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88.19% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 126: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (5)

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Chapter 126: Night Celestial Slash Dogs/Sword-maniacs teacher and student (5)

Jason dodged a large number of dark-formed swords that came out of the ground. Tobio's shadow had already covered the entire area, and he kept creating swords.

Although Jason seemed to be suffering under Tobio's attacks, that couldn't be further from the truth. Jason had abandoned the Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode and retired Balmung. He was fighting with his physical power that was at the level of a low Ultimate-Class, waiting for Tobio to be exhausted.

Tobio in his Balance Breaker, Night Celestials Slash Dog, had physical strength on a par with Jason. The shadows that surrounded his body, giving him that werewolf look, gave him an increase in power, speed and increased his senses, although the latter was not evident due to his crazed state.

Tobio's strength had to be added to Jin. The dog was on a par with his master or was even stronger, because he was not affected by going into a state of madness and even benefited him. Unlike Tobio, who lacked experience in fighting, Jin could fight by pure instinct.

Swords coming out of the ground was an innate skill of Canis Lycaon, Night Haken. This is a technique that summons black swords from the shadows that surround it.

Night Haken, along with Tobio's expandable shadow in his Balance Breaker, was a terrifying technique that put Tobio's enemies in many difficulties. Although Jason didn't feel much pressure right now, this was again because Tobio was in a berserker state and couldn't control the swords. Tobio wasn't able to create surprise attacks, and that was something Jason wanted to show him once he could control his Balance Breaker.

Jason had lost track of how many times his fists had plugged into Tobio's stomach and face, and how many kicks Jin had received. The two kept getting up again and again. Jason sighed exasperatedly.

"You are very stubborn, eh. It really hurt you to see Sae hurt badly."

"Medea, how's the situation on your side?"

Medea didn't take long to respond.

"Lavinia woke up shortly after Vali brought the two girls. The boy named Koga, the one who looks like a dog in that weird armor, has cuts in quite a few parts of his body and needs treatment. Kouki and Natsume are not so wounded and are only unconscious while Shigune doesn't have a single wound on her body."

"Tell me about Sae, how is she?"

"Mmm... She is bad, very bad."

Jason frowned. He needed Sae right now. Azazel might be an old fox, but he used to be right about what he said. To get Tobio back to normal, Sae's help was needed.

"Tell me her exact state."

"She has multiple scratches, probably due to a fall. That's not much; what's serious is the deep cut in the abdomen. She has lost a lot of blood, so much that I find it hard to believe that she is still alive. If she hasn't died, it's by her willpower."

Jason's face darkened. He had promised that he would not let anyone die, and now Sae was on the verge of death.

"Heal her as quickly as possible. I need her here."

"Don't worry. I'll send her right away."

Jason trusted Medea more than anyone. If she said he was going to heal her quickly, then that was what was going to happen. Jason had confidence in secure Sae's life while she tried to wake Tobio.

"Now it's time to wait. Come on, dog, show me all you can do."

While Jason was with Tobio, Medea was treating the wounded. Vali was sitting on the branch of a tree, ready to defend any surprise attack.

Lavinia woke up at that moment.

"Mmm, where am I?"

"Are you awake already? Here, drink this."

Lavinia looked at the woman who had spoken in confusion. She was sure she had never seen this woman before. The woman was about twenty-five years old and was beautiful. She had purple hair and lips marked with violet lipstick.

It was then that she realized the witch's cape she was wearing and Lavinia was immediately alerted.

"Who are you? Are you from the north or the west?"

Lavinia pointed her wand at Medea. She was ready to attack in case the woman in front of her showed any hostile attitude.

"She's not an enemy, the Vanishing Dragon guarantees it."

Lavinia looked up, the direction where Vali's voice had come from. She saw him sitting on a branch with his back resting on the trunk. He was looking towards the horizon with an in-depth look, and he seemed to be reflecting on the meaning of life.

She relaxed until she heard Vali again.

"Even if she were an enemy, we could do nothing. It would be an instant Game Over."

Lavinia was surprised. What Vali was really thinking was this: Will I ever reach the level of Aniki's wife? I thought Aniki was strong enough, and now an even bigger monster appears.

Lavinia was worried to see that Vali seemed depressed. But the reality was not like that. Vali was overexcited to meet strong people to overcome in the future. He was looking at the horizon as he tried to calm his inner excitement.

Medea worried about Lavinia's situation.

"I'm Jason's partner. I'm here to help a little. How do you feel?"

Lavinia still doubted Medea. For Lavinia, the witch was too suspicious. Medea sighed at the sight that Lavinia did not have a cooperative attitude.

"Do you remember what happened before?"

Lavinia tried to remember. She was fighting Augusta when Tobio and the rest arrived, and she also realized at that time that Jason had been watching the fight for some time.

Tears began to fall from Lavinia's eyes. She remembered the conversation Augusta and Glenda had, her teacher and mother figure who had picked her up when her parents had died. The desperation of feeling abandoned, betrayed, and played overwhelmed her. She felt lost without knowing what to do from now on. Lavinia had been looking for her teacher since she had disappeared and now that she knew she was with Oz, she didn't know what to do.

A pair of arms surrounded her. Lavinia raised her head and saw that it was Medea who had embraced her.

"Let it go. Don't keep anything to yourself."

Tears returned from Lavinia's eyes. She hugged Medea tightly and cried hard, keeping nothing inside.

Koga and Shigune watched the exchange from the side. They were in better condition than the rest but still exhausted after the fight with Freed.

"Poor Lavinia. I would never have guessed this was going to happen. To be betrayed by the person you trust the most... how sad."

Koga agreed with Shigune and added a little more.

"The witch has done well. It's better that Lavinia leaves everything out now and doesn't keep anything inside."

Shigune nodded. Koga was right about what he had said.

Lavinia stopped crying a few minutes later. She separated from the embrace with Medea and looked around, realizing the poor state her companions were in.

"What happened?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"I lost consciousness shortly after Glenda finished talking." Lavinia stopped calling her master.

Medea nodded, Lavinia remembered nothing. Vali explained.

"Augusta used dark magic to take your body, and so she could control your Longinus. Aniki and I had to join forces to neutralize the two Longinus while Tobio and the rest went into the forest to avoid the attacks. Although I don't know precisely what happened inside the forest, they seem to have met exorcists from the Church."

Koga continued from there.

"Yes, an exorcist and his pupil. They were... very strong."

Koga's expression darkened.

"The pupil, Freed, was able to suppress Nanadaru and me. The exorcist... he is a monster. He is responsible for the state of Same-chan, Minagawa-san, and Toujou-san."

"Things got complicated when the priest seriously wounded Sae. Tobio went mad and entered his Balance Breaker. At least he was able to fight one by one with the priest, but Kouki and Natsume were already out of combat then." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"When Jason arrived, he quickly took over Freed, and we were able to escape here. It was Vali who carried the bodies of the wounded. We don't know how Jason is. He had stayed to fight with the priest and a crazy Tobio."

When Koga and Shigune finished explaining the situation, Lavinia and Vali were already preparing to go and help Jason.

"Wait," Medea stopped them.

"Why?! Jason is fighting alone!"

Medea smiled.

"Don't underestimate him. He has already killed the priest and is now entertaining Tobio. Help me heal Sae; she's the only one who can get Tobio back to normal."

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