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33.33% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 47: Shuri´s decision

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Chapter 47: Shuri´s decision

"Where are we?" Little Akeno asked as she saw the forest around her, Shuri also looked around curiously.

"Welcome, Master" A group of Nekoshou dressed as maid greeted the newcomers.

Jason nodded. Shuri and Akeno were stunned to see a group of 20 girls with cat ears and tail.

"This is where you are going to live for the moment," Jason explained.

Shuri frowned, now they were going to live in tents?

"Jason!" Ingvild stepped out of her tent and hugged Jason.

"Hello, Ingvild" Jason greeted her.

Ingvild separated from Jason and looked at the two new girls. Jason decided to introduce them.

"Ingvild, the mother is Shuri Himejima and this is her daughter Akeno Himejima" Jason then introduced Ingvild "She is Ingvild Leviathan, she also lives here".

Shuri opened her eyes in disbelief and stood before Akeno unconsciously. Is she a Leviathan?

Jason saw Shuri's reaction and a touch of unhappiness went through his eyes.

"Although Ingvild is a Leviathan, she is not affiliated with the devils." Jason decided to explain the misunderstanding " She is a core member of my faction".

Shuri realized her actions and bowed to apologize quickly. Ingvild did not attach much importance to the matter.

Shuri noticed the kimono Ingvild was wearing, she had seen two other women wearing the same kimono as Ingvild.

"Is the kimono your faction's uniform?" she asked curiously.

"That's right, but not all members can wear it." Jason replied, "Only the core members have the right to wear it".

"Akeno, why don't you play with Andrea?" Jason ducked and asked Akeno.

Akeno nodded shyly and went to Andrea. Andrea grabbed her hand and they both went to play. Shuri smiled as she watched her daughter go play with little Nekoshou.

"Medea, explain everything about our faction to Shuri and let her make a decision for herself."

Medea nodded and accompanied a confused Shuri into a tent.

Jason looked at Kuroka "You can go home, your sister misses you".

Kuroka gave Jason a light hug and ran back home, she also missed her sister very much.

"You are a natural leader" Semiramis commented and Ingvild nodded.

Jason looked at the two girls confusedly. Ingvild laughed slightly at Jason's confused face and Semiramis smiled.

"Your way of sending orders and the aura you had in sending them, you really were born to be a leader," Ingvild told Jason.

Jason didn't give it too much thought and brought them to the main tent.

He sat in the main chair and the two girls sat beside him.

"I've got the materials."

Semiramis opened her eyes with surprise, joy could be seen within them.

"Where are they?" asked Ingvild.

"I have them in a separate space, I can take them out whenever you want."

"Perfect, you can get them out and I'll build my Noble Phantasm." Semiramis was eager to build his Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

"How much time will you need?" Jason asked.

"A few months, I think I'll have it before the new school year starts."

There were still about two months left before the end of the course and another two months of holidays before the start of the next one.

AN: I don´t know how is the scholar calendar there in other countries but in mine is from September-December (1 term) January-April (2 term) April-June (3 term). Right now they are in May and the next grade starts in September.

"Perfect" Jason successfully nodded "If nothing goes wrong, I should be able to continue with my plans for when you finish with the construction".

Semiramis and Ingvild knew what his plans were, it was true that having Hanging Gardens of Babylon by September was perfect for him.


"Come in."

Medea entered accompanied by Shuri, Medea had a face full of smiles while Shuri had a serious face.

Medea frowned at the sight that Semiramis had taken her place beside Jason, her frown relaxed when she thought of something.

"I' m done with what you sent me" Medea didn't mind the provocative look and walked towards Jason with elegance.

Semiramis seemed to notice something and frowned, Jason looked at Medea's actions with confusion.

Medea came to Jason's side, leaned over and gave him a slight kiss on the cheek. She took advantage of Jason's stunning and sat on his lap.

Semiramis sighed in defeat, Shuri was stunned watching the events unfold and Ingvild gave Medea a jealous look before looking at Jason, unhappy while pouting.

Jason quickly recovered from the daze, he pinched Medea's buttocks and whispered in his ear.

"Tonight I'm going to punish you."

Medea blushed, only Semiramis had managed to hear Jason's whisper and she looked at Jason with puppy eyes.

"When you finish Hanging Gardens of Babylon I will reward you"

Semiramis' eyes lit up as she listened to Jason's words, it seemed that this year of babysitting had paid off.

Jason then looked at Shuri who was standing at the entrance to the tent.

"Why don't you sit down?" Jason asked, his serious face told Shuri that it wasn't really a question.

She sat in front of Jason, Shuri was very nervous actually. Medea had told her the basics about Jason and his faction.

Shuri was shocked when she learned that Jason was the same age as her daughter, but more shocked when she learned that the disasters that occurred during the previous year were caused by him unconsciously.

"What's your decision?" Jason asked.

Shuri just wanted to live a peaceful life with her husband and daughter. But recent events had made her realize that it was impossible to live a peaceful life as she was a member of the Himejima clan and Baraqiel a fallen angel. There wouldn't have been any problems if Baraqiel was strong enough to ensure her safety, but she realized that she couldn't trust him to ensure her life and that of her daughter.

Knowing that Jason was a dragon and seeing how powerful the girls around him were, she decided it was best to join her faction along with her daughter and work for him. Shuri could now only pray that they would not be treated unfairly.

"I would like to join your faction, my daughter will join too," Shuri told him with determination.

Jason waited for this answer, a smile appeared on his face. Shuri frowned at the smile on Jason's face and felt something was wrong.

"You want to join my faction, but what can you contribute?" Jason asked.

Shuri was stunned, she hadn't thought of this. She panicked at the thought of being abandoned with her daughter.

"I have a solution" Ingvild spoke at the time.

Jason looked at her curiously, did not expect Ingvild to respond now. Shuri looked at Ingvild with hope.

"Yes?" Jason urged her to tell his idea.

"Shuri-san may not know what she can contribute at the moment."

Shuri lowered her head at Ingvild's words.

"But it's different with Akeno-chan"

Jason nodded, he agreed with Ingvild.

"We could have Akeno-chan come in as a principal member and while Shuri could remain as a special guest while she looks for something she can actively contribute before joining as a principal member.

"All right, what do you think, Shuri-san?" Jason nodded satisfactorily and asked Shuri.

"I accept!" Shuri did not hesitate to accept.

"Well" Jason applauded "Ingvild, find Akeno and bring her here."

Shuri looked at Ingvild as if she were his savior.

"Thank you."

Ingvild smiled slightly and said nothing while she was looking for Akeno.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Guys I need your help for two things!

1) Tags for this novel (I don´t have tags)

Tags: Harem, Mature, System, R-18, Hentai, Supernatural (If you have another you can add it)

2)Reviews for my new novel.

I need reviews so the novel can reach more people.

Thank you for your support!!

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