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87.5% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 125: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (4)

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Chapter 125: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (4)


The swords crashed into each other. They both took steps backward due to the recoil. The faces of the two showed different expressions.

Jason's was a surprise. The physical strength that David Serro had was very little inferior to that of Jason and that was shown when seeing that both had withdrawn more or less the same steps.

It had to noted that Jason's physique without entering either of the two modes that went up their statistics had the strength of a high-class or even at the edge of the Ultimate-class. The Fire Dragon Mode he had right now didn't increase his physical stats and only increased the power of his flames.

It could be said that David's body, with the help of Galatine, had reached the limit of what a human could achieve. Only monsters like Vasco Estrada, and Arthur in the future, had managed to break the limit of the human and had managed to enter the Ultimate-class range without the help of a Longinus.

Other humans would also manage to enter the Ultimate-class, like Cao Cao, Ikuse Tobio and Mitsuya Kanzaki, but they would have the help of their respective Longinus to reach that level. It is also known that the actual Ouryuu Nakiri has also reached that level thanks to his sacred beast, the yellow dragon, although not much is known about him as for some reason the sacred beast of the Nakiri clan passes into the hands of Ryuuta Nakiri in the future.

David's face, unlike Jason's, darkened. From his experience in countless battles, he knew Jason was superior to him. Although his face tried to appear calm, his interior trembled as did the hands that were holding the sacred sword. David knew that Jason had every chance of winning physically and he didn't want to think about the big difference it would make if Galatine hadn't given him that boost in physical strength. His only hope was his sword skills, those he was so proud of, but he knew that the boy in front of him was not useless with the sword either. His posture, the sharpness with which he wielded the sword, and above all, the affection and love with which he treated the sword were telling him that Jason was a true expert.

Currently, David was having internal conflicts.

(If only we were during the morning, if only my compatibility with Galatine was greater. No, I can't think that)

Not knowing what was going on in his opponent's mind, Jason only had respect and admiration for David. Leaving aside his disgusting way of thinking that he only sees the rest as weapons, Jason knew that the training that David had had to go through was not small to achieve that level of power by being just a human.

With a big smile on his face and excited to have a sword fight at this level, Jason threw himself back at the priest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Slash! Clank! Slash!

David was depressed every time the swords collided. Not only was Jason physically superior, his skills as a swordsman were also higher. Even his sword was superior to Galatine!

His hopes of coming out victorious were diminishing, but he never lowered the intensity of his blows. His tenacity was enormous. He had a mission to fulfill! And he could not return without a victory.

Jason also understood what was happening. The advantage he was slowly gaining was evident, and this only made Jason admire David more. The priest kept up his resolve and did not make a defensive move. He was going to die, but not without taking Jason with him.


The clash of swords continued. David had multiple cuts all over his body, although none in a vital area of the body, and some of those cuts were deep. Jason, on the other hand, was covered in blood just like David, although there was no visible cut on his body. His clothes did have cuts here and there, but none of that seemed severe.

Jason began to get anxious and impatient. The shadow kept beating Tobio and Jin, but they were still getting up and attacking again. The time that the shadow has left wasn't much, and Jason wasn't sure he would be able to guarantee Tobio's life if he joined the fight.

David's face was pale from the loss of blood. He was exhausted, following Jason's rhythm was spending a lot of energy for the priest, and it's not as if the power Galatine had given him was free. The power came with a cut in the life expectancy of the user and also accelerated the weariness of the user in a battle.


The two separated. David took advantage of this to collect air, trying to gain as much time as possible. He had realized that Jason's attacks were becoming hasty and imprecise and vaguely guessed that this had to do with the technique he was using to keep the crazy Slash Dog at bay.

They both came to the same thought.

(The fight is going to end in the next move)

David grabbed Galatine hard. The time left for his physical improvement wasn't much, and his body couldn't stand it any longer, he had already passed his limit a long time ago.

Jason prepared to finish David in one blow. He knew that the priest was going to make a suicidal move, and he didn't want to be dragged by the madness of this exorcist.

It was in a moment. The pressure that David was feeling from Jason tripled. He watched as the boy's fire-colored hair changed, getting a blue side. For a moment, the priest was able to see two pairs of wings on Jason's back, one red and one blue.

Jason leaned slightly toward David, a sign of respect and recognition for being a worthy rival. No one could argue that he was the future replacement of Vasco Strada, the strongest fighter in the Church.

The two prepared for the last match, which would decide the victory over one of the two swordsmen. David grabbed Galatine with both hands and ready to pounce on Jason. Jason placed Balmung in a "draw" position, ready to make a move Souji had taught him years before.

As if they agreed, they both ran at the same time. David made a horizontal movement, looking to tear Jason's body in half. Jason "drew" his sword, as Souji had taught him.

Each stood a few feet away from the other, their backs facing each other.


David puked blood. A deep cut was opened from his right shoulder to his left waist, gushing blood.

Jason was unharmed. David's attack had not even touched him. Although David seemed to have cut Jason in half, he had only managed to cut the afterimage Jason had left.

"Sigh, a pity that such a good fight had to end like this." Jason lamented.

David did not respond. He had died the moment Jason's attack had cut into his skin.

Jason picked up the sword that was still held by David. He tried to snatch it away, but David's grip was stronger than he had expected.

Jason sighed.

"It looks like you were really attached to the sword. Even in your death, you are not able to separate yourself from it."

Jason did not take long to take the sword. What difficulty would a dead man who was already weaker than Jason in life give him?

Jason looked at the sword. He couldn't deny that Galatine was a true work of art.

Being very similar to Balmung, being that both swords are of similar length and are two-handed swords, the only notable difference between Galatine and Balmung was the color of the swords. The Galatine being silver while Balmung has a blue orb on the handle and has golden tones.

Jason kept the sword in inventory for the time being. He felt the shadow return to his body, a sign that Limbo had reached its limit.

He didn't have to wait long for Jason before Tobio and Jin threw themselves at him.

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