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13.88% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 19: The Path System (TPS for friends)

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Chapter 19: The Path System (TPS for friends)

[Rho Aias: is the shield used by Aias the Great and the only shield capable of stopping Durindana of the great hero Hector.

Noble Phantasm Lv: None (It depends of the amount of mana that the user puts into Rho Aias.]

Rho Aias is the shield used by Aias the Great and the only shield capable of stopping Durindana of the great hero Hector. Archer came in contact with Rho Aias at some point in his life, and added it to his library of weapons and defensive armaments stored in Unlimited Blade Works.

Ingvild: "How beautiful..."

Medea: "Such a high level of conceptualization"

Jason felt dizzy after summoning the shield and his eyesight was clouding. The shield was disappearing petal by petal and when he disappeared the last Jason fell unconscious.

"Ja..s.n!" "Be C...f..l!"

As Jason fell he seemed to hear the screams of the two girls but could not hear well what they were saying.


Jason: "Where am I?"

When Jason opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark world. There was no sun, no moon, no stars. There was only a black sky and a desert wasteland.

Jason: "There's nothing?"

No, actually there was something. Two roads appeared in front of Jason, the one on the left was a normal road but from it emanated the aura of a powerful dragon and the one on the right was a road full of swords.

Jason: "There's a board, it looks like there's a note on it."

The board was between the two roads, in the middle there was a note with a message.

Jason: "I guess I'll read it."

Jason ripped out the note and when he was about to read it it disappeared and a voice sounded in Jason's head. Jason was euphoric because he believed that the system was available again, since he had come to this place Jason could not access the system, but was disappointed when he heard the tone of the voice.

It was a decrepit voice, like a man about to die of old age.

¿??" Welcome to The Fate Path, if I'm not mistaken you should be Jason."

Jason was on guard when he saw that the voice knew his name but relaxed when he found no malice in it.

Jason: "I am Jason, who am I talking to? And what about this place?"

The Creator: "You can call me The Creator, but that doesn't matter right now."

The Creator: "This place is nothing and everything at the same time."

Jason: "But what do you say ojiisan, it seems that age has affected you"

The Creator:" Cough-Cough, what are you saying brat! If you knew who I am, you wouldn't talk to me like that."

Jason: "But I know who you are."

The old man was surprised for a moment (Does the child really know who I am? Impossible, my physical body ceased to exist 200,000 years before his mother was born and that was more than 500,000 years ago).

The Creator: "Do you know who I am?" He asked curiously, but Jason's next words almost make his soul suffer the same fate as his physical body.

Jason: "Yes, you're another one of those old people who appear in the wuxia novels that help the protagonist to get his legacy and this one becomes super OP".

The Creator: "KIDDO!"

Jason regretted his actions (What if now this old fart doesn't want to show me, what do I do? Ah! My chance to become super OP was just lost!) But he couldn't help it, the old man was irritating him with that mysterious attitude.

The Creator: "Cough-Cough, I guess you're not well but you're not bad either"

Black lines began to form on Jason's forehead when he heard another meaningless phrase from the old man.

Jason: "Can you please EX-PLA-IN YOUR-SELF?"

Jason's cold voice sent chills into the old man's soul even though that was technically impossible.

The Creator:" Cough-Cough, okay, I guess I'll cut the bullshit, sigh how boring young people are these days."

The black lines on Jason's forehead were multiplying.

The Creator: "Currently we are in your subconscious, for others this is nothing but in reality is your everything (Explanation of his absurd phrase above), it is true that I am here to guide you but I will not help you grow or teach you anything."

Jason relaxed when he listened to the old man speak in a way that a normal person could understand. But he didn't understand what this place was if the old man wasn't going to teach him anything.

The old man, seeing the doubt on Jason's face, went on to explain.

The Creator:" The Fate Path is in fact a system inherited by `The Chosen´. It was created by me a long time ago to help fulfill a prophecy."

Jason:" Does that mean I'm `The Chosen´?"

The Creator:" That's right, but you don't have to worry about it right now. As far as I can tell from your memories the God Realms are still stable."

Jason: "Can you see my memories? So you know about the system? Wait, my system is The Fate Path?"

The Creator:" Hehe, of course I know about it. Although it's not the same as The Fate Path, from what I've been able to see it's a system at the same level as this one."

Jason: "So what's The Fate Path?"

The Creator:" The Fate Path is a system that makes `The Chosen´ pass certain tests and receive experiences and powers from them. Before, while I was getting bored waiting for `The Chosen´ to be born I decided to play a little bit in a low tier world called `Earth´, chance that you were left there by your father. I suppose you've heard of myths and legends, all sorts of stories you've heard about humans, demigods and heroes are the consequences of my boring moments.

Jason's jaw was grazing the floor of shock. You can't blame him, if you were told that all the myths and legends in your world were the result of a boring old man you would react the same.

The old man didn't realize Jason's shock or didn't want to realize it and kept talking.

The Creator:" As a consequence of having been involved with a part of The Fate Path their spirits were absorbed by it and they are currently leading the tests. Although for some reason 8 years ago all the female members and all the tests to which they are entitled disappeared." Then he muttered, "I wonder if it has anything to do with the other system?"

Jason when he heard the old man's muttering began to sweat heavily (Just how powerful is the system you've given me Supreme Godess? It's even capable of affecting a system created to prevent a calamity involving the God Realms!). Jason sighed in relief knowing that the system was in his hands and not those of any of his enemies.

Jason: "But if The Fate Path puts me through tests similar to those of the heroes of the past, why are there only two paths?"

The Creator:" Don't think it's so easy to pass the tests, first you have to meet the requirements to unlock them. And even if you unlock them, the guardian of the test may not let you take it."

Jason now understood better why there were only two paths available. Because he had obtained Balmung and being able to wield it had unlocked Sigfried's test and that dragon aura probably came from Fafnir. The path of swords was very familiar to Jason, in his previous life he had seen a similar terrain in the anime of Fate UBW in the Reality Marble of EMIYA. Jason wondered why it wasn't the test of Aias the Great if Rho Aias came from him, apparently it had to do with the fact that the shield he had inherited was the magical one and not the physical one.

The Creator: "Now that I've explained to you about The Fate Path you can go ahead and choose one of the two tests in front of you".

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

You can read chapters in advance in my P.ATREON. It's a little sad not to have an active patron but... I keep writing with the same illusion, enjoying the story a lot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do or more.

News: I'm going to change the name of the faction (Again) to Soaring Dragon. The reason is because Jason is a rising dragon and no one will be able to stop him.

Link to P.atreon here:

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