

Thinking that Tobio was different from Kuroka and he had not gone through the experiments that the Nekoshou had gone through, Jason had to remind him of Semiramis.

"Don't kill him."

"I know." Semiramis nodded.

Semiramis' words didn't relax him at all. The creepy smile followed on the face of the Queen of Assyria.

"Don't kill him."

"I already know."

"You don't know. I want you to swear it to me."

Jason's scary smile finally disappeared from Semiramis' face. She pouted and looked at Jason with puppy eyes. Jason felt another chill passing through his body, though this time from excitement.

(No! I can't fall into temptation. A life is at stake here.)

Jason pinched Semiramis' little nose with his index finger and played with her cheeks.

"Don't make those faces. They won't do you any good. You just have to teach him to hide his presence, that's all."

"Tch, you're a party pooper."

"Hooo, did I hear right?"

It was Jason's turn to show a creepy smile. Unlike Semiramis' sadistic smile, Jason's was a wicked smile.

Without giving Semiramis time to react, Jason grabbed her breasts from behind. It wasn't like Semiramis couldn't react. She just didn't want to. Jason knew this perfectly, but it didn't stop him from continuing his attacks.

Jason kissed Semiramis' neck, slowly descending to her collarbone. Semiramis groaned lightly with each kiss Jason gave her. She placed one of her hands on top of Jason's that was playing with her left breast while her free hand went down to her lower parts, beginning to play like that with her clitoris.

Jason was playing with Semiramis' nipples when the door leading to the throne room opened.

"Jason, my mom is calling you."

Semiramis jumped at the girl's voice. She quickly fixed her clothes. By the time the girl came to the throne, she was already as usual.

"Do you need anything, Akeno?" Jason asked, trying to keep calm, and his erection.

Akeno was wearing his pink pajamas. She noticed that Semiramis was blushing and internally wondered why, as it was not hot. Jason couldn't help but mentally sigh as he saw how innocent the girl was.

"Mom told me you met cousin Suzaku, didn't you?"

Jason sighed mentally again. How could he lie to Akeno when she looked at him with those eyes? Unlike Semiramis' eyes who try to get something from him, Akeno's eyes were pure and hopeful, not something Jason could win against. Jason approached Akeno and grabbed her by the hand as they marched toward Shuri's room.

"Sigh, let's talk to your mother."

"Yes!" Akeno raised a fist with her free hand.

Jason began to doubt that this had all been a mother/daughter plan. Semiramis had been left behind with all the heat. She sighed when she saw that Jason was not coming back to finish the job and decided to go back to her room to finish it herself.

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