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55.55% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 79: Tobio, Lavinia and Natsume VS Jason (1)

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Chapter 79: Tobio, Lavinia and Natsume VS Jason (1)

Azazel and Vali watched the outcome of the combat from the stands. Azazel frowned when he saw the strange smile on Jason's face, Vali on the other side, was smiling widely.

"Why are you smiling?" Azazel asked Vali.

"It's obvious, it's because I'm going to be able to fight someone powerful. Maybe Jason can force myself to use my Juggernaut Drive," Vali replied.

"Sigh, you better not underestimate him. Jason is a lot more than he's shown so far." Azazel warned him.

"Don't worry, the strongest Hakuryuukou in history can't lose. The great Vali Lucifer and his partner Albion will win all battles" Vali raised a childish fist.

"Azazel is right, partner. You better watch out for Jason, there's something about him that disturbs me." A voice came out of Vali's body that didn't belong to the boy.

"Have you felt it too, Albion?" Azazel asked the Vanishing Dragon.

"Yes, he's emanating terrible dark energy," Albion replied to the governor.

"Can you feel it from so far away?" Azazel asked in surprise.

"Yes, because only my soul is alive, I am susceptible to the power of the soul. Although I don't usually feel anything about people's souls, Jason's soul is terribly dark." Albion explained.

"Is it that bad?" Azazel asked with concern.

"I can't tell you if it's bad or good. Fortunately, Jason's dark soul seems to be sealed, so there's no need to worry about the moment. The problem is going to be if the seal is lifted, we can't know how that darkness will affect the boy."

Azazel nodded as he plunged into his thoughts. It was impossible to know what the charismatic governor-general of Grigori was thinking.

"You must be careful, Partner," Albion repeated to Vali. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hmm," Vali nodded unconsciously.

"Are you hearing me?" Albion asked the young devil.

"I just have to defeat him, don't I? The great Vali Lucifer will use his final moves and defeat the evil Jason" Vali replied to Albion.

"Sigh, Chunni crazy of battles, what shall I do with you?" Azazel sighed.

"Simple, fight me!" Vali jumped up and pointed to Azazel.

"Weren't you going to fight Jason to see who was going to be the big brother?" Azazel shook his head.

Vali blushed and sat down again. Vali looked at Jason, he was facing the three members of Slash Dog, a smile appeared on the young Lucifer's face.

"Why are you smiling now?" Azazel asked.

"Because Jason is going to be able to boast of being the younger brother of the strongest Hakuryuukou in history."

The remaining three members of SlashDog looked at Jason. They looked nervously as Jason smiled strangely.

"Relax, let's face it like we always do." Tobio tried to calm his teammates.

"Auuuu!" Jin howled from his side.

Lavinia and Natsume looked at each other and nodded at the same time. Tobio's words made them gain a little courage.

If Jason's strength was what he had shown in the fight against Kouki, they were confident they could win with some difficulty. The problem was whether that was really all of Jason's power.

Chances were high that Jason was stronger than he had shown. He wouldn't be so calm in front of them if he didn't have the confidence to face them and emerge victoriously.

"Come on, Jin"

[In case you don't know. Jin is the name of Canis Lykaon, the dog and sacred gear of Tobio Isuke.]

Tobio stretched out his hand, and a scythe appeared from the darkness that came out of his palm. The young stood in front of his companions, acting as a vanguard.

"Have you finished the preparations?" Jason asked them.

The members of Slash Dog looked at each other and nodded simultaneously.

"So... Let's dance."

Jason ran to Tobio. His speed was much faster than facing Kouki, surprising everyone.


Tobio attacked with his scythe, aiming at Jason's body. The young dragon dodged the attack by an inch and tried to counterattack with a punch in the chest.

But Jason changed his movement in the last movement and dodged to one side. A sword grazed his right arm, cutting off his clothes.

Jason looked at Jin in surprise. The wolf had come out of Tobio's shadow by the time Jason was already launching his attack. If it were someone else, that sword would have at least cut off his opponent's arm by now.

"Lavinia, Natsume, retreat, and cover me from behind. Lavinia idle, Natsume strikes long-distance" Tobio took advantage of Jason's break to give orders.

"You heard, Griffon" Natsume stroked the head of his faucet and increased the distance between her and Jason.

"Freeze his feet, Absolute Demise" Lavinia ordered her Sacred Gear and withdrew.

Jason again launched an attack on Tobio. Tobio kept his distance between him and Jason thanks to his scythe. When Jason managed to get through the scythe, Jin appeared to cover Tobio.

Jason felt the cold in his feet and saw that they were beginning to freeze to the ground. He jumped to avoid the frozen area.


A wind blade grazed Jason's ear.

"Tch, that was close." Natsume gritted her teeth.

Azazel nodded satisfactorily as he watched the battle unfold.

"Tobio has improved a lot."

"What do you mean?" asked a curious Vali.

"He acted quickly to stop Jason when he saw that his speed was greater than they expected. After using Jin's surprise factor, Tobio has given orders to try to weaken Jason. Lavinia who should be helping on the offensive is now trying to slow down Jason's movements, and Natsume who is better in the middle distance is attacking from a long distance annoying Jason and staying out of his reach. Although Natsume loses accuracy, she stays safe from a possible attack by Jason." Azazel explained the situation to Vali.

"Although the most problematic for Jason is him," Azazel pointed to someone on the battlefield.

"He?" Vali asked confusedly.

Like Azazel, Jason was analyzing the battle in his mind.

(They're very well-coordinated, you can tell they've been together for some time)

(Although Lavinia and Natsume are annoying, they don't become a threat to me. If I manage to eliminate Tobio, it will be a matter of time before the other two falls with him.)

(The problem is the wolf, or rather the problem is the wolf's sword. Totsuka-no-Tsurugi was the sword used by Susanoo to eliminate Yamata no Orochi. The sword is a dragon slayer and therefore, my nemesis, I must be careful not to cut me, or I will suffer enough.)

(I am trying to fight without using weapons, modes or magic. I want to see to what extent I can battle with my body, but it looks like it's going to be challenging to win this way)

Jason's reasoning was practically perfect. Now he just had to get rid of Tobio without being cut by Jin. Jason would go for Jin first, but the wolf always hid in Tobio's shadow after attacking.

Although Jason's reasoning was almost perfect, he still had a detail that had failed him. He should not have underestimated Natsume and Lavinia.

Both Griffon and Absolute Demise are independent avatars, so their users can perform other actions while their sacred Gears attack.

"Toby, back off!" Lavinia shouted at her leader.

To Jason's surprise, Tobio turned and ignored Jason. He ran at full speed while Jason watched stunned as the boy walked away.

A sense of danger came to him. Jason looked in Lavinia's direction and saw that above the magician's head was a vast magical circle.

"Absolute Zero!"

The temperature inside the combat terrain dropped rapidly and continued to fall. It seemed that the temperature was not going to stop dropping.

Jason felt ice forming around his legs. He tried to free himself without success.

"Quick, I can only hold this for a few seconds!" Lavinia hurried her companions.

Jason saw Tobio and Jin quickly approach him. Absolute Demise and Griffon also attacked from the air, the wrist formed a large ice cone and shot it at Jason while the griffin fired a large number of wind blades. Jason couldn't find Natsume on top of the griffin.

"This is for Kouki!" Jason heard Natsume screaming from behind him.

Jason turned his head and saw the girl run towards him as she prepared her arm to deliver a powerful blow.

(When did she get there?)

Jason saved that question for later. Now was not the time to worry about it.

Jason took a deep breath as he watched his opponents approach. 10 meters, 9 meters, 6 meters...

He closed his eyes and opened them again. His eyes were no longer blood red, and instead, they were fire red.


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