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22.22% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 31: SSS Criminal

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Chapter 31: SSS Criminal

Sirzechs and Serafall watched their two little sisters, they were proud to see them bring out the answers from the guard.

"Do you know this place?" asked Azazel.

"No, I've only been living here a week, I only know the way to the dorms and the dining room."

They just nodded and went on their way, the guard returned to the Naberius territory as he was useless to them.

"It looks like this is a laboratory."

They continued to advance until they noticed magic coming from a nearby room.

They came to the particular room and saw it put `Crematorium´ on a sign above the door.

They opened the door and saw that the whole room was covered in flames.

Grayfia entered the room to investigate. But she came out shortly afterwards with no result.

"I could only find the body of a low level devil decapitated, the rest is all incinerated" Reported Grayfia

"What incredible fire magic is able to create flames that burn even more than an hour later" praised Azazel.

They didn't pay attention to the room because they didn't find anything interesting. Rias had an unnatural face as the flames seemed familiar, but she didn't know why.

Soon they reached a corridor where they found more than 10 bodies of devils. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" The one who has done this has an incredible skill with the sword" Now the one who praised Jason was Sirzechs "All cuts are clean, not far from Souji's level".

The rest just nodded.

Though the scene was not exactly beautiful, it did not even reach the feet of the next two halls.

As they passed through the door they found true hell. Sona and Rias couldn't stand it and vomited at once.

Arms, legs, heads, all kinds of body parts were lying all over the room.

"Our friend Argos seemed quite angry," joked Azazel.

Grayfia sent him a deadly look and Azazel fell silent at once.

The next room was not as horrible as the previous one. 18 bodies of medium level devils were on the floor. Some had holes in the body and others had sword cuts.

"Ice Magic" Grayfia said as she recognized the magic used by Jason in the room.

The others recognized him and reached the last room. As they looked at the ceiling, they recognized the cut as the result of the attack that had caught their attention.

They paid attention to his surroundings to investigate the details. They saw Naberius' body frozen in the center of the room.

"What a terrible ice attack" This was the first thing Serafall had said for a while.

The ice covered the whole room, it was obvious that it was caused by the same skill that had killed Naberius.

They searched the room a little more but found nothing interesting.

Sona then found something she did not know what it was.

"Nee-chan, what is that there?" She pointed to a relatively hidden object.

"Eh" Everyone was surprised to see the magic camera.

"Could there be more cameras?" Azazel wondered.

They picked up the magic camera and went back the way it came. As Azazel thought, there were cameras in the rest of the rooms, although they only picked up those in the rooms that had the marks of fights.

Once outside, they began to reproduce the contents of the cameras. From the moment Jason passed through the entrance of the lab, his massacre and even his transformation into a dragon. The camera stopped when he launched his attack `Blizzard´.

The atmosphere became solemn at the sight of the contents of the recordings. At the time of the massacre, both Rias and Sona had closed their eyes.

"It's a shame this camera doesn't have sound, it is also a same that it only has the recordings of the last 24 hours" lamented Azazel.

"So it's an ice dragon," Sirzechs said.

"Yes, and seemingly quite powerful," Serafall nodded.

"The problem is that we don't know its limits, the only thing we know is that it has the strength to launch an attack that touches the level of a Maou" explained Grayfia.

"And the Nekoshou that killed the human scientist seems pretty powerful too."

Apparently an angle from one of the cameras in the previous room had caught Kuroka killing her father.

"For the moment I think we should give the Nekoshou a SS criminal rank, and Argos will be treated as a SSS criminal rank," Sirzechs said.

"I agree," Serafall nodded.

Azazel said nothing as he felt there was a deeper story but could not meddle in the decisions of the devils.

And so Kuroka became a criminal SS rank and Argos a criminal SSS rank.

On the way to the mountain cave where Medea and the rest were, there was a group of 6 Nekoshou walking with difficulty.

The younger one helped her older sister carry an unconscious boy while the other 2 Nekoshou helped the two weaker ones in the group.

"You don't have to help me, Shirone"

"But oni-san seems heavy"

Even the two seriously ill Nekoshou smiled as they saw the cute Shirone speak that way.

Then one of the sick ones fell to her knees without strength.

"Blair!" shouted the girl who was supporting Blair.

"Don't worry about me, Your Highness must move on," Blair replied weakly.

A magic circle appeared as they spoke. Kuroka placed Jason on the floor and stood guard protecting Shirone and Jason. The Nekoshou they referred to as Your Highness did the same by protecting the two weakened Nekoshou.

Two women appeared from the magic circle. One of them had purple-blue hair and pointed ears, the other had pure purple hair and orange eyes.

The Nekoshou became tense as they felt the amount of power radiating from both. They were preparing for the worst when they saw the anxious faces of both of them.

"Jason!" Medea and Ingvild shouted at the same time and ran to Jason without worrying about the Nekoshou.

Seeing that both women were on the same side as their savior, the Nekoshou relaxed. Medea picked up Jason and took him to the cave where they were waiting for the rest of Nekoshou, Ingvild helped bring the weak Nekoshou to the cave.

Once in the cave, Medea placed Jason in a bed and gave him a potion to drink. She had to give it to him mouth to mouth as Jason was unconscious, although it is not as if Medea would mind kissing Jason.

The two Nekoshou were being treated by Ingvild. Medea turned and watched the 3 Nekoshou's who looked at Jason with concern.

"Ehem, I'm Medea, nice to meet you" Medea greeted.

The Nekoshou with aura of royalty realized that she was staring at Jason and got on her feet nervously.

"Pleased to meet you, Medea-san. I am the present princess of the Nekoshou, you can call me Nekohime," Nekohime replied and bowed as would members of the royalty.

Medea returned the greeting with her own label as Princess of Colchis. Nekohime was surprised and smiled at the realization that she was a princess as well.

Medea then looked at Shirone and Kuroka, realizing that they were both the sisters Jason was looking for.

"And you are?" Medea smiled warmly.

Shirone hid behind Kuroka in shame.

"I am Kuroka-Nya, and this is my little sister Shirone-Nya" answered Kuroka gracefully.


Medea turned quickly and saw that Jason had already woken up and was coughing with difficulty.

"Are you okay?" asked Medea anxiously.

Jason opened his eyes and looked at Medea's beautiful face.

"Yes, I've just run out of mana" Knowing that Medea had given him a potion he smiled "Thank you for the potion, my princess"

Medea blushed and nodded in shame. Kuroka and Nekohime watch their interaction with jealousy.

Jason sat down on the bed and looked at the 3 Nekoshou, frowned at the fact that 3 more were missing.

"Where are the three missing?"

"They are with Ingvild receiving treatment, their condition was quite serious," answered Medea.

Both Kuroka and Nekohime sighed for relief as Argos worried about them.


Jason got up and looked at the three girls in front of him. He took off the mask that covered his face and smiled.

Even little Shirone was hypnotized to see Jason's beautiful face.

Nekohime was the first to recover.

"Thank you so much for rescuing us, Argos-sama!" She leaned over to Jason with a label.

"Hehe" Jason scratched his cheek in shame, his gaze could not help but drift towards the breasts that were seen through the patient's nightgown.

Nekohime noticed her look and blushed deeply.

Kuroka and Shirone also thanked Jason.

"It's nothing," replied Jason. "And please don't call me Argos"

"But isn't that your name-Nya?" asked a confused Kuroka.

"No, that's just a code name."

"Then what's your name?" asked the innocent Shirone.

Noticing Jason's gaze on her, Shirone hid behind Kuroka again.

Jason chuckled low and replied.

"My name is Jason, Jason Frey"

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