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Chapter 71: Punishment

The boy put a hand on Jason's stomach.

"Aaaaaaaah!" Jason felt the pain caused by the Sirius return to his body.

Something strange happened inside his body, the Sirius seemed to climb up his body again. The star rose until it came out of Jason's mouth.

The star came out of Jason's mouth, and went up to the "sky". Although there was no sky, as this was a blank space inside Jason's mind.

"Even if you don't accept me, I'm going to help you anyway," the boy told Jason.

The boy touched the star Sirius, which had regained its previous diameter, and dark energy came out of his hand. The dark energy was slowly consuming the star.

The woman was horrified to see this situation, the biggest star was being consumed in the darkness.

"This is impossible!" The woman shouted hysterically.

"Impossible? It is normal that an errand cat like you does not know certain things" The boy looked down at the woman.

The star was consumed by the darkness and the boy directed it again towards Jason's interior. Jason thought he was going to feel the same infernal pain, but the star passed smoothly and brought no pain to Jason.

"This star is too powerful for you to control, I will help you seal it for the moment" The boy told Jason.

"And you, errand cat." The boy pointed to the woman.

"Yes?" The woman was completely terrified.

She knew what the person behind Jason was from the beginning, but she never thought anyone could seal the Sirius star so easily.

"I thank you for breaking my chains" The boy showed the chains that tied his hands and feet, these seemed to have broken due to the heat.

The woman's face turned pale, she never thought that the Sirius was going to be responsible for freeing the person who was going to seal it. It was quite ironic.

"Let me remind you of something that has been transmitted since the beginning of time"

"An Ashura never loses"

Nekohime and her mother were in the training room, they were looking at Jason who had let him scream a few moments earlier.

Nekohime looked at her mother, she was worried about Jason. Her mother saw Nekohime's look and smiled softly.

"Are you worried about him?" Her mother asked.

"Yes, I don't want anything bad to happen to him because of me" Nekohime didn't hide it from her mother.

"It is true that his body cann´t hold the Sirius, but your mother is going to help him seal it for the time being" The woman assured Nekohime.

"Illusion, with your little power do you think you can seal Sirius? Even your ancestor was a simple servant of the star" A cold voice sounded in the training room.

The two women were surprised. Before they could react, both had their necks held by one hand.

"Jason... why?" Nekohime spoke with difficulty.

"Jason? You're so brazen even though you almost killed him," Jason replied in a cool voice.

"You' re not Jason." The matriarch was calmer than her daughter.

"You think so?" Jason spoke in a mocking voice.

"Mom?" Nekohime was confused.

"Even though his body is Jason's, the person who is controlling it is not him. Right now he's a completely different person" The matriarch explained to her daughter.

"Right and wrong, in one test you would have missed half the question" Jason mocked the matriarch.

The matriarch frowned.

"What do you mean?" She asked him.

"Why should I tell you?" Jason smirked.

"Right now you are occupying my son-in-law body, I will not let you do whatever you want with him" The matriarch threatened him.

"You're too arrogant no matter how weak you are." The mocking smile didn't disappear from Jason's face.

The matriarch's frown deepened even more. Nekohime looked at her mother and turned pale when she saw that she did not deny the words of "Jason".

"Knowing that you were going to give the rest of your life to save me I suppose I can give you an answer, although I'm not sure if you'll be satisfied with the answer" Jason adopted a serious expression.

"Go ahead"

"I'm Jason, but I'm not the Jason everyone else knows."

"What do you mean? Explain yourself!" Nekohime demanded.

The matriarch seemed to have discovered something of "Jason's" words.

"You should be sealed, nor should the most powerful fire be able to break your chains." The matriarch could not believe that the seal had already been broken.

"You are right, not even Sirius' fire is able to remove all my chains. Only my counterpart is able to free me, he has to accept me" Jason sighed.

"Jason" let go of his grip on the two women's necks. He spoke before the two women could ask a question.

"My time has come to an end, you better come back and recover," Jason told the matriarch.

"And you" Jason pointed to Nekohime. "You'd better get ready, he's not especially happy with you."

Jason closed his eyes, the dark aura that had surrounded him disappeared without a trace.

"It seems like this is not the time to meet my son-in-law, I have to go."

The matriarch hugged her daughter and disappeared, Jason was right and she had to focus on recovering from her aftermath.

Nekohime said nothing, she had a pale face and was scared thinking about Jason's reaction.

Jason opened his eyes, confusion filled his eyes for a moment before looking at Nekohime. He was consumed with anger for a moment but calmed down quickly.

"Do you know the danger your actions have brought me?" Jason asked, his voice lacked emotion.

Nekohime nodded, she knew Jason was about to die and even her mother could have died trying to save him. Everything could have gone wrong and both could have ended up dying.

She was relieved when she saw that Jason was back to normal, even though he seemed a little different from before.

"Well, from now on you will be under house arrest until further notice" Jason ordered.

Every color on Nekohime's face disappeared. Even so, she knew she couldn't say anything because everything that happened was her fault.

The doors to the training room opened. Jason didn't have time to turn around before two bodies fell on him.

"Hey, I can't breathe," he complained.

The two bodies were lifted, although they were still on top of Jason. Jason could breathe now at least.

Jason stroked both girls' heads.

"Everything is fine, Ingvild, Kuroka" He saw the worry on their faces and tried to calm them down.

"Idiot" Ingvild muttered.

"Jason, you can't die before you make kittens with me" Kuroka filed her complaints about Jason.

Jason laughed slightly at Kuroka's words. He gave the Nekoshou a loving kiss on the forehead.

Kuroka was surprised and blushed, she smiled happily as it was the first time Jason had a gesture like that with her.

Jason then lured Ingvild to him and gave her a passionate kiss. She did not resist and kissed him back.

The temperature in the room cooled down. Two women slowly entered the room, one of them still had red eyes from crying.

Medea and Semiramis looked at Nekohime. Nekohime could not believe that the two women she considered as friends were now looking at her as if she were a complete stranger, she could sense the intent to kill coming from them.

Jason separated from Kuroka and Ingvild. He got up and proceeded to leave the training room.

Jason stopped next to Medea and Semiramis.

"Lock her up and put a seal on her room, I don't want her to leave for a while" Jason gave orders, his voice was devoid of any emotion when he gave such a cruel order.

"Jason, wai-

"Lock up Chloe, Sarashiki and Blair, too."

Jason didn't give Nekohime any chance to talk. He left the room without looking back.

Nekohime fell to her knees to the floor, her eyes filled with despair.

"You have already heard Master, maybe in a few years you will be able to see the outside again" Semiramis took Nekohime to her new room.

Medea followed them, she didn't say a word all the way. She picked up the other three cats and locked them next to Nekohime.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Do you think that Nekohime deserve the punishment?

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I´m quit sad because of the lack of support, but I understand that now we are in a transcition ark and the chapters are fewer than before.

But don´t worry. Soon we are going to move to a different world.

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