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6.25% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 8: Rias vs Jason(2), Bloodline evolution.

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Chapter 8: Rias vs Jason(2), Bloodline evolution.

"Is that all you've got?"

A cold voice sounded behind Rias, as she turned to see who the voice belonged she felt something hit her back followed by severe pain.

Rias: "AAAAH!"

Jason had kicked Rias in the back with just enough force to cause pain, he wanted to use these two weeks to change Rias' mentality.

Jason" Is that all Gremory's heiress, Maou Lucifer's sister, has?"

Jason was trying to provoke her more and more.

Rias didn't think about why her previous attack hadn't affected him and started casting basic destruction spells. And she was shocked when she saw the attacks pass through Jason without doing anything to him.

The spectators clearly saw Jason's movements, first he dodged the Rias attack at an abnormal speed for a child his age and then he was not dodging Rias' attacks at all and all of her attacks were diverted by the minimum while he advanced slowly.

Jason had activated his Sharigan that already had 3 tomoes and had thrown an illusion to Rias to make her fail, and to make her saw as if he was going through the attacks.

Medea was calmer to see him but the Gremorys and Grayfia (who had only seen him fight with gravity X5) were in shock. They all thought at the same time (that's not the speed an 8 year old should have!).

Jason stopped a meter away from Rias, she was no longer attacking him but watching him as he approached with a look of pure terror in her eyes. Jason came closer and bent down to look at her eyes. When he saw her face up close he couldn't help but admire her (she's actually pretty enough at 8 and her blue eyes are beautiful), then he shook his head in regret (if not her personality wasn't so bad, my decision to reform her is going to be right after all).

When Jason approached Rias,her body trembled, Rias' parents wanted to stop the fight by seeing their little treasure in that state but Medea stopped them from doing so.

Medea: "The best thing for your daughter is to suffer this setback now and not in the future. Don't worry, Jason doesn't mean anything to her."

Zeoticus let out a sigh of relief, but Venelana still wanted to stop it.

Grayfia: "You should let him mother" She also knew it was for Rias' sake no matter how much it hurt her.

-Going back to combat.

When she saw Jason's face up close, she felt her heart racing. (How handsome!)

Jason: "What a disappointment, I expected something more from a Maou's little sister."

With that he turned around and got ready to get out of the sand.

Everyone was shocked, including Rias, when he left the sand and Medea followed him behind.

Venelana recovered quickly and when she saw Rias in a state of shock watching his back as he left, she(Venelana) ran to ask her how she was doing. Zeoticus and Grayfia followed behind her.

" Rias! Are you okay?" Venelana asked worried.

Rias was still in shock and it wasn't until she was called a couple more times that she looked at her parents and older sister.

Rias: "Mom, Dad, am I really that weak?" Tears began to show in the 8-year-old's eyes,

Venelana: "No my daughter, it's just that he's very strong." Zeoticus and Grayfia didn't say anything and just nodded.

Rias: "But I'm Gremory's heiress and I have the power of destruction, and yet I haven't been able to do anything. He's even been disappointed in fighting me." Rias had never felt so humiliated in her short existence and didn't know what to do. And she didn't understand the pain in her heart when she saw him leave without looking back.

Back in the Gremory palace, in the room that had been arranged for Jason.

Jason: "Have you made the preparations?"

Medea: "That's right" With that a woman came out of the shadows.

The woman had the same aura and appearance as Medea. She was obviously a clone.

Jason: "Well, then you have to look for laboratories belonging to the Naberius family in which they are doing experiments with the nekomata race, you have to look specifically for two nekoshou, they should be 10 (anyone knows Kuroka´s real age) the oldest and 6 the youngest. When you find them, don't take any action, I just want you to record the overall strength of the lab."

Medea: "Do you intend to intervene personally?"

Jason: " Correct, when you're done come back I have another mission for you"

When the real Medea left to perform the mission, a system notification rang in Jason's head.

[ Congratulations! User has completed a hidden mission.

Main mission: Create your own faction

Hidden Mission (C-SSS) (SSS Complete): Begin your journey as a leader.

- Send your subordinate on a mission.

Reward: Because User has intelligently completed this mission and 8 years early user has won the SSS reward.

SSS Reward:

-4800 Summon points

-4800 Shop points

System note: Keep working hard!]

Jason was shocked (Whaaaat!), but he quickly calmed down and thought internally (Now I can buy a new Noble Phantasm or improve my bloodline and when the mission ends I can call another Servant)

Jason set out to see what Noble Phantasm could buy but when he saw the prices he felt that his heart was bleeding.

Jason" YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TELLING IT TO ME!" The cry of pain was similar to that of Rias, heard throughout the whole palace.

Grayfia was passing by and ran to Jason's room.

Grayfia entered the room without thinking and was surprised to see Jason looking at the ceiling with lifeless eyes.

Grayfia: "Jason! Are you okay?" Her voice sounded worried.

Jason came out of his stupor and gave him a bitter smile as he told her not to worry. As Zeoticus and Venelana spoke, they came into the room worried that something had happened to him.

Jason reassured them and the three breathed a sigh of relief before reminding him about dinner and leaving.

When they left Jason saw a small blue-eyed face with red hair peeking out the door, when Rias realized she had been discovered she entered the room.

Rias: "I won't take my words away! I'm stronger than you and I'll show you!"

She ran out of the room with a red face.

Jason: "Silly girl, you have years of training left to beat me." He sighed and thought I should give her another lesson tomorrow.

Once everyone left Jason turned his attention back to the system and his heart bled again when he saw the Noble Phantasm prices, the cheapest one asked for 30000 Shop Points and others like Excalibur or Gates of Babylon cost more than a million.

(If I can't buy any Noble Phantasm right now I will improve my Bloodline)

Having already unlocked his dragon bloodline, he looked for the demon bloodline but was surprised to see that they were sealed because with his current strength he could not unlock them. According to the system, Jason should raise his strength to 5000 if he wanted to buy a bloodline demon.

Jason sighed lightly and searched for dragon bloodlines until he found one that caught his attention.

[ Ice dragon Bloodline

-Cost: 10000 Shop points-> because user already has the fire dragon bloodline the price is reduced -> 4000 Shop points

If the user already has the fire dragon bloodline this will fuse with the ice dragon bloodline will fuse and form the dragon of the blazing blizzard bloodline.

User must have a strong willpower or he will die].

Jason was slightly frightened when he saw the description, but he clenched his teeth and accepted. (If I don't have the willpower to get through this, I'll never be able to reach higher heights.)

Jason: "Buy"

[User wants to fuse fire dragon bloodline and ice dragon bloodline?]

Jason didn't hesitate: " Fuse"

[Estimated fusion duration 18 hours, deploying anti-intrusion barrier, fusion initiation]

When the voice of the system disappeared, a familiar sensation began to flow through Jason's veins. At first it was refreshing, but within 5 minutes heat began to emanate from Jason's blood and it began to fight the cold. Jason felt that his body was going to burn and freeze at the same time and it didn't take long for him to start screaming in pain.


6 hours later the heat and cold stopped contradicting each other and began to fuse, increasing the pain Jason already felt in two layers. Now Jason's appearance was unrecognizable, he was bleeding from the 7 holes and the left half of his body was covered by a layer of ice while the right side was burning in flames. As the fire and heat inside his body tried to merge, so did the flames and ice outside.

Another six hours later, the two forces had already completed the fusion. Jason's blood, formerly fire red, now had a pale blue color while the outer body was surrounded by a flame of the same color (Search in google images Blue Flame).

Feeling that the merger was over Jason relaxed and fainted. He had endured these 12 hours by only his willpower as the system had said.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I´m not going to write anymore today. I´m feeling really sick and it took me so much to write these chapter for you.

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