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61.8% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 88: Slash Dog enemy?

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Chapter 88: Slash Dog enemy?

Author Note

Let me explain one thing quickly. The previous chapters of Slash Dog are purely my invention. I mean, based on the wiki, I used the data there to get an idea of the personalities and how the characters act.

Now, I've just read the first volume of Slash Dog, and I'm going to make changes in little things like the attitude of some characters and the way they named each other.

I can't forget another fact: I made Tobio too strong! In Slash Dog he is a little shit, and I created him as if he were an expert with a scythe. Sigh, I guess I'll have to live with that.

For those of you who wonder when Jason is going to travel to another world. I will try to finish reading volume 2 of Slash Dog as fast as possible and create my version with Jason. After that volume will be the coronation part, and an event will happen that will take Jason to a new world.

Jason will return to DxD after finishing the arc of the new world.

I'll leave you to the chapter!


"So you're the one they call the perfect shield," Jason told Shigune.

"So they say?" Shigune answered with a question.

"Don't you know?"

"I guess I've heard it somewhere, but I don't pay much attention to it." Shigune shrugged and ate another scoop of ice cream.

"Did you know? Nanadaru-san is called the perfect shield, but it also has another nickname." Lavinia told Jason.

"Is that so?" Jason curiously asked.

"They call her the perfect glutton; she thinks of nothing but eating and is known to have an insatiable appetite.

Jason looked at Shigune in surprise. Was she human? How could she eat so much and keep her body slim?

"What country are you from, Jason?" Shigune asked.

Shigune comes from a mixed Japanese and European heritage and seeing someone similar to her increased her curiosity about Jason.

"I was born in Japan, but my father is from Germany," Jason replied.

"Are you Japanese? You don't look like an Asian kid at all," Lavinia asked.

It was true that Jason didn't look Japanese. He seemed to have gotten all his lineage from his father. Only he knew that this was what he looked like before he reincarnated.

"I guess I look like my father. My little sister, on the other hand, looks just like my mother, she looks 100% Japanese" Jason shrugged.

"Little sister... Japanese little sister... She will call me onee-chan" Lavinia began to grumble, she seemed to have been possessed by something.


"She'll call me Onee-chan!"

Flushed cheeks and a thread of saliva falling from her lips. Lavinia's appearance had nothing to do with what she used to show to the rest. Being accustomed to a Lavinia acting as the group's big sister, the current perverted closet look was surprising, to say the least.

Lavinia seemed to notice the looks of the rest. Recovering her older sister's appearance, she elegantly wiped her saliva with a handkerchief. She continued as if nothing had happened.

(As expected of a high-class lady) Jason praised her from the bottom of his heart.

Jason was walking along with the other members of Slash Dog and Vali. Azazel had left after chatting for a while with them and had told them that their "teacher" was waiting for them for the special classes.

Leaving Shigune eating his ice cream and Lavinia fantasizing, Jason approached Tobio and his partner.

"Hey, Tobio" Jason greeted him.

"Oh, Jason," Tobio greeted him.

"Hello, Jason-san" Sae also greeted him.

"Hello, Sae." Jason smiled at the girl.

Sae became nervous and grabbed Tobio's arm. The boy blushed when Sae grabbed his arm. Jason felt that Tobio was still very innocent; his DxD version was much cooler.

Jason decided to pass himself off as blind. It would be very uncomfortable if he said something in this situation. He didn't understand why Sae was so nervous with him.

"Who is the teacher? Azazel didn't want to tell me anything," Jason asked.

"Baraqiel, he teaches us to defend ourselves and increase our abilities," Tobio replied.

(So Baraqiel. I wonder if Azazel knows that Akeno is his daughter? I guess so. It wouldn't make sense if he kept from me that Baraqiel is the teacher) Jason thought.

Jason didn't care if Azazel knew about Akeno. The question was whether Baraqiel knew that Akeno and Jason were acquaintances.

"I wonder if Baraqiel can help me with my thunder magic," Jason wondered.

"Can you use anything other than your flames?" Natsume approached Jason and asked.

"Yes, I should be able to use thunder magic, but there is something that keeps me from doing it," Jason replied.

"Wow, you can do a lot of things. I can't do anything but depend on Griffon, without him I'm just a useless girl who was lucky enough not to get on a plane" Natsume sighed.

Natsume's last words caught Jason's attention.

"Did you have any luck not getting on a plane?

"Yes, haven't you heard of `Mysterious shipwreck of the Heavenly of Aloha'?"

"I heard something, an accident involving more than 233 students and teachers at Ryouku High School. They say that the bodies of the students have disappeared and only the teachers have been found dead".

"You seem to be well-informed, that makes it easier to put you in a situation."

Jason frowned. Was this case not as simple as it seemed?

"Tobio Ikuse, Shigune Nananadaru, Kouki Samejima and I, Natsume Minagawa. We are Ryouku High School students who did not go on the school trip. Theoretically, only ten students have survived." Natsume explained.

"Theoretically?" Jason asked.

"That's right." Now it was Kouki who spoke.

The delinquent had been quiet from the first moment. He hadn't even argued with Natsume since Jason had arrived, Kouki had been silent and seemed to be thinking deeply about something.

"We say theoretically since we know they are all alive. And we have evidence right here, Sae Tojou," Kouki told Tobio's childhood friend.

Jason looked at Sae, seeking confirmation from the girl. She nodded, confirming the information Kouki had given Jason.

"What's going on?" Jason asked.

What was going on here? Didn't the boat crash? How could the students have survived? And why had only the students survived?

"I couldn't believe it either," Tobio spoke on his initiative.

"When I saw the news about the accident, I was devastated. Depressed, I felt the distance between the rest of the world and myself grew bigger and bigger. It was then that I saw Sae- I mean Tojou-san was walking down the street as if nothing had happened."

"I chased her, but I found another one of my companions who had disappeared. He didn't look the same and attacked me with a kind of giant lizard. I would have died if it weren't for Minagawa-san appearing at the last moment next to Griffon".

"What are they?" Jason asked.

"They called themselves the Utsusemi Agency, but we've just finished with them," Tobio replied.

"Their goal was to find the users of the 4 fiends, so they pointed to the Ryoukuu academy because its users belonged to that school."

Why did that term sound so familiar to Jason? He recalled that Kouki and Natsume mentioned that term during the fighting.

"The Four Fiends are four legendary ancient monsters feared as bringers of disasters and ill-fortune.

The Four Fiends, Tāotiè, Qióngqí, Táowù, and Húndùn are four legendary demonic beasts that were exterminated in ancient times, with their souls later being sealed into four Independent Avatar Type Sacred Gears. They say that the power of the 4 fiends is equal to that of the sacred beasts of the main clans." Lavinia explained to Jason.

Everyone was immersed in the conversation. They wanted to explain Jason to put him in the situation, Azazel had already told them that Jason was going to help them like Vali.

"What did they want the 4 fiends for?"

"The Utsusemi Agency is a group made up of exiled members of the five main clans. They want the 4 fiends to get revenge on their respective clans."

Jason nodded with understanding. So this was the typical cliché in which the villain seeks power for revenge and ends up involving the protagonist. Lucky that Slash Dog have already finished with the agency, Jason thought it was too annoying to fight against a group of fools.

"Did you rout them?" Jason asked them.

They all showed uncomfortable expressions. Lavinia's face was unusually dark.

"Sigh, the utsusemi agency has been successfully defeated, but..." Natsume explained but hesitated to continue.

"But?" Jason asked.

Natsume looked at Lavinia, hesitating to continue or not.

"There was another group helping them. The so-called magicians of Oz, the group to which Lavinia previously belonged." Kouki continued.

"Yankee!" Natsume reproached him.

"You have to tell him everything, that Lavinia belonged to his group is a factor to keep in mind" Kouki remained calm before Natsume, something that was quite rare.

"Shark is right, Natsume" Lavinia interrupted Natsume before she could resume the dispute.


"The Wizard of Oz is a powerful group of wizards, especially Oz and the witches of the East, especially their leaders Augusta and Walburga," Lavinia informed Jason.

"So Incinerate Anthem is involved in this. But still, I don't think it's too difficult for you.

Leaving aside how surprised they were when they discovered that Jason knew that Incinerate Anthem was within the witches of Oz, Lavinia told him the doubts they all had.

"We believe there's another group cooperating with the wizards of Oz."

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