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86.11% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 123: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (2)

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Chapter 123: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (2)

While Jason was talking, he dodged to one side.

"Shut up and die!" Freed charged toward him.

"That's what he was looking for, what he wanted. Siegfried wanted to be on the side of what he believed. Don't fight for someone else's good. Nor did he fight for his own good. For the sake of the benevolence in which he believed, the justice in which he believed, the loyalty in which he believed and the love in which he believed. That was his dream, his desire. He wanted to be a hero of justice."

"Shut up! Who cares about that! Did you ever meet him?"

Jason mentally sighed. Another unbeliever, the last one who doubted, turned to ashes.

"Though I didn't quite agree with his beliefs, and I still don't agree. Fighting for justice, what nonsense! Fighting for benevolence, what nonsense! I only fight for myself and for those I care about, why would I waste my efforts on people who have nothing to do with me if I have nothing to gain from that?"

Jason talked as he dodged Freed's frantic attacks. At this point, Jason stopped avoiding and grabbed Freed's sacred sword with his bare hand. The sword was unable to harm Jason's dragon body.

"But even if I don't share it, it doesn't mean I don't respect it. And that's why I'm unable to stand still when they experiment with their genes to create beings like you. And you... You are unworthy of being called a descendant of Siegfried."

"Why?! Why am I unworthy!?"

"Psychopathic and battle maniac, you prefer violence to logic, you talk vulgarly, and you're a little crazy. You kill monsters and demons just for your own pleasure, and you have no qualms about killing humans. You're also a pervert, although that's the least of it."

Freed watched Jason in shock. Had he analyzed him so much just by fighting him for a few minutes? Impossible! What kind of monster was he?

"If someone like that is not unworthy, everyone would be worthy. So you only have one way out."

Freed watched in desperation as Jason squeezed his sword of light and broke it. Terror overwhelmed him, and he was unable to react when Jason grabbed his neck.

"I will give you mercy. It was not your fault to be part of that project so your death will be painless. I will also let you make one last wish, although I cannot guarantee that it will be fulfilled."

Freed looked into Jason's eyes, looking for how serious his words would be.

"Painless death, eh. For someone as terrible as me, I suppose it's a good way to die."

Freed sighed. Jason was surprised, where was the twisted mind that had become a chimera for being able to gain strength in the canon? Could it be that he had not yet reached that point of madness?

"If what you say is true, I have one last wish. Finish them, each and every one of those bastards. Destroy the Sigurd Institution and its inhuman school. They are to blame for making me who I am."

Jason nodded.

"Don't worry. I had intended to do that from the beginning."

Freed smiled. Not a crazy smile, not a sadistic smile full of blood lust. A pure and sincere smile.

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Jason broke Freed's neck and dropped his body.

"You were one of the most hated in my world, but in the end, you were just another victim of the Church's experiments. Who knows what would have happened to you if you had fallen under the protection of someone like Rias Gremory or Sona Sitri, someone who really cared about you and treated you with love. Too bad about you, but you're not a unique case. How many thousands and thousands of people are like you? You weren't born the same as the rest of humans, but you'll go back to ashes just like them."


With a snap of Jason's fingers, Freed's body went up in flames. When the fire went out, not a trace of the homunculus remained insight of the world. He was gone forever.

"Now, the next matter."

Jason looked at the battle that was taking place a few dozen feet from Jason's location. Vali had already taken Kouki, Natsume, and Sae with Medea and Lavinia. On the other hand, it seemed that Koga had also taken Shigune to where the others were.

"What will I do with you, Tobio. You can't be my shadow if you always end up losing control like this."

Tobio in his Balance Breaker was fighting with Jin, also in his Balance Breaker, against a priest in his 30s who was carrying a sacred sword. The sword caught Jason's attention. He could tell by its aura that it was not an ordinary sword and was one of the most powerful he had seen so far, being on par with Ingvild's Acqua Diavolo.

A voice Jason had not heard in a while sounded in his head.

[User has encountered a Pseudo-Noble Phantasm. Does the user want to analyze the Pseudo-Noble Phantasm?]

"Yes" Jason didn't hesitate.

[Analyzing Pseudo-Noble Phantasm... Analysis completed. Showing Analysis in 3, 2, 1...]

[Excalibur Galatine: the sister-sword of Excalibur, also initially owned by the Lady of the Lake, but it is not as well-known as the holy sword Excalibur and rarely mentioned due to having its legend hidden in the shadow of King Arthur's sacred sword. If Arthur was the night, Gawain was the sun. The same can be said of his swords; while Excalibur represented the moon, Galatine represented the sun.]

Jason nodded. The history of the round table was not unknown to him. He only had one question for his beloved system.

"What difference is there between a Noble Phantasm and a Pseudo-Noble Phantasm?"

[Noble Phantasms are the embodiment of the ultimate mysteries of a hero that symbolizes one's existence through historical facts and anecdotes. They are the trump cards of the heroes that allow them to overcome others in battle.

Each Noble Phantasm has a powerful ability that characterizes them. They can be physical weapons, such as swords, lances, and bows, or support items, such as rings and crowns. They can also be abstract concepts, like unique abilities, unique means of attacks, curses, and changes to the environment and its physical properties.

Unlike Noble Phantasms, Pseudo-Noble Phantasms cannot be abstract concepts. These Pseudo-Noble Phantasms have power and durability similar to a Noble Phantasm, although being a lower level, but they do not have that unique characteristic that Noble Phantasm has.

Anti-Unit, Anti-Self, Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress, etc.… Pseudo-Noble Phantasms lack this feature.

In this case, Excalibur Galatine lacks that Anti-Army ability. Galatine lacks the broad wave, radiation-type attack that completely annihilates an enemy army.]

"There's a solution to this?"

[Of course! Like everything in the system, it costs points.]

Jason's eyebrows twitched. The points were something that worried him, how was he going to get points if the system didn't give him missions? He couldn't waste time trying to complete hidden quests.

He put that aside. Jason had to take care of Tobio and the priest first. Tobio had lost his mind, so he wasn't going to distinguish between an ally or an enemy.

"Sigh, what a nuisance. I'm going to have to ask Azazel for a pay raise."

When Jason was getting ready to get into the fight, he stopped when he lit up.

"Wait, I don't have a salary. Maybe I should ask Azazel for one, something like weekly pay."

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