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62.5% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 89: Onee-chan syndrome, Kouki´s reason and a new promise.

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Chapter 89: Onee-chan syndrome, Kouki´s reason and a new promise.

As they walked to Nephilim High School, Jason couldn't help but think of the information he had received from Slash Dog members.

Utsusemi Agency, five leading families, Wizard of Oz and some other organization.

An accident involving high school students and the survivors got powers, one of them being a Longinus.

A magician who helps them, who also has a Longinus. Her Longinus has ice powers in particular. Besides, she belonged to the wizards of Oz and more specifically to the witches of the south.

The witches of the east. Led by two famous witches who possess another Longinus and this Longinus has fire powers in particular.

Bearing in mind that the protagonist was a member of one of the main clans, but he did not know it.

How could cliché this story be? To top it off, there's a useless childhood friend who accompanies the protagonist.

But it didn't matter if it was a cliché. If a cliché is well done, it can become the best on the market. After all, there always had to be the first innovative novel to become a cliché later.

And if that kind of novel became a cliché, it was because its patterns worked.

While Jason had this deep and beautiful reflection on the novels and anime, the members of Slash Dog chatted animatedly. They seemed to get along pretty well.

There were only two who were quiet, leaving aside Shigune who was eating ice cream. Vali seemed decayed as he whispered "I don't want to call him Aniki if I train a little more I'll beat him" and Kouki walked around with his hands in his pockets as he watched the scenery with the company of his cat.

Curious about the criminal and his reason for being part of Slash Dog, Jason approached him.

"Kouki Samejima-san, isn't it?" Jason approached the delinquent.

"Bastard, tell me, what do you want?" Kouki gave Jason a fierce look. His cat repeated his master's action and gave Jason an aggressive look.

"Samejima-san, may I call you Kouki? It's a little uncomfortable, and I'm not used to using honorifics."

"Uncomfortable? Weren't you from Japan?" Kouki asked.

"It's hard to explain." Jason shrugged.

"Don't say it if you don't want to, just don't deceive others" Kouki misunderstood the issue.

Jason gave him a bitter smile. How could he explain to him that he came from another world and had never set foot in Japan before? Even while in Japan, he had barely used honorifics to talk to anyone.

"Well, what do you want?

"I'm curious, why are you in Slash Dog?" Jason asked.

"Mmm, good question. At first, I joined together to save my friend from the hands of the agency. Now... I guess it's because I want to get stronger with Byakusa."

"So that's how it is." Jason nodded.

"Anything else? If you don't have anything, get lost."

(It's really a Yankee. He continues to act this way even after having left him in critical condition days ago)

"Why do you accept Tobio as a leader?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's an innate thing about that bastard. He has the charisma and decision-making ability of a leader. I think I accepted him as a leader during our first meeting, even if it was subconsciously," Kouki replied.

"Oh, since your first meeting?"

"He was a scared boy doing his first "mission." When I found him, I asked him his motivation, and his reason for struggle, what he answered was what captivated me".

Kouki Samejima Flashback

"There's one thing I'd like to ask," Kouki asked Tobio.

Tobio nodded in silence.

"When you came here, did you suppress your desire to flee? What for? For what incomprehensible reason, born from some absolutely ridiculous silly ideal that fills your mind, did you chose to act? What is your motivation for fighting? That dog, what is it that you see when you fight with it?"

In front of Samejima's gaze, the black puppy's eyes were emitting a fiery red glow. Something so powerful that it would likely stimulate one's courage.

Being questioned by Samejima, Tobio looked at the ceiling.

"... I'm also scared. But-"

Looking ahead, Tobio spoke to Samejima.

"There are people I wish to save no matter the cost. Friends I want to help no matter the cost. ...Even if I'm the only one with the power to fight, then I will die standing up."

Hearing that, Samejima for the first time softened his normally aggressive expression and showed his emotions.

"...Heh. Seems you're not just some ordinary indecisive person."

End of the Flashback

Jason looked in Tobio's direction. He was blushing talking to Sae, she had not yet let go of his arm. She would surely have forgotten to do it, another cliché. The cute puppy, Jin, followed Tobio closely.

Jason would never have been able to find out that such a boy had been able to captivate Kouki to the point of convincing him to stay at Slash Dog after he had accomplished his goal.

As they walked to Nephilim High School, Jason couldn't help but think of the information he had received from Slash Dog members.

Although remembering his fight days ago, Jason had to admit that the boy had a natural talent to lead a team. Even if he preferred to do things alone, that talent could not be wasted.

"Aside from birdbrain, everyone inside Slash Dog is good people. Although I have to admit we're a bunch of strange people, I think that's why we work so well together."

Jason nodded to Kouki's words; everyone inside Slash Dog was weird. Even Lavinia Reni, the only one Jason considered normal, had had an episode of the onee-chan syndrome.

"I guess birdbrain is Natsume, isn't it?"

"Yes, she's very irritating," Kouki replied as he clenched his teeth.

Jason looked at Kouki. The delinquent was irritated when he saw the dragon's mocking look.

"Bastard, do you want me to kill you?" Kouki threatened him.

"No, no. I was just thinking about the good couple the two of you would make." Jason "innocently" dropped the comment.

Contrary to Jason's expectation, Kouki did not explode into rage.

"It's impossible, she and I will never be able to live together. They say that opposite poles attract each other, but we are from the same pole, and that is why we separate."

Jason saw Kouki's gaze and found no negative feelings as he said those words.

(So he has no feelings for Natsume, and from what he looks like, Natsume has no feelings for him either.)

Although Jason didn't know why he was thinking about it, he marked Natsume in his mind as a free-to-pursue girl.

Looking at Vali, Jason noticed that the boy was in a rather heavy mood.

"Is something wrong, Vali?" Jason approached the boy.

Vali looked at Jason. The boy seemed to be looking for something on Jason's face.

"Nothing, aniki," Vali replied.

It didn't go unnoticed to Jason that Vali clenched his teeth tightly while saying "aniki"

"You still don't seem to accept defeat."

With Jason bringing back the theme, Vali extended his hand while brimming with self-confidence and stated.

"Fuu, I'm Vali. While I'm of the bloodline of the Maou (Devil King) Lucifer I'm also a legendary dragon, the one who bears the one and only Vanishing dragon. It's impossible for anyone to beat me."

Jason frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"Obviously, you defeated me because you're older than me. No one my age should be able to beat me," Vali smiled confidently.

"Oh, do you think so?"

Vali said nothing and just nodded.

After thinking about the reason he had lost, Vali could only come to the logic that Jason was older than he was. This gave Vali the supposedly perfect excuse.

"How old are you, Vali?"

"The white emperor dragon reappeared in this world on June 6, 12 years ago."

(How will he create that mysterious air every time he speaks?) Jason wondered.

Jason wondered if this was really destiny. Actually, Vali was older than him for a day!

Jason's birthday was June 7, and Vali's was June 6. They were both born the same year, so technically Vali was older than Jason.

Obviously, Jason wasn't going to say now that he was younger than Vali. Only a person with severe mental problems would do that, all the more so since Jason's "real" age was 30.

"We can do this, challenge me again in 6 years. If you can beat me in six years, I'll give you the big brother position. "

"Do you promise?" Vali asked him, doubt contained in his voice.

"I promise."

"Then I accept! Now you can't turn back!"

Jason smiled when he saw Vali act like a boy his age for the first time.

Thinking about it, Jason felt a little weird. Arthur and Elisabeth should also be the same age as Vali, but they were too mature for their age.

How much pressure did they carry on their shoulders as heirs to England's two most important families?

Thankfully Akeno was a normal girl. Well, it would be if it weren't for the advice Shuri gave her.

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