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47.22% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 67: Nekohime (1)

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Chapter 67: Nekohime (1)

Jason looked at the ceiling, it was hard to know what he was thinking right now. In his mind, he repeated the same question countless times.

(How did it end like this?)

Nekohime laid on his chest, apparently sleeping. She was probably exhausted after losing her virginity a few minutes earlier.

Jason looked at the face that was placidly sleeping, or so it seemed. She still had a flushed face from exercise. He stroked her hair, he couldn't bear his curiosity and touched her cat ears.

"Mmmh" Nekohime groaned softly because of the stimulation. She calmed down again and her breathing calmed down again.

Something grazed Jason's leg, he looked and saw Nekohime's tail move quickly. Jason smiled evily when he saw that the tail didn't stop moving.

He grabbed Nekohime's tail and pulled it. Nekohime's hair stood up, she nailed her claws to Jason's chest and bit his shoulder hard.

"It hurts" Jason complained.

"Sorry, the tail is too sensitive a part of our body" Nekohime buried her head in Jason's chest and apologized.

Jason was going to tell her not to worry, but he felt something tickling on his chest right where Nekohime had bitten him. Jason looked at her and saw that she was licking his wound.

"What are you doing?" he asked curiously.

Nekohime did not answer him, her blush was already reaching her neck. Jason wondered how it was possible that the girl who was jumping on him just a few minutes ago was now as shy as a girl when they first talked to her about sex.

(Wait, Nekohime has always been this shy when it comes to these matters. How could she have acted like this before?)

Jason looked at Nekohime again. He opened his eyes wide when he saw his wound heal at a speed appreciable to the naked eye. Jason's recovery was already fast enough, but the speed at which he was currently healing his wound was defying the heavens.

Jason's wound was healed. Nekohime lifted her head and looked at Jason, she noticed that Jason's gaze was fixed on her and she became ashamed again. Nekohime hid her face in Jason's chest again, the speed at which she moved her tail increased again.

"Ehem" Jason pretended to cough to get Nekohime's attention.

Nekohime lifted her face, leaving only her eyes visible. Jason saw that she was willing to talk to him.

"Don't you think you owe me an explanation?" Jason asked.

The events that had happened in the previous chapter were something that really deserved an explanation. Since she almost died absorbing too much energy, that strange river of natural energy or that Nekohime that assaulted him for a wild round of sex.

"Yes..." Nekohime seemed to hesitate.

Jason saw that she was nervous and there was something that seemed to doubt whether to share it or not.

"You know, now I'm your leader and you can trust me." Jason tried to calm her nervousness by gently stroking her beautiful blonde hair.

"Hmm" She nodded.

"But you have to close your eyes first" She demanded.

"No problem" Jason closed his eyes, he knew she wasn't going to do anything bad to him.

"I've already closed them."

Nekohime lifted her head and looked into Jason's face, she stroked his face and showed a loving smile. She adjusted sat on Jason and got up carefully.

Jason felt two mountains rise from his chest when Nekohime rose. His penis came out of Nekohime's pussy along with three different liquids: Semen, vaginal fluids and blood.

Nekohime made a painful gesture when Jason's dick came out of him. She went to where both of their clothes were. She stopped for a moment in front of her Soaring Dragon kimono.

She caressed her belly affectionately. A dark dragon mark could be seen on Nekohime's belly.

Nekohime put on her Soaring Dragon kimono again. She looked back at Jason and blushed when she saw his little brother.

Jason felt something fall on top of him.

"Wear your clothes" Jason heard Nekohime's voice.

He opened his eyes and saw that Nekohime had thrown his clothes. He looked at her and saw that she had turned around, Jason smiled and put on his clothes.

"You can turn around now" Jason informed her. Nekohime nodded and turned around.

Jason and Nekohime sat in front of each other. They were inside the formation sitting in lotus position.

"Where do I start?" Nekohime nervously asked Jason.

"From the beginning" Jason replied without hesitation.

Both exchanged glances, neither knew what to say at this embarrassing moment.

"Start by explaining your true origin to me, it is obvious that you are different from the other Nekoshou. Besides, I'm sure Sarashiki, Chloe and Blair aren't either".

Nekohime opened her eyes wide, it was obvious that she was a little shocked after listening to Jason.

"How do you know?" Nekohime asked hesitantly.

"Unlike the rest of Nekoshou, you absorb the natural energy directly into your body. It is obvious that you are not equal to the rest, the other three I have included because they are very close to you and I am not very sure about them."

It was impossible for Jason to tell Nekohime that the reason he doubted them was because they didn't appear in the original novels. And it was impossible that characters like them were not even mentioned in the Highschool DxD canon.

"Sigh, you're right, neither they nor I are originally from this planet" Nekohime sighed and admitted Jason's words. "We were sent to find the son of the Dragon Empress and King Ashura."

Jason's eyes narrowed. He disappeared and appeared next to Nekohime.

Nekohime did not react, she had Balmung in her throat but she did not react. She had a smile on her face making her look like she had accepted her destiny. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"There is no point in trying to fool me, I know this is not your real body" Jason turned his head and spoke to the air behind him.

"As expected of the son of two of the most powerful beings" Nekohime's voice reached Jason's ears, but not from her body sitting in a lotus position but from where Jason was looking.

(She's fast!)

Jason hadn't even seen Nekohime move. He had activated his Death Eyes and saw the death lines on Nekohime's body disappear. If it weren't for these eyes, he hadn't been able to see through the illusion.

"You must calm down, we are not enemies" Nekohime's voice came out of the seated body this time, she seemed to have returned to her original position.

"Why should I believe you?" Jason asked without removing the sword from the cat's neck.

"I think you should hear my explanation first" Nekohime replied.

"Sigh" Jason put his weapon away and decided to give Nekohime a chance.

"You wouldn't have been able to do anything to me, although before you could."

Jason knew she meant when he had helped her before. He knew that her power had grown a lot since then and he was not able to overcome her even if he used all her transformations, maybe he would be able to push her back if he used Balmung's Noble Phantasm along with his transformations.

"I know, but it is impossible for you to escape from this fortress" Jason said those words with confidence.

"That's right, it's impossible to do anything to yourself under the observation of those two monsters" Nekohime agreed with Jason.

"Get out both of you," Jason ordered.

"Do you need us?" A woman spoke from behind Jason.

Medea and Semiramis were each placed on either side of Jason. Their faces were serious as they looked at Nekohime.

"I want you to get out and get your attention away from this room," Jason ordered.

"Why" Medea frowned and asked Jason.

"I refuse" Semiramis was more direct.

"I want to have a private talk with her," Jason explained.

"I still refuse." Semiramis reaffirmed himself. Medea said nothing but her position was clear.

"It's OK" Jason nodded and closed his eyes.

Semiramis and Medea breathed a sigh of relief. They could not leave Jason alone in the face of this potential danger, their duty as Servants was to protect their Master.

"Anfang" Jason's chest radiated a dark light.

The body of the two Servants shook and looked at Jason with disbelief.

"Vertrag... Ein neuer Nagel..." Jason continued reciting.

Medea and Semiramis looked at each other before quickly disappearing from the room.

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