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66.66% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 95: Town trip.

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Chapter 95: Town trip.

The next day, Saturday, on which Tobio and others also had a holiday from 'Nephilim', they had hurried from the apartment building and wandered into town. It was a trip taken by the whole crew together, consisting of Tobio, Sae, Natsume, Samejima, Lavinia, Vali and Jason.

Samejima and Vali didn't seem the types to be interested in going on outings together like this, and even Tobio had been feeling surprised.

While walking to the shopping district, Natsume was stretching as she complained of muscle pain.

"Owowowow, I had intended to put in some good exercise…however, as expected it does take its toll. That unsociable… Barakiel-sensei is planning to beyond Spartan."

Sae gave her a small smile.

"Just so. Although, I think he does properly care. There are breaks after completing the regimen, and he always tells us to stay hydrated."

"What is it that we are doing today?"

Lavinia who had come along with them…was wearing her usual magical girl hat and robe despite being on a private outing. As they were walking together, the people coming and going on the street were giving them strange looks.

Natsume thrust her finger at Lavinia as she spoke.

"We're starting with you, Lavinia! Clothes! For a young girl, that sort of appearance is beyond bad! Since the subject matter is of the highest grade, not being fashionable is entirely unacceptable! Toujou-san is helping as well! Together we will coordinate for this girl!"

"Eh? Y-Yeah."

Being overpowered by Natsume's vigor, Sae consented.

As for Lavinia herself…

"This is fine since I am a witch. This appearance is the best for boosting magical power, so when the time comes—"

"Ahh, geez! We're going shopping, shopping!"

Dismissing Lavinia's objection, Natsume pointed towards the shopping district. Getting near to Lavinia, Natsume whispered in her ear.

"Did you know that a well-clothed girl is more charming to a guy? Jason would be more attracted to you if you wear cute clothes, don't you think so?"

Lavinia blushed, thoughts of what happened in the morning came to her mind.

She has the habit of sneaking in the other room when she was sleeping. She usually sleeps on the bed with Natsume, Sae or Nanadaru. She didn't know why, but this morning she was sleeping with Jason, and she was embracing his arm!

Vali let out a sigh as he spoke.

"Anything is fine, but what's been on my mind since before is that I want to have lunch at a ramen shop. I think I'd like one with hearty seafood soup."

After Natsume gave a half-hearted "Yes yes," She approached towards Tobio and whispered something in his ear.

Jason, with his superhuman ear, had no trouble hearing the conversation between Tobio's sighs and Natsume. He was in complete agreement with Natsume's words, a date with Sae was the best way to close the gap that had opened up due to the incident in the shower. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As Natsume said, while it may have appeared that there wasn't anything unusual between Tobio and Sae in their typical day to day lives...and although for the sake of getting along with their fellow comrades in the long term they acted as though things were normal, it had become clear that they had found themselves feeling complex emotions towards one another.

Indeed, they were complex emotions brought forth from the locker room incident. Due to Tobio explaining things at the residence afterward, the misunderstanding had been cleared up. Everyone was aware of Lavinia's status as a natural airhead, after all.

That being said, there was still a slight awkwardness between the two, or to put it better, it was hovering in the background. Natsume appeared to have sensed that.

Natsume was still whispering.

(Say, when those sorts of things happen, the best thing to do is to talk with the girl while accompanying her shopping. While I accompany Lavinia, you take to her while accompanying her with her shopping.)

(T-That's all...?) Tobio whispered back.

(That's all. Rather than the delinquent or the ramen brat, Toujou-san is that priority.)

"Lavinia-san, let's go!" Natsume waved her hand toward the magical girl.

Lavinia nodded and started walking with Natsume toward the shops.

"Oi, Ramen Dragon. Don't you also eat ramen at home?"

"Hmph, this is why you are beyond helping, Samejima Kouki. It's a mistake to equate home-ramen with shop-ramen. For house-ramen, there's the sense of security in that it's ready to eat, while for shop-ramen the quality because it's eaten at a shop—"

"Isn't just that you like eating children's lunches, Radra-sensei?"

"While children's lunches are also good for children's lunches, as expected, the ramen from a shop...wait, don't call me Radra."

"Sure sure, Lucidra Lucidra."

Not only Vali was a chunny, he was also a ramen lover. Jason wondered between Naruto and Vali, who was the one who loves ramen more?

Jason decided to go with them. He was also a ramen lover, and he didn't like to go shopping with girls, that was so boring.


"Alright then, clothes for Vaa-kun as well!"

"I don't really—"

"It's fine, it's fine. Aren't you rather suited to girl's clothes?"

"Male, I'm"

"It's fine, it's fine, just leave it to Onee-san."

Not just Lavinia, Natsume was even dragging Vali along. Although he was a boy, she was picking out girl's clothes.

The boys, Tobio, Jason and Samejima, were inside the store watching the girl's shopping from a distance. Samejima, who had quickly finished his shopping, having bought mainly weight training equipment, was currently waiting for the girls to finish shopping.

Jason didn't really buy anything, he just ate some ramen with Vali and Samejima, and he accompanied them on the town trip. Jason wasn't sure what was going on in the town, but he noticed some time ago that something weird was going to happen there.

Incidentally, Jin, Griffon, and Byakusa were on standby just outside the store. Since with those alone people passing by would become anxious (the combination of a large black dog and falcon was an atrocious one), to conceal their presence, they'd diluted their existence. Since they weren't people who excelled at supernatural powers, it seemed they couldn't perceive Jin and the others.

Samejima suddenly made an inquiry.



"What a thing you've been doing with Toujou this week, huh?"

"What a thing?"

To Tobio's inquiry, Samejima made an obscene sign with his hand.

"It's gotta be this right? That sort of relationship, right? Would it be unreasonable to say you've been living that sort of lifestyle every day?"

As soon as he understood his meaning, Tobio's face became red. Tobio spoke in a fluster.

"N-No! Sae and I don't have that kind of relationship! W-We're not doing it!"

"Yeah, I can say that he is still a virgin," Jason said.

"Oh, how do you know it?" Samejima asked him.

"I can smell it, the shitty smell of a virgin boy and the floral aroma of a virgin girl. Well… the flower aroma of three virgin girls" Jason inquired.

"It looks like we have a Sage here" Samejima grinned.

"Well, people call me the Great Sage Master" Jason joked.

"Seriously?" Tobio asked.

Jason facepalmed when he heard his question.

"You think Toujou's cute, don't you? I do not recall noticing her when we were attending Ryoukou, but with us living together, I get the feeling that she's a good girl." Samejima had said it.

"I agree with him, she is similar to the traditional housewife" Jason agreed with Samejima.

Wrongly guessing that Tobio, was concerned about his words and actions, Samejima gave an explanation.

"Ah, I'm not aiming for her or anything, so don't worry. I was simply voicing thoughts from my own perspective. For me…right now, girls are kind of…"

Samejima was mumbling. He was making a sour face. Could it be that he'd had bad experiences with female relationships in the past?

Jason remained silent when Samejima started to give a long speech to Jason, he didn't know what they were talking about as it seems to be about their battle against the Utsusemi agency.

Then, as Tobio and Samejima were having their talk between young men, Jason turned around, having sensed a presence from behind. As for what was there when he did—

"Jason, these are the clothes that Natsume and Shaae picked out."

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