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85.41% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 122: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (1)

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Chapter 122: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (1)

Jason uncovered Vali's eyes. Vali was surprised when he saw that there was no trace of the river before him.

"What about Augusta's body?"

"It must have disintegrated."

Medea came down from the heavens. She resumed her elegant attitude, the one they always had when they were in Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Lowering her hood, she revealed her beautiful face to Vali.

"Nice to meet you, Vali Lucifer. My name is Medea Ashura, Jason's first wife."

[AN: The surname can be changed, I'm open to options. It's called Ashura because it was the best thing I could think of, and I haven't thought about it much either. I wanted to know your opinion, as well.

Frey didn't sound so good. I've wanted to change it for a while now.]

Vali was stiff. He didn't know how to react to what was happening.


"Pfft, haha!" Medea put her hand to her mouth and laughed elegantly.

Medea pated Vali's head.

"How cute, you can call me sister-in-law or older sister."

Vali blushed when Medea treated him like a little boy. He turned his head and pouted.

"I'm not a little boy. I'm the great Vali Lucifer, the most powerful Vanishing Dragon."

Jason sighed.

"Medea, don't listen to him."

Jason carried Lavinia. He was sure that Medea could awaken Lavinia.

"Take a look."

Jason laid Lavinia on the floor. Medea crouched to observe her condition. She seemed to murmur a few random words before nodding.

"What's up?"

"I want her to be my disciple."

Jason looked at Medea with surprise, and Vali was the same.

"Don't you have the other two?" Jason asked confusedly.

"I am indeed helping them to train, but they are not my disciples. I want her to be my disciple so that I can pass on all my knowledge in magecraft."

Jason nodded. He didn't care who was a teacher or disciple.

"Do as you like, but I want to know what her condition is like. Is she okay?"

Medea gave Jason a playful look.

"You seem to care a lot about her."

Without waiting for Jason to say anything, Medea explained Lavinia's situation to him.

"She's exhausted. There's not a drop of manna left in her body so she should be unconscious for a few hours, maybe even days."

Jason frowned.

"Can't you do anything?"

"Sure, who do you think I am? I may not be able to wake Ingvild, but my potions are second to none."

Jason sighed in relief. Although Lavinia's condition wasn't worrisome at all, he wanted her to wake up as quickly as possible. Knowing the fact that her teacher didn't want anything to do with her was a heavy blow to Lavinia. Jason had not acted when Augusta had taken possession of Lavinia's body and could have ended very severely without Medea's help.

Jason felt a very powerful dark aura from the direction in which Tobio and the others had gone. He could also feel a quite powerful sacred aura in the same direction.


The magnitude of the power that dark aura was emitting could only mean one thing, Tobio had entered his Balance Breaker.

"Medea, stay with Lavinia. Vali, come with me."

Medea and Vali had also felt what was happening. Before, because of the intensity of the battle and because the powers that were acting were more powerful, they had overlooked any other aura in the vicinity.

"It's Tobio, isn't it?" Vali asked.

"Yes, and we seem to have some guests from the Church."

Leaving Lavinia with Medea, Jason and Vali ran to see the situation of SlashDog members. When they arrived, Jason saw Tobio, Samejima Kouki, Koga, Natsume, Shigune and Sae.

"Where is Suzaku?" Jason asked Vali.

"She has stayed with the members of the Abyss Team." Vali's look at Jason was strange.

"I understand."

Seeing the scene in front of him, Jason's gaze became sharp. Samejima and Kouki were lying on one side, bleeding and defeated. They didn't have the strength to keep fighting. Their Sacred Gears were next to them, equally defeated.

Koga and Shigune were facing a boy of about 13 years old, white hair and red eyes. He was obviously an artificial human, commonly known as a homunculus.

The boy had a light sword and a gun that fired light bullets. Shigune and Koga seemed to have trouble fighting the boy, mainly because Koga had to worry that Shigune wouldn't get hurt. That was unnecessary for Jason. He could see how Poh was absorbing all the bullets the homunculus was shooting at him.

"So that's the power of absolute defense," Jason thought. The ability to absorb the opponent's attacks was indeed frightening. Jason wondered if his attacks could pierce that defense.

Tobio was in his form of Night Celestial Slash Dogs, the Balance Breaker of his Canis Lycaon. Tobio couldn't access it at will, so something had happened for him to enter that state forcibly. Jason soon found the reason, the apparently lifeless body of Sae was on the ground a few meters next to the severely wounded Natsume and Kouki.

Jason focused on his priorities. Knowing if Sae was still alive and removing the wounded from the battle was the first thing he had to do.

Jason picked up Sae's body, and he checked to see if she was still alive. Sighing in relief that she was still breathing, he left her with Vali. Jason then did the same with the unconscious Kouki and Natsume.

"Take them with Medea and Lavinia."

"But I want to fight" Vali protested.

"I said take them with Medea and Lavinia, don't make me repeat it one more time."

Vali trembled when she saw Jason's black pupils. His older brother seemed angry.

Vali first took the bodies of Sae and Natsume and carried them on each arm to bring them with Medea, though not without difficulty. Vali's physical strength was not too much; the result of just training his magical powers and leaving aside his physical.

As Vali brought the wounded to safety, Jason entered the battlefield. Seeing that Tobio seemed to be at a stalemate with the priest, he hurled himself toward Koga and Natsume.

"Koga, are you an idiot?" Jason blocked a bullet that went to the young man's chest.

"Eh? Bastard!"

Another criminal, Jason sighed. He didn't seem to have a very different personality from Kouki.

"Stop protecting Shigune. She doesn't need protection." Jason told him.

Koga looked at Shigune. Indeed, her Sacred Gear was more than enough to hold without injury. And luckily she didn't activate her true form. This place would have been completely absorbed by her Sacred Gear if that happened. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Oh, another one who joins. I will hunt you down and then make Gabriel-sama let me touch her breasts for my exploits."

Jason looked at the young man, curiously. He felt that the boy was a little familiar. The young man's appearance was very similar to Jason's, with the difference that Jason was infinitely more handsome.

(No, don't think so, Jason. Don't be such a narcissist. He's just a little less graceful than you.)

"Who are you, and why are you attacking Grigori?"

Jason already knew they were from the Church, but he had to find out why they were attacking Tobio and the others. The factions had not fought for thousands of years, at least openly. Why had they started a fight against Grigori?

"My name is Freed Sellzen, and I am a disciple of the great David Serro. Our mission is to exterminate heretics like you and receive the blessing of Gabriel-sama, what other reason should I have?"

"So it is so. Freed Sellzen... Sigurd Institution, right?"

Jason's voice, completely devoid of emotion, did not disturb Freed at any time.

"That's right, that's where I come from."

"So you're one of the `True Descendant of Sigurd', that's funny. Let me guess, and you're a failure."

Although Jason made a sarcastic comment, his voice was still devoid of emotion. Freed's face was distorted. Being a failure was the thing he hated most in his life as he was always compared to his brother Siegfried, the most satisfying clone since Sigurd Institution.

"I'll kill you, you bastard. I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you."

Jason ignored the boy. To him, Freed was already dead. I was just giving him a few more moments of life.

"Siegfried lived and died a hero, and he had no regrets about it. Still, he didn't mind being recognized by anyone. He didn't mind being praised. He just wanted to recognize himself. He wanted to be proud of himself..."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Put in the comments the best surname for Jason and his wives.

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