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35.41% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 50: See you soon, Kuoh

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Chapter 50: See you soon, Kuoh

Seeing that Rule Breaker could remove devil pieces without side effects, Jason could take his plans one step further.

Kuroka retired to her room once she calmed down. In the throne room were only Medea, Ingvild, Semiramis and Jason.

"All preparations for leaving the country are done," Ingvild told Jason. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No, there's still one thing I have to do." Jason was looking at the system screen.

Jason was at home with his little sister.

"Please" Jason was on his knees begging his sister.

"I said no!" Kaida wasn't going to give in to her older brother.

"It's only a few hours, tonight I'll bring her back to you."

"Koneko is mine, I won't give it to you!" Kaida hugged a white cat tightly.

Jason was on the verge of his wit, his sister didn't want to leave Shirone for a few hours. He needed Shirone to continue his plans and couldn't find a way to get his sister to let her go.

One idea went through Jason's head. He smiled mysteriously and Kaida felt something strange.

"Kaida..." Jason got up and approached his little sister.

"Oni-chan..." Kaida stepped back unconsciously.

"If you don't let me to Shirone I won't buy you more strawberry cake" Jason smiled brightly.

Kaida trembled, she could not believe that her beloved older brother would threaten her in such a cruel way. She put tearful eyes to try to convince her brother, but Jason only smiled in response to her attempt to give grief.

"Sorry, Koneko" She looked at the cat in her arms, losing her for a few hours was much better than no more strawberry cake.

Shirone jumped into Jason's arms without hesitation, she loved being close to her savior. Jason gently stroked her head and she squinted comfortably.

Kaida saw the exchange between the two and felt betrayed. Her favorite cat and her oni-chan had completely set her aside, tears formed in her eyes and she ran to her room.

"Oni-chan I hate you!"

Jason shook his head without being able to do anything. He entered his room and explained to Shirone where they were going and what they were going to do. Shirone nodded and had no complaints.

Medea created a portal and Jason, along with Medea and Shirone, entered it. In front of him was a family palace, he still remembered spending two weeks in the palace a few years ago.

The appearance of the three caught the attention of the palace guards, they were on guard but did not attack.

"Identify yourself or we will treat you as enemies!" A female voice was heard as a silver-haired maid left the palace.

The maid stopped as she left the palace, visibly stunned at the sight of the visitors.

"Long time no see, Grayfia-san" Jason smiled.

Inside a room. Zeoticus and Venelana sat in front of the surprise guests.

"So, are you going to give my daughter a Rook?" Zeoticus asked in surprise.

"That's right, but I have my terms," Jason didn't deny it.

They both frowned when they heard that Jason had conditions. They knew Jason had no bad intentions, but they couldn't help but be suspicious.

"I understand your concerns, but the conditions are quite simple," Medea explained.

"Shirone may be Rias Rook, but she has to stay next to the Kaida-chan."

Zeoticus more or less understood what they meant. They were going to let the Nekomata join their daughter's peerage, in return they wanted protection for their family.

When Jason introduced Shirone to the Gremorys, he presented her as a Nekomata because if he presented her as a Nekoshou they would be able to relate Jason to Argos, which would be of no benefit to Jason's plans.

The door of the room opened and Grayfia entered, accompanied by Rias. Rias was now 11 years old and had grown considerably, her breasts were already starting to bulge.

Flames of anger were seen in Rias' eyes when she saw Jason, it seemed she still remembered the previous incident. To Jason's surprise, Rias didn't start screaming or anything like that but bowed like a member of the nobility and greeted politely.

"Long time no see, Jason" Rias bent gracefully.

"Time without seeing us, Rias" Jason returned the greeting.

Rias then turned to his father.

"May I say something, Father?" Rias spoke respectfully.

"Say it"

"I accept Jason's offer, but on one condition."

Jason raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Say it, I'll take it if it's within my means."

"First let me ask you something, being you in Kuoh, Why do you need someone to protect your sister?" Rias asked curiously.

"I'm going to leave the country, I won't be going back to Japan for a few years" Jason didn't hide it.

Zeoticus and Venelana nodded with understanding, the situation now made more sense.

Rias was disappointed inside but did not show it on the surface, she was going to live in Kuoh soon and hoped to get to know the mysterious boy who had defeated her in the past a little better.

"What is your condition?" Jason turned his attention to Rias.

"I want you to fight my knight, Kiba Yuuto, in a swordsman's fight."

Jason accepted without hesitation, he did not believe that Kiba could be a challenge to him in the handling of the sword.

Rias smiled to see him accept, Kiba had been training with Souji for two years while Jason had only trained for two weeks. For Rias, it was impossible for Jason to be better with the sword than Souji.

Jason arrived, accompanied by Shirone and Medea, in a family combat arena. It was the same arena in which he had fought Rias in the past.

When Jason arrived, Kiba was ready in the arena to fight him.

Jason entered the arena and saw a 10-year-old boy waiting for him, Jason recognized him quickly. Yuuto is a handsome young man with short blond hair, blue eyes and a mole underneath his left eye.

"I'm Kiba Yuuto, nice to meet you" Kiba made a typical gentleman's greeting.

"I'm Jason Frey, nice to meet you" Jason returned an identical greeting.

Both had learned Souji's greeting, so it was normal for both greetings to be identical.

Jason grabbed a two-handed sword from the arsenal, he chose the sword that most resembled Balmung, while Kiba chose a katana.

The rest were watching the battle from outside the ring.

"Who do you think will win, Miss Medea?" Rias asked.

"Jason, the blonde boy can't stand five moves if Jason is serious about fighting" Medea answered without hesitation.

Rias frowned with Medea's answer, she looked at the little Shirone next to Medea.

"What do you think?"

"It's impossible for Jason-nii to lose," replied Shirone.

Grayfia signaled the beginning of the battle.

Jason and Kiba collided swords, both were equal in the first collision. They separated quickly and attacked again, now it was Kiba who took a step back.

Kiba decided to take a more aggressive approach, attacking Jason quickly without giving him a chance to react.

Rias smiled from the stands, she already saw Jason's defeat to Kiba. She looked at Medea and Shirone who were apparently calm, she believed they were simply pretending.

The swords crossed again, Kiba looked Jason in the eyes. Jason still had the same light smile he had had since the beginning of the battle. Kiba saw Jason open his mouth and his face turned pale before retiring.

"Is that all you have, Isaiah?"

Kiba looked at Jason, the sword in his hand was visibly shaking.

"How do you know that name?" he asked in a dark voice.

"You disappoint me, I expected more from someone who was part of "The Holy Sword Project."

Kiba started breathing heavily. He threw the training sword aside and formed his Destruction Sword.

Kiba grabbed his two-meter sword and ran toward Jason without thinking about the consequences.

"Kiba, no!" Rias shouted from the bleachers, but it was too late. Kiba did not listen to Rias and attacked Jason.

Jason dropped his sword and waited patiently for Kiba to attack. Kiba cut to Jason, but he did not feel the sword make contact with Jason's body.

Kiba felt a gentle breeze on his back and turned quickly, he saw something come to his face before flying out and hitting the wall. Kiba tried to rise, but one hand grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up without difficulty.

Yuuto opened his eyes and found Jason's blood red eyes. Jason looked at him coldly.

Rias and the others were in shock and could not react in time. Jason's grip became tighter and tighter and he only let go when he felt that Kiba was going to lose consciousness.

Kiba fell to the ground and grabbed his throat while breathing hard. He looked at Jason with eyes filled with terror.

"Do not think of revenge until you are strong enough." Jason spoke coldly to Yuuto. "You will have your chance to kill Valper Galilei with your own hands in the future, but for that you need strength"

Kiba didn't respond, but Jason's words echoed through his ears. His greatest desire for the moment was to destroy Valper and show him that he was wrong, that there was no reason to kill him and all his companions.

Jason went to the bleachers, there Rias looked at him with a dark expression.

"Shall we go?"


Jason frowned, "What's up?"

"Before I make her a member of my peerage, I want to test if she's worth a rook piece like you said."

Jason nodded, he looked at Shirone and pointed to the wall. Shirone understood what Jason meant and approached the wall. She punched the wall lightly.


"Is that enough?" Jason asked Rias, she nodded unconsciously.

The rest of the proceedings were quickly completed and Jason returned to Kuoh with the two girls.

The day of the farewell arrived.

Jason was at the airport saying goodbye to his parents and sister, Kaida kept crying as she grabbed the dragon teddy bear that her older brother had given her when she went to the amusement park.

Jason got on the plane and looked out the window at the city he had lived in for the past 11 years.

"See you soon, Kuoh."

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