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47.91% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 68: Nekohime (2)

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Chapter 68: Nekohime (2)

"Now we won't have unnecessary interventions." Jason smiled at Nekohime.

Nekohime frowned at Jason's actions, he already knew he couldn´t defeat her and needed the help of his two Servants. Although she did not know what Jason was reciting, she knew it was something that could force the two Servants to retreat against their will.


"You have had multiple occasions to kill me, they had only acted when they felt the alteration in my emotions" Jason explained.

"Why are you telling me everything? Don't you suspect me?" Nekohime felt strange inside herself.

Jason smiled at the question he expected Nekohime to tell him. Nekohime expected the worst when he saw Jason's smile.

"Do you think you'd be here if I wasn't 100% sure you didn't have malicious intentions towards me?"

Nekohime's body shuddered at the sound of Jason.

"Since when do you doubt me?" Nekohime asked in a trembling voice.

"From the beginning" Jason shrugged.

"Sigh, it seemed I had lost from the beginning" Nekohime sighed.

Jason was 100% confident that Nekohime had no malicious intent towards him. The system did not allow anyone to join Soaring Dragon who had a minimum of negative intentions towards Jason, Nekohime and his companions could not have joined his faction.

"I want you to tell me everything" Jason gave her a penetrating look.

"All right"

Nekohime put her right hand to her chest and closed her eyes.

"I take an oath on my soul, I, Nekohime Bastet II, will tell Jason Frey all the information concerning him and my arrival on this planet.

Jason felt a bond formed between him and Nekohime. He knew that if Nekohime was missing her word she would suffer an automatic death and lose any chance of reincarnation.

"You can start" Jason urged her.

"We come from a higher realm, the realm of the beasts, and our kingdom is only below the three God Realms. We cannot consider ourselves a kingdom of god because there is only one individual of king level.

I come from one of the 5 major clans within the kingdom of the beasts, the Bastet clan or the Neko clan. My mother is the current matriarch of the clan and my older sister is the heiress of the clan.

Twelve years ago, we heard that the dragon empress's only son had somehow abandoned the mortal planet he had been forced to enter. The informant even left details that the boy had been reborn into an inferior realm, but they had not given details about the inferior realm.

My clan has always had good relations with the dragon realm, my mother could not stand idly by while everyone looked for traces of this child. She used a forbidden technique and shortened her life span in order to have a vision of many possible futures.

"What did she saw in those futures?"Jason cut Nekohime.

"I don't know" Nekohime shook her head.

Jason frowned but said nothing as he knew she was telling the truth. Nekohime saw his hesitant look and decided to explain better.

"My mother knew about those futures, but she couldn't say anything because then that future would disappear"

"I understand." Jason thought that made sense.

"My mother spent 7 days looking at millions of different futures. My older sister was the one who was going to pick you up, but my mother changed her mind later.

My mother left after a week with a pale face and breathing with difficulty, she approached me and said: Take your three trusted subordinates and go to the XXX world, your destiny and the multiverse will be decided from your actions.

They were her words before she fainted. I spent 3 months waiting for her to wake up so I could know something else, but she didn't wake up. In the end, I and the other three, four 8-year-old girls, had to go to the same unknown and with no one to trust to wait for a man we didn't even know if we were going to find. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Luckily, two years later we came across a village of cat girls, the Nekoshou, and we were able to settle there. We spent the years there until we were captured by the Naberius family and that disgusting bloodsucker.

The worst part was that we couldn't use our powers against him because then we would draw the attention of more powerful beings and they would realize our presence.

Luckily you arrived on time and saved us, a bit more and Blair would not have survived. I am eternally indebted to you for that. "

"You don't have to explain the rest." Jason cut her off from continuing.

"Is there anything else you want to know?" Nekohime asked.

"Yes, I want to know about that technique of yours in which you almost drowned thanks to the excess of negative energy, your incredible increase in strength and about the matter before" Jason listed his doubts, remarking his last words.

Nekohime tried to keep his face serious, but a slight blush could still be seen on his face.

"Within our clan, women with the surname Bastet have a special physique and we have to practice a special technique.

The Sirius Star Technique is a special technique created by the first matriarch of the Bastet clan.

Our body has a special constitution that does not allow to store energy of the nature, the problem is that if we do not take care and store too much energy of the nature we will explode and we will die at the moment. The first matriarch created this technique so that we do not suffer this fate and also be able to gain strength with natural energy.

It is thanks to this technique that our clan is part of the 5 great clans".

Jason nodded, indicating that he had understood what Nekohime had told him. Basically, Nekohime came from a higher realm, she was the daughter of one of the most powerful people on that planet and also practiced a very powerful technique.

"If the technique is so powerful, why could they capture you so easily?" Jason asked curiously.

"Although the technique was very powerful, I had only reached the first stage of the technique at that time, and I didn't have the strength to protect myself or my companions" Nekohime lowered her head in shame.

"If I were as talented as my older sister then I could have done it," Nekohime muttered.

Jason pretended he hadn't heard that last one, now was not the time to get into other people's family problems.

Nekohime then explained the rest of the matter to him. She had felt pressured because her power was not enough to help him even when they were in a lower realm and she had hurriedly absorbed natural energy, thus drowning in negative energy.

Luckily Jason was there to help her, she then took advantage that Jason was absorbing all the negative energies to absorb as much pure energy as possible to break the bottleneck of the second level. She successfully advanced to the second level and her strength increased exponentially.

"And why did you assault me?" Jason asked.

"When we move up a level, we enter a time of forced mating. Normally we have a superior to help us control it, but this time it was different because I didn't have anyone of my family who could help me control it.

Besides, being my first time you should have gained something by absorbing my virgin yin," Nekohime explained to Jason.

"Should I have won something? I don't feel anything different," Jason muttered.

Jason then felt his body warm, his blood burned, and he felt like he was going to be cremated by his own blood.

"AAAAH!" Jason grabbed his head as he screamed in pain.

Nekohime felt a familiar sensation coming from Jason's body, she didn't know what was going on until she saw him scream in pain. She pursed her lips until blood came out of them, she didn't know what she could do to alleviate her pain.

A bright light appeared between Jason and Nekohime. A blonde woman who appeared to be in her late twenties appeared in front of both of them, although Jason could not see her as he was still trying to endure the abysmal pain.

"Mom?" Nekohime muttered.

The woman stopped looking at Jason and looked at Nekohime. She smiled when she saw how much her little daughter had grown.

Nekohime also looked at the woman. She looked like a replica of Nekohime but as an adult, she was blonde, had two cat ears equal to those of Nekohime and had five tails instead of the two tails that Nekohime currently had.

"Hello, my daughter"

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