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95.13% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 136: Training... human relations?

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Chapter 136: Training... human relations?

Hanging Gardens of Babylon not only had the training room where Vali was currently training. Secondary training rooms were plentiful, as not only did the core members of Soaring Dragon train, but also the regular members who now consisted only of the surviving Nekoshou.

In one of the multiple training rooms, Ingvild and Kuroka trained with Natsume, Kouki, Koga, Shigune, and Sae. Four Fiends along with a Sae who seemed to have received some kind of power from Azazel, something that had called Jason's curiosity. Jason was surprised to see what was happening inside the training room.

No one was training.

The group of girls were talking to each other, sitting around a table that shouldn't be in the room. Kouki and Koga were lying on two beds, which should not be in the room, each at one end of the room.

No one noticed that Jason had entered the training room. The girls kept talking to each other about... well, girls' issues. Jason felt that they were speaking in a language that the system couldn't even translate.

Koga's dog chased Kouki's cat while Natsume's falcon tried to hunt them down. Poh, the sacred gear of Shigune Nanadaru, was eating non-stop, as was its owner.

Kuroka's ears and tail flicked, and she looked in Jason's direction. She ran towards him the instant she saw him.


Jason dodged Kuroka's assault by turning his body to one side. Kuroka fell to the ground but didn't bother to be accustomed to this.

"Can someone explain to me what's going on?" Jason tried to sound as calm as possible.

The girls' faces became uncomfortable. Ingvild seemed to want to say something but was hesitant to do so. Natsume and Sae looked at the floor without daring to look at Jason while Shigune continued to eat her ice cream. Koga and Kouki seemed to have felt something in their dream that made them wake up, and seeing that Jason was inside the training room, they decided to pretend they were still sleeping.

"What's going on?" Kuroka blinked, she looked like a saint.

All the girls looked at Kuroka in amazement. Koga and Kouki looked at her slightly with penetrating glances. Seeing everyone's reaction, Jason knew that the reason they were not training was Kuroka. Although he already knew it was her when Kuroka tried to act innocent.

"Why aren't you training?" Jason asked.

Everyone pointed to Kuroka without hesitation. Kuroka started playing with her fingers as she became nervous. She had an idea.

"We were training!" she said.

Jason gave the Nekoshou a strange look.

"Is that so? Explain the training to me, because I don't understand."

"This..." Kuroka played a little more with her fingers.

"Human relations, yes! We were training human relations! We all know that knowing how to communicate is very important, and that's what we were doing."

Jason nodded to Kuroka's explanation. The cat breathed a sigh of relief at the sight that Jason seemed to have believed her. Everyone gave Jason a weird look.

"And Koga and Kouki? They didn't seem to be training human relationships," Jason remarked the last two words.

Kuroka was petrified. She had overlooked entirely the two boys who were sleeping in the beds. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"They... they... They were resting! We're swapping shifts. They have trained before, and now it's the girls' turn."

Kuroka tried to explain himself as best he could. With every word she said, she felt it sounded more and more convincing.

"Is that true?" Jason asked the two boys.

Kouki and Koga felt a chill running down their backs. They nodded with difficulty, despite the consequences that might come with that decision.

"I see. I see. I guess I can't say anything then."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

"Bullshit!" Jason hit Kuroka's head.

"Ouch!" Kuroka put her hands on her head.

The blow wasn't powerful, but enough to hurt Kuroka.

"You don't have to ask who did all this. I know it was you, Kuroka."

Kuroka's face turned pale.

"Stop wasting time and start training."

They all jumped quickly from their seats. Jason had burned the chairs, table, and beds with his fire, and they had to jump, or they would burn.

"This..." Jason heard a soft voice.

"Tell me," Jason looked at Ingvild.

"We don't know how to train them, and we were waiting for you or Semiramis to arrive."

Jason facepalmed. It was true that he hadn't told them how to train, but they should know, shouldn't they?

"Train as usual. You help them to control their sacred Gears better while trying to get their true form or a Breaker balance. It's not too difficult, is it?"

"Yes!" Everyone nodded.

Suddenly, a big black lion appeared in front of Sae. Jason was surprised to see it, but quickly realized it was what Azazel had returned to Sae.

"How interesting. What exactly is it, your Sacred Gear?"

"You can say yes. It's a kind of artificial Sacred Gear that was installed for me by the utsusemi agency. Its name is Cowardly Leo."

The lion was huge, with dark hair and golden eyes. Although it was artificial, it seemed to have intelligence.

"Isn't that the lion in the story of 'the wonderful wizard of Oz'?" Jason asked.

"Yes, apparently what the Wizards of Oz want to do is 'revive' is the three demonic monsters. Cowardly Leo, Dead Lumberjack, Rampage Scarecrow. The reason for their search is unknown."

Apparently, the Oz magicians had a similar target to the Utsusemi agency. The agency wanted the Four Fiends and the wizards want the three demonic monsters.

Jason saw them start training and left them alone. He was going to help Tobio and Vali, but he wasn't going to waste his time with the rest. They had powerful Sacred Gears, but not enough to get Jason's attention. He wasn't going to spend much time training them when they weren't training on their own. Jason was no nanny.

Jason then headed to the secondary training room. This room was not the same as the one Sae, Natsume, and so on were training... This room was only inferior to the training room where Vali was currently training.

This is where Lavinia and Medea were training. Medea had briefly explained to her what he wanted to do with Lavinia to help her train and be her 'successor'.

One of the things that weighed on Medea's mind after her death was the lack of disciples she had had. She had had no one to pass on her knowledge of magecraft. To avoid repeating this mistake, she had been thinking about finding someone in this life Jason had given her.

She had not yet started looking for this successor when she met Lavinia. Medea detected the great potential that the young woman had and wanted to turn her into the person who was going to receive all her knowledge about magecraft.

To do this, the first thing Medea had to do was to activate Lavinia's magical circuits. By injecting prana, or mana, into Lavinia's body, her magic circuits were activated immediately. The problem Medea find was that Lavinia had never interacted with prana and did not know how her body was going to react, so she had to activate all the magical circuits slowly.

The reason Medea had chosen Lavinia was because of her large number of magical circuits, which reached an absurd amount of 400. This number is insane considering that Rin Tohsaka was barely 40, Emiya Shirou was 27, and Luviagelita Edelfelt was 100, the latter being the person known with the most magical circuits.

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