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11.8% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 16: The day after, meeting his kouhai

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Chapter 16: The day after, meeting his kouhai

When Jason woke up the next morning he noticed something soft on his left arm. He opened his eyes and saw Medea's beautiful face which had a weird satisfied smile. Jason showed a warm smile when he remembered that she had become his wife the night before.

"Mhm... Hubby" muttered Medea in her dreams.

Jason: "Yes?" he asked tenderly as he stroked her cheeks.

Yet the words Medea was whispering in her dreams almost made him puke blood.

Medea: "Your cock is... amazing"

Medea woke up soon after and confusion was seen on her face as she lay in bed with Jason by her side. It wasn't until she felt pain and discomfort in her lower body that she remembered the crazy night before, she blushed deeply when she remembered her wild behavior.

(The night before)

Jason's room.

Jason and Medea were going for the fifth round of the night. Medea was currently looking at the wall on all fours with flushed face (and not because of shame), her eyes blurred and her tongue sticking out of her mouth (Ahegao Face). Jason was behind her grabbing her hips and pushing with everything he had.


Medea: "Aah! Aah! More! Harder!"



Jason let his semen out in Medea's womb for the fifth time while Medea collapsed on the bed.

(Returning to the present)

Medea began to tremble as she remembered how Jason had no mercy on her until they went to the 8th round and she fainted (I mustn't tempt him as I did the night before until I find someone to share his spirit in bed).

Medea then looked at Jason and found him looking at her with a loving look that she responded to with a sweet smile.

Medea: "Good morning hubby"

Jason: "Good morning, princess."

Black lines formed on Medea's forehead when she heard that nickname again. She couldn't hate it more.

Medea: "Could you not call me that?" Although it was a question it seemed more of an obligation because of the tone and face she was currently putting on.

Jason didn't worry about it and gave her a slight kiss on the lips before speaking. Medea turned completely red when she got the kiss because she had not gotten used to it.

Jason: "I call you princess because you are my only, most precious, most beautiful princess I have and will have. Even if I have more women in the future you will always be my princess and no one can ever erase that fact, do you understand?"

Tears began to form in Medea's eyes when she heard Jason's words. She was going to respond but another person interrupted her moment.

Ms. Frey: "Jason, it's time to go to school, come down for breakfast."

Jason and Medea were panicking, what would they do if Jason's mother came in and saw all the mess in the room along with the bed stained with blood and other fluids.

Jason: "I'll be right down!"

Mrs. Frey: "Hurry up, you're going to be late."

Jason got up at lightning speed and started tidying up the room. He changed to his childish form and prepared to get dressed when Medea interrupted him.

Medea: "Hubby, wait a minute, you're too dirty to put your clothes on."

Medea formed water magic and began to gently wash every part of Jason giving special care to his sleeping dragon (With a lustful look as she gently massaged it).

Seeing his childish appearance again she was a little afraid to think that she had lost his virginity with an 8 year old boy but this change to happiness at the moment she remembered everything Jason had told her the night before.

Although Jason had already vaguely explained his story to her, he did not explain everything because he could not completely trust her. But the night before he had no reason to hide it from her and told her everything about his previous life, death, rebirth, parents, supreme goddess and system. Medea was a little stunned for a moment but never doubted the truthfulness of Jason's words,she was happy to know that Jason trusted her enough to let her know this secret issue and was sad to think about Jason's hard past. Although her past was tragic, at least she had her moment when she was happy and made adventures while Jason was all his life alone and despised by everyone, at that moment Medea swore that she was never going to let such a thing happen again.

Medea began to carefully dress Jason as a good wife would do in ancient Greece.

Once ready Jason gave Medea a passionate kiss. The kiss would look very romantic if not for the fact that Jason currently did not look older than a 10 year old boy.

Once in school Jason couldn't concentrate at any time. Normally he would be trying to increase his mana in school but today he could not. The reason was very simple, every time he closed his eyes to meditate he found scenes of him slapping Medea's buttocks, grabbing and sucking her nipples or Medea riding over him.

Seeing that he couldn't concentrate he decided to go over the system as he had not yet checked the rewards of getting Ingvild to join the `Rise of the demonic dragon´ Faction (Finally we have a faction name!).

He first decided to look at the new section of the shop that had been unlocked.

[Item shop: Here you can find anything you need: Potions, armor, weapons, sacred gears ... In addition these items can be shared with members of your faction]

Jason was surprised to see what could be purchased in this new section of the store and the most important was that it could be shared with faction members. Wouldn't this make an incredible resource supplement to his faction? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason thought of buying sacred Gears like True Longinus or Boosted Gear, but seeing the prices of the longinus he laughed dry and decided to leave it for the future.

Jason was delighted just with the fact that he could make his future companions even stronger and sighed with relief that he didn't have to worry about his weapons and armor as it was one of his main concerns.

When he finished with the shop he went on to see the lottery ticket.

Lottery Ticket: Special lottery ticket obtained as a reward by getting Ingvild Leviathan to join `Rise of the demonic dragon´, this ticket has a 100% chance of calling a Noble Phantasm]

(So a 100% chance of getting a Noble Phantasm. I guess until I get to the temple I won't be able to use this ticket)

Jason was euphoric about getting a new Noble Phantasm and was so eager to go home that he hit one of his kouhai and knocked it down.

Jason: "Sorry, are you okay?"

???: "It's nothing, don't worry Senpai"

Jason helped him up and opened his eyes in shock when he realized who his kouhai was.

Issei: "I'm fine Senpai, my name is Hyoudou Issei but you can call me the future Harem King"

Black lines appeared on Jason's face while he resisted the urge to hit Issei's face.

Jason: "I'm glad you're okay Issei, I guess we'll see each other again. Goodbye."

Jason ran off because he didn't want much to do with this troublemaker. Although he was very excited about the idea of participating in future events, now that he had tasted Medea's forbidden fruit he just wanted to spend every night like the previous one and not get involved in any problems. Too bad the system has other plans for him.

Issei wanted to meet the most famous senpai of the school that according to the rumors had many admirers (of which Jason did not know anything). Since his grandfather had told him about oppais he wanted to become Harem King and wanted to ask Jason Senpai how he could achieve his goal but he had left before he had a chance to ask him.

???" ISSEI! I finally found you" A 7-year-old girl with light brown hair rushed to where Issei was.

Issei: " It' s you Shido, I met Jason senpai but he left before I asked him how to get my harem."

Irina: "J-J-JA-JA-JASON SENPAI!" Irina's cheeks reddened at the thought of her incredibly handsome and smart senpai.

Issei:" YES! Tomorrow you are going to accompany me to ask him, we as boys in search of a harem we have to be together".

Irina pouted, obviously Issei thought Irina was a boy.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I have created a P.atreon account so you can support me.

P.atreon here:

Here you have his first encounter with Issei, he is going have small appeareances during the next two years before saving Kuroka and Shirone. But it is not really important is only to have him get some impressions of Jason in his mind.

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