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65.27% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 93: Talk in the shower

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Chapter 93: Talk in the shower

After lightly beating Vali, Jason went to the showers with Kouki and Tobio.

Finishing his shower immediately, Samejima had left. Jason and Tobio were the only ones left, both were the ones who enjoyed long showers.

If one were to speak of Tobio, who hadn't pulled himself together while taking his shower, he was sharpening his focus and was looking like he was groping through his mind.

"Are you worried about something?" Jason asked.

Tobio was surprised, he didn't seem to have noticed that Jason was still in the showers.

"Yes, I'm looking for a technique that would allow an attack to seize a skilled opponent."

Jason thought for a moment about his answer.

"You should focus on Jin, he is the key to your future growth. You don't have to think about only you getting stronger, you have to think about both of you getting stronger. If you follow my advice, I'm sure sooner or later you'll find the answer to your questions."

Tobio thought Jason's words for a moment. Realizing that Jason was right, Tobio decided to close the gap between him and Jin.

"We should get out of the shower."

Thanks to Jason, Tobio finally noticed he was taking a shower. Coming to his senses in surprise, he stopped the shower while shaking his head.

Since he dressed his lower half in the locker room, with his upper body naked, he sat down on the bench that had been provided. Even as he stroked Jin who was beside him, Tobio in his mind, there was the only reflection on today's specialized training.

Looking at Jason, Tobio smiled bitterly.

No matter how much he thought about it, presently, it was certain that the difference in power was insurmountable. Using such an ordinary answer was his way of settling his emotions for today as well.

"Toby, is it not bad to not rehydrate after a match?"

Came a voice from beside him, as a water bottle was held out before him. Tobio spontaneously accepted it saying "Thank you," and was spontaneously gulping it down.

Noticing a strange point, Tobio turned his gaze to the side.

A blonde girl wearing a racing swimsuit, Lavinia had been sitting right there. Surprised by the sudden occurrence, Tobio immediately stood up.

"Lavinia-san! Why are you here!?"

Alarmed by Tobio's scream, Jason came out of the shower to see what was going on outside.

"Oh, so you're here." Jason greeted Lavinia.

Lavinia looked at Jason with a blank stare. His white face blushed slowly until it turned red like a tomato.

"B-B-B-B-B-Big" Lavinia muttered.

Jason looked at her in confusion. He lowered his gaze and saw that he was naked, his little brother was out in the open and insight of the world.

"Oops, what a carelessness."

Jason covered himself with a towel and acted like nothing happened.

It may have been because she wasn't wearing her usual pointed hat, but it seemed as though her hair was brightly glittering. Moreover, both her hair and swimsuit were wet. It appeared she had been in the indoor pool.

She frequently made use of these institutions' facilities. Occasionally she came to inspect their specialized training, but since he hadn't seen her today, Jason had thought that she hadn't come.

"Just Lavinia is fine, right?"

She replied to Tobio's question with a misdirected answer. Moreover, she also immediately stood up.

Ending up looking at her racing swimsuit from a close angle, Tobio immediately shifted his gaze. For a healthy young man, the smooth fair skin of a Caucasian girl, especially the area around her thighs, was much too radiant.

Jason was different from Tobio. Having tasted the forbidden fruit called sex years ago with Medea and having shared a bed with Semiramis and even the accident with Nekohime made Jason have no qualms about carefully observing Lavinia's body.

"This is the men's shower!" Jason heard Tobio comment quietly.

Jason looked at Tobio with annoyance. Tobio was too innocent, Jason was already thinking of a special "training" for him.

Even being cautioned so, paying it no mind, Lavinia stood in front of a particular locker and started to remove her swimsuit.

Tobio immediately embraced Jin, gazing into Jin's face to secure a safe place to look. As for Jin himself, being suddenly embraced by his master, forced himself to stand on two legs, and fastened his eyes on the situation right in front of him. The black dog went "!?!?" in bewilderment.

With such a combination of Tobio and Jin occurring, Lavinia was unmindfully addressing them at her own pace. Her face blushed little by little due to the look that was fixed on his body.

Lavinia had entered the bathroom, thinking that only Tobio was inside, she didn't feel uncomfortable with him around as she knew his innocent personality and wasn't afraid that Tobio would look at her body. Lavinia did not expect Jason to be in the shower as well, and his eyes didn't left Lavinia's body.

"How was the mock battle with Vaa-kun?" Lavinia tried to distract herself by asking Tobio.

Jason watched Lavinia as she changed. He mentally praised her for her healthy body.

(As expected of Ishibumi-sensei, the oppai of his female characters are impressive) Jason mentally thanked the author of DxD, Slash Dog and Denpachi.

"I-I was defeated." Tobio respondió.

"That was something inevitable. Since Vaa-kun met Governor-General Azazel, beginning with the Sacred Gear, he has been strengthening himself, and therefore, at this time he is naturally someone who Toby and Shark, having only just awoken their powers, cannot hope to compete with."

Lavinia tried to comfort Tobio.

"T-That is the case. H-However, nonetheless, since I want to win, I've been deepening my connection with Jin; I want to be strong."

"That is the best. For certain, you are the owner of an independent avatar type."

"Lavinia, you better not comfort him." Jason interrupted the conversation between the two companions.

"Jason? Lavinia looked at him, confused by Jason's words.

"With great power comes great responsibility. You know that saying, don't you?"

Both nodded to Jason's words.

"If you only comfort Tobio, he will never be able to improve."


"Sae Toujou" Jason named Tobio's childhood friend.

Tobio and Lavinia shut up and waited for Jason's words.

"She doesn't have any power, does she?"

"Not right now," Lavinia replied.

Lavinia had not denied that she had any power, but she had made it clear that for the time being Sae was useless without powers.

"That being so, she's the one who's going to suffer the most danger of all the members of Slash Dog."

"Why? She's not going to participate in any of our missions," Tobio asked.

"Just because she's your childhood friend, you're the one who's going to bring all the danger to her. She's a curse to you, you're always going to have to protect her from danger."

"I don't understand, why would she be in danger because of me?" Tobio couldn't understand.

"Canis Lycaon, there are countless evil organizations that want to put in their hands the power of the only Longinus who is a god, even if it is a false one. You're being protected by Grigori most of the time, and when you're not, you can still protect yourself so most of these organizations will try to do something too risky".

Tobio nodded, he already had an idea that this was going to be the case. His life changed since Jin appeared by his side and now he had to live with it.

"But Sae is different, she is a member of Grigori, and she is a valuable member, at least for the moment so she will have protection."

"Is Sae important to Grigori?"

"Yes, which leads me to deny one of the claims you made earlier. Sae Toujou does have to go to the Slash Dog missions, more precisely to the missions in which Ikuse Tobio takes part".

"What?!" Tobio jumped.

"You still can't control your Balance Breaker and Vali, Azazel and I aren't going to be by your side all the time to control you. According to Azazel, Sae can return your rationality, so she has to accompany you until you manage to control your Balance Breaker".

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