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22.91% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 32: Rewards, More faction members

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Chapter 32: Rewards, More faction members

After introducing himself and getting to know the 3 Nekoshou, he asked Medea and the rest to leave him alone for a while.

Medea did not ask why and simply left the room with the rest.

Once the room was empty, Jason opened the system.

[ Secondary Mission (Completed)

To the rescue of the sisters.

Rescue the sisters Kuroka and Shirone from the hands of their evil master before the deadline.

Requirements: To finish before the deadline, not to be able to ask for outside help.

Deadline: 3 years

Rewards: Stats X3, 200 shop points, 200 summon points. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Failed mission: Kuroka dies and Shirone becomes part of the experiments]

[User wants to receive the rewards?]


[Charging Rewards]

Jason began to feel a surge of power in his body.

[Rewards given: All stats X3, 200 shop points, 200 summon points]

[Name: Jason Frey

Age: 10 (28)

Title: Murder of criminals/ `The Chosen´

Bloodline: Dragon of the blazing blizzard / Descendant of Hero Jason the Argonaut

Shop Points: 0 ->200

Summon Points: 4800 -> 5000

Ability Points: 0


Strength: 6000 -> 18000

Speed: 6000 -> 18000

Lifespan: 200000 years

Mana: 8000 -> 24000


Sharingan 3 tomoe (600/1000)

Sword Master Lv 7 (1500/20000)

Fire Magic Lv MAX

Ice Magic Lv MAX

Icycal flame Lv 4 (1000/10000)

Siegfried Blessing (Innate)

-Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (Ex) (sealed AA): 15000 mana every shot

-Rho Aias (None)



-Noble Phantasm


-Lottery (next ticket 10000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 5000 summon points)



-The Fate Path

-Siegfried Fate Path (Completed)

-EMIYA Fate Path (Sealed)

System Note: Support author with power stones and go to authors P/atreon if you want to read chapters in advance.]

"Although it's been more complicated than I expected, with this reward I think it's completely worth it," Jason smiled.

Jason left the room and looked for Nekohime.

He found her in another room, she was talking to the 3 Nekoshou who were previously in serious condition.

"Your Highness, is it true that the one who saved us is so handsome?" asked with lustful eyes the Nekoshou who had fallen before.

"Ehem" Jason coughed as he entered the room.

The 4 Nekoshou looked at the door of the room and the 3 of them who had not seen his true appearance were shocked.

"Nya≈ is really a handsome boy, if only he was a few years younger" A Nekoshou with short black hair commented at the sight of Jason.

Jason only smiled at his words `If she knew I was really only 10 years old, I wonder if she would really eat me? ´. Jason stopped thinking when he felt a chill and looked in the direction of a Nekoshou with long black hair looking at him with lustful eyes.

The other Nekoshou said nothing but had a strange glow in her red eyes.

The 3 Nekoshou introduced themselves.

The Nekoshou with black hair on her shoulders and Shota complex was called Chloe. Even though she had a pretty face, she had normal breasts and a normal waist.

Blair had long black hair and golden eyes. She was very beautiful and had large breasts. The look on her face kept sending Jason chills.

Sarashiki had short blue hair and red eyes. She has red eyes and a voluptuous figure with thin thighs and big breasts. Her beautiful red eyes never left Jason's figure.

After meeting all the Nekoshou he had saved, he called Nekohime and took her back to his room for a one-on-one conversation.

(AN: Alone, you know what I mean Hehe)

Jason sat in one chair and offered Nekohime another.

(AN: Don't ask where the chairs, bed etc. come from... It's the magic of novels)

Jason looked directly at Nekohime and she blushed slightly.

"What are you going to do now?" Jason went straight to the point.

"Huh?" Nekohime asked confusedly.

"What are you going to do, where are you going to go?"

Nekohime frowned and worry filled her eyes.

"If you have nowhere to go, why don't you come with me?"

Nekohime looked at Jason stunned. Jason smiled as he saw Nekohime's gaze.

Jason adopted a serious attitude and spoke "Obviously it's not going to be free".

Nekohime panicked at the thought that he also wanted to experiment with them.

Have you saved us to send us back to hell? ´

Disappointment and disillusionment was what Nekohime felt until she heard Jason's next words.

"I want to create my own faction and I need allies, would you lend me your strength?" he smiled warmly.

She sighed for relief internally, then took a serious approach as she was burdened with the lives of more than 20 Nekoshou.

"What is the faction you want to create and what do we have to do if we join?"

Jason nodded and proceeded to explain about his faction.

"There are currently three of us in the faction, Medea and Ingvild you've already met."

"Medea is an extremely powerful magician, if the necessary conditions are met she can fight with a God without losing" Nekohime opened her eyes in shock at hearing Jason "Ingvild on the other hand is a devil, she is a descendant of the original Leviathan. Before she had a disease that kept her in a sleeping state but I healed her and she joined us 3 years ago as she had no one but us at that time".

Nekohime nodded and looked at him waiting for him to continue.

"As for our faction, it's called `Soaring Dragon´" Jason turned around and showed him the logo written on the back of his hoodie "I intend it to be a neutral faction, I don't intend to get involved in any large-scale fights with other factions".

Nekohime was increasingly sure of her decision and Jason's last words convinced her completely.

"Even if I send you missions in the future, I won't force you to complete them."

"In exchange for joining the faction I will give you a place to stay and we will also help you to control the negative energy that corrodes you when you use your Senjutsu, you will be able to live normal lives without being watched and without fear of losing control of your minds"

Nekohime felt tears forming in her eyes. Only the Nekoshou would know how difficult it would be to live with the negative energy around them. This energy corroded the minds of the Nekoshou little by little and ended up destroying their minds, Nekohime's mother and grandmother had died because of this energy in the past.

AN: History obviously invented by the author, I was looking for a reason for them to join.

"If you can really guarantee that you will help us in the future, I am more than willing to let my people join your faction" Nekohime looked straight into Jason's eyes, trying to look for some negative feeling in them.

"I promise" The blood red eyes remained pure at all times, he never doubted what he had said before.

"I will go and discuss it with the rest of my people, if the rest accept we will join your faction."

Jason didn't say anything and he sent her away with his gaze. With his senses improved thanks to the rise of Stats he could hear the conversation between the Nekoshou.

10 min later the voices were silenced and Nekohime came back to tell Jason that they agreed to join his faction.

Jason of course already knew that they had joined his faction, his mind was still in shock as he remembered the reward the system had given him.

DxD World's Major Mission

Nekohime, Kuroka, Shirone, Sarashiki, Blair, Chloe and 20 Nekoshou have joined the faction.

Reward: 100 ability points each normal Nekoshou, +500 in all stats by Nekoshou improved by experimentation]

(2100 ability points, 2500 stats. Koneko didn´t pass the experiments)

Jason decided to use this to unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan. But when he went to add the last point a system message arrived.

[User has not unlocked the requirements to improve this skill]

Apparently Jason had to meet some requirement in order to unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan. He decided to place the rest of the points in Icycal Flame.

Icycal flame Lv 4 (2767/10000)

Sharingan 3 tomoe (999/1000)

When Nekohime retired to rest, Medea entered Jason's room. As she closed the door she jumped into Jason's arms and kissed him with passion.

Medea looked at him with concern as they parted.

"My soul left my body when I saw you unconscious before."

Jason gently stroked Medea's cheek.

"Danger has come with rewards," Jason said softly.

Medea looked at Jason's aura and measured his strength. She was shocked as she felt his current strength.

"You've tripled your strength!" She frowned for a moment "No, it's even more than tripling it."

She looked at him as saying `You are a monster´.

Jason chuckled before placing a barrier and dragging her to bed.

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