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70.13% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 100: Night in Slash Dog apartment.

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Chapter 100: Night in Slash Dog apartment.

All the members of SlashDog were waiting inside of a bus for Jason. He was delaying the matter with the member of the five great clans to long.

Suddenly, Vali and Barakiel jumped from their seats. They looked in each other eyes, and they could see the seriousness deep inside.

"So he was this strong… and probably he is even stronger" Vali muttered.

Barakiel gazed toward the reunion place. He was worried because he didn't know if Jason was going to harm Suzaku or not. Right now, Suzaku was the only woman who can remember Barakiel the face of his daughter and wife.

It didn't take Jason much time before arriving on the bus. He entered it, and his eyes meet Barakiel's gaze.

"Don't worry, I didn't harm her."

Jason then walks towards the only free seat. It was in the last row between Natsume and Lavinia.

Jason wondered if they did that on purpose.

Barakiel sigh with relief when he heard Jason's words. He felt that Jason was telling the truth.

They then start the journey towards an apartment in the town.

"This was the place where we lived before moving to the Fallen Angels territory," Natsume explained while they were in the journey.

"Yes, there was the place where we lived while dealing with the utsusemi agency," Lavinia said.

"Is there any free room for me?" Jason asked.

Both of them showed troubled expressions. Jason, more or less, know the answer to his question only by looking at their faces.

"No… The last one was taken by Shaee," Lavinia explained.

"It seems so… I need to find a hotel then."

Jason didn't mind sleeping in a hotel if it was necessary. Lavinia's eyes gleamed as she hesitated about something.

"If you don't mind… I can share my room with you."

Jason thought that she was adorable when he saw her blushed face.

Natsume was amazed by Lavinia's words.

"Lavinia! You can't sleep with him!"

Lavinia showed a confused expression.

"Why? It isn't the first time that we spend the night together."

Natsume's eyes were opened wide.

"You-you-you… Beast!" Natsume pointed towards Jason.

The rest of the people on the bus remained silent. Samejima was sleeping. Vali and Barakiel pretended they hadn't heard anything.

Sae and Tobio… Both of them were blushing heavily. They looked in each other eyes and averted the gaze at the same time, it was so embarrassing for them.

"Okay, I will sleep in your room tonight."

Jason ignored the piercing look Natsume was giving him.

The rest of the trip went smoothly. They soon arrived at a massive condominium on the outskirts of town.

"So big and there isn't any free room?" Jason asked.

"While this condominium is owned by Grigori, we can only use one apartment."

Jason nodded towards Barakiel. The serious leader was the one explaining the situation in the condominium to Jason.

It was dinner time when they arrived at the apartment.

"I'm going to prepare dinner."

Tobio went to the kitchen.

"I don't want Tobio's food, I want ramen," Vali complained.

"Vaa-kun, you need to have a well-balanced diet. You shouldn't eat ramen every day" Lavinia lectured the little boy.

Tobio finished preparing dinner, and the dishes were served in the table.

"It's good" Jason complimented Tobio's dinner, the dinner was delicious.

"You're exaggerating, it's not out of the ordinary." Tobio politely rejected Jason's compliment.

Jason didn't say anything, but inwardly he thought that the dinner Tobio had prepared was at the same level as the one he had at Hanging Gardens of Babylon. And that, considering that the Nekoshou in charge of the meals was a professional chef.

Finishing the dinner, all of the SlashDog members went to sleep. The only remaining people were Jason, Vali, and Lavinia. Barakiel left the group when they entered the apartment.


"Please, no. Don't call me that"

Jason felt chills on his body when he heard the nickname created by Lavinia.

"Jason" Lavinia pouted.

(Cute!) Jason thought when he saw her pouting face.

Jason looked toward Lavinia's blue eyes.

"If we meet with Augusta next weekend, can you leave her for me?" Lavinia seriously asked.

Jason thought it for a moment. He didn't have any resentment toward the west witch, so he didn't have any problem leaving Lavinia to deal with her.

"Okay, but if you are in danger, I'm going to interfere with the battle." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yeah, this time I'm with aniki."

Jason looked towards Vali.

"Isn't it too late for a little boy like you? Go and sleep, brat" Jason flipped Vali's forehead.

"Auch, this Vanishing Dragon will remember this."

Vali ran to his room, and with a slamming door, he locked himself in his bedroom.

Jason looked at Lavinia's face.

"Shall we go to OUR room?"

Lavinia blushed, and she nodded with embarrassment.

Jason was surprised when he saw her room. Jason expected some anime trope like a pink room full of dolls, but that wasn't the case.

It was a common room. White wall and ceiling, a bed, a closet and a desk were the only furniture in the room.

Lavinia guessed what Jason was thinking.

"Do you think that my room is strange?"

She thought Jason was going to nod, but contrary to what she thought, Jason shook his head.

"A classic room with no-nonsense for decoration is a perfect room for me." Jason gently smiled.

Lavina returned the smile. Without even giving notice, Lavinia started undressing.

Jason wasn't surprised when he saw this development. This was not the first time as Lavinia had undressed in front of Tobio and Jason in the shower before.

She took off all her clothes, leaving her panties, and she started to look for something in the closet. Soon, she closed the closet door, and Lavinia looked towards Jason.

"I leave my nightgown back in Grigori, can you lend me your t-shirt?"


Jason was so focused on observing Lavinia's gorgeous body that he didn't listen to the question she had asked him.


"Can you lend me your shirt or not?"

"I don't mind if you sleep naked," Jason shrugged.

"Sorry, I can't sleep with a shirt" Lavinia shook her head.

Jason took off his shirt, and he gave it to Lavinia. This time, it was Lavinia's turn to be stunned while looking at Jason's body.

She didn't notice before when they were in the showers, but Jason's body was really muscled. It wasn't the type of substantial muscular body but more like a "thin" compact body. His body could only be described with one word: perfection.

Jason covered her face with the shirt waking her from her daze. Tapping her forehead lightly, Jason spoke to her.

"Let's go to sleep, tomorrow we need to train them for the battle ahead."

Lavinia took Jason's shirt and put it on. Her face turned serious.

"Yes, they are immature for a battle of this level. If Satanael and the Abyss Team appears… they are going to be in true problems. Vali can handle them with a little difficulty, and I can escape and kill some of them along the way, but I don't have confidence that they can come out alive against an elite team as the Abyss Team."

"You don't need to worry that much. Don't you remember, I'm also here."

Lavinia's grave face relaxed when she heard his words, and she let out a soft smile.

"And at least, I think that Suzaku is going to show herself at that time. I don't think that she would let any danger go for Tobio."


"She blames herself for the tragedy of her cousin and aunt. She's not gonna sit still while her other cousin is in danger."

Lavinia thought about it for a moment and felt that what Jason was saying made sense.

They both lay in bed.

"We also need to tell this information to Shigune this information. Unlike Tobio, Natsume and Shark, she came to Nephilim thanks to Hyousuke Koga. She talked about the boy negotiating the girl's freedom with Abyss Team and somehow getting her to escape."

Jason only nodded and remain silent. He didn't know why, but he had a terrible feeling about Hyousuke Koga. Kouki had told him that he was like a Yankee like him, but he was more as a loner. Why would such a person negotiate Shigune's freedom? And what were the terms of that negotiation?

He stopped thinking when he felt a pair of arms surrounding his body. He opened his eyes and saw Lavinia's cute sleeping face. He embraced her and went to sleep.

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