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24.3% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 34: Problems with the new Servant

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Chapter 34: Problems with the new Servant

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[Random servant ticket used, Servant summoned in 3, 2, 1...]

A light enveloped the training room. A wave of energy expanded and hit Medea's barriers, the light disappeared along with the energy.

"May I ask if you are my Master?"

A depraved beauty and a peerlessly beautiful woman wrapped in a dress as dark as midnight who emanates a pleasing aroma appeared in front of Jason. She has long black hair and gold eyes, two long elf ears and two big mountains were placed on her chest.

She asked that question to Medea, to which she answered negatively. She frowned and looked at Jason, feeling that he was much weaker than the woman.

"So are you?" she asked condescendingly, she didn't feel that Jason had any quality for a Master.

Jason was starting to get irritated, he would never have thought his new servant would be so problematic. Medea was holding back with all her will not to attack the new Servant.

"That's right, I'm your Master" Jason looked into her eyes "My name is Jason Frey, nice to meet you Semiramis"

Semiramis raised her eyebrows in surprise, it seemed that her Master was not as simple as it seemed. She concentrated to feel some kind of energy in her Master's body, she was surprised to find heroic aura and dragon coexisting within Jason's body. They were hidden with a powerful seal, if it wasn't for her connection with her Master she could never have discovered it despite her strength.

She smiled and asked curiously "Do you know me?" Medea looked at Jason curiously as she did not know who Semiramis was.

"Of course I know you."

"Semiramis, born of the Syrian goddess mermaid Derceto and a human man, was left without love in the desert by her mother where she was fed by the milk of a dove until she was found and educated by the shepherd Simmas. You married Onnes, an old general; but then you were taken away by the Syrian king Ninus who had fallen in love with you because of your beautiful face".

"This caused Onnes to commit suicide and you, after receiving the king's favors and original battle plans, married him and became queen. However, a few days after their marriage you killed the king with poison and reigned as regent over Assyria for decades to come, making it the oldest case of poisoned murder in legends.

Jason had a fake smile as he watched Semiramis who was in shock at hearing her story in detail.

How could Jason not know the story of Semiramis? Having one of Fate's most useful and spectacular Noble Phantasms, Jason had researched her history in the past.

Medea looked at Semiramis with a little hostility. A woman capable of forcing her husband to commit suicide and then poisoning the next in order to gain power, if it were up to her she wouldn't want to approach a person like her.

"For my first two Servants to be women who have murdered their husbands in the past, should I be afraid?" murmured Jason.

Medea and Semiramis strained to hear Jason, though for different reasons.

Medea `It's true, I also killed my beloved. Will Jason fear me now? ´

Semiramis ` Have he said that he have two Servants? ´ She looked at Medea ` Is she a Servant too? ´

Jason meanwhile was talking to the system.

(Hey system, show me the Semiramis stats)

[Servant Status

Name: Semiramis

Servant class: Assassin

Strength: E

Endurance: D

Agility: D

Mana: A

Luck: A

Skills: Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

-Presence Concealment: Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack. For Semiramis however, this attack condition does not apply to poisoning something.

-Territory Creation: By gathering specific materials, it is possible to create a 'Hanging Gardens', superior to a 'Temple'.

- Item Construction: Semiramis specializes in poisons, so she can't make any other type of tools.

- Divinity: Semiramis was the daughter of the Syrian fish-goddess Derketo and a mortal.

- Double Summon: She has been granted the abilities of both the Assassin and Caster classes.

Noble phantasm:

-Sikera Usum: is the manifestation of her husband's poisoning, the first recorded poison murder.

- Hanging Gardens of Babylon: It is an enormous fortress capable of housing thousands of soldiers, assembled with systematically ordered floating masses, covered in floors of marble, stone balconies, many pillars, and every kind of plant life entangled and intertwined over the construct in a manner described as a "unification of unsightly disorder and luxurious beauty. It contains a throne room used as its main means of control, allowing Semiramis to cause it to activate by touching a large jewel on her throne's armrest]

Jason nodded in satisfaction at the stats of Semiramis, especially her Noble Phantasm. Hanging gardens of Babylon will be very useful in the future for his future faction.

Jason was unable to trust Semiramis for the time being. So he decided to reveal as little information as possible.

"Are you going to tell me your skills, Semiramis?" He asked even though he already knew the skills of this one.

"Mmm, I'm good with poisons. Do you want to try them?" She smiled seductively.

"That's not what I'm asking, tell me about your Noble Phantasm" Jason didn't get carried away by her seduction.

Seeing that her seduction wasn't going to work, Semiramis frowned and replied coldly.

"I haven't even recognized you as my Master, why should I tell you about my Noble Phantasm?"

Medea was clenching her teeth furiously, a little more and would have attacked Semiramis in place. Too bad there was someone who got angry first.

"Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode" Jason's cold voice lowered the temperature in the room.

Jason's stats tripled, being comparable to an Ultimate Devil Class.

Semiramis opened her eyes in shock as she watched Jason's appearance change. He grew, flames and ice covered his arms and legs and two wings of different attributes came out of his back.

"Sharingan" Jason's pupils changed to blood red again, but this time with three tomoes in the pupils.

Semiramis realized that Jason's power had been multiplied several times, and those eyes brought a sense of danger with them. But even so, Jason was no match for her.

"Come to me, Balmung!"

A two-meter sword appeared in Jason's hand, the grip felt so natural that it looked like an extension of the hand.

Jason and Balmung gave the sensation of being a drawn sword ready to pierce the heavens.

Semiramis felt that the situation was more and more unbelievable, not only her weak Master had been transformed into a dragon and had a mysterious eye power but he also possessed a Noble Phantasm of high level like Balmung.

"What if I underestimated you a little? You still don't have what it takes to be my Master" Semiramis couldn't allow herself to retire because of her pride as an ex queen. Besides, Jason wasn't a Servant so he couldn't summon the Noble Phantasm, or so she thought.

"Is that so?" Jason smiled mysteriously.

"The Evil Dragon shall fall..." The blue aura began to manifest in Balmung.

Semiramis felt the danger approach and reacted automatically, though she regretted it at the moment.

"Sikera Usum"

Venom came from the palms of Semiramis to Jason.

"Jason!" screamed hysterical Medea.

Medea fell to her knees when she saw the poison around Jason. She had felt how potent that poison was and knew she could do nothing. Semiramis had a sad look on her face, she knew her Master wasn't so bad and that she had potential to improve so it was a shame he died so soon.

Both were shocked to see the next scene. Medea sighed in relief ` How could I forget that there was still that? ´.

The cloud of poison disappeared and was replaced by 3 pink layers with 3 petals of the same color.

"Rho Aias!"

Jason's face was extremely cold at the time. At first he wanted to show Semiramis some of his power, but now a voice similar to when he was massacring the low level devils sounded again in his mind.




"and the world will reach its sunset..."

Semiramis did not react after seeing that her Noble Phantasm had been stopped by Rho Aias.

(AN: Sikera Usum is quite weak if not used inside Hanging Gardens of Babylon)

"I will bring you down..."

Medea also observed in shock. She didn't think Jason was going to continue his attack, that attack would consume all his mana and he would become unconscious again after using it.

"Jason, stop!"

Jason ignored Medea.


Jason lifted Balmung and lowered it again. As if it were a divine punishment, the blue ray fell in the direction of Semiramis.

Semiramis watched in desperation as the Noble Phantasm fell towards her. No matter how servant she was, her defenses were not very strong so it was impossible for her to defend herself from that atack.


An explosion occurred in the forest of Kuoh that afternoon, no one knew exactly what had happened.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

And here is the new Servant. I think that all of you know why I summon her.

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