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15.27% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 21: Trial´s Rewards

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Chapter 21: Trial´s Rewards

The first thing Jason saw when he woke up was a familiar roof, the roof of his temple room.

(So the trial is over, I wonder if I passed?)

When he tried to get up he was greeted by a heavy object that made him lie back on the bed.

Jason: "Cough-cough, WT...!?"

Jason was going to curse but he realized it was Ingvild and she was sobbing on his chest.

Ingvild: "Thank goodness, Snif-Snif, you've woken up, snif-snif"

Jason hugged her against his chest and stroked her back as he looked at her with affection and gentleness. During the time they had spent together Jason had become very fond of Ingvild, it would be a lie if he said it didn't hurt to see her cry.


Jason lifted his head to see where the cough was coming from and saw Medea watching him hug Ingvild with a false angry face that couldn't hide the relief and worry in her eyes along with a touch of jealousy at the sight of the hug and the look Jason was giving Ingvild.

Jason had a huge grin in his face when he gestured for Medea to approach. Medea approached with doubt on her face. Jason with his free arm grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to his embrace along with Ingvild. Medea did not reject him and curled up in his chest.

(AN: Jason's current form is teenager.)

When Ingvild stopped crying she realized the clumsy position she was in, and looking at the playful smile Medea was giving her on the other side of Jason's chest, she was embarrassed and got up quickly.

Ingvild: "Excuse me!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She bowed down and ran out of the room. Jason and Medea couldn't stand the laughter of seeing her act that way.

Once alone Jason hugged Medea with both arms and kissed her lightly, Medea kissed him back and then buried her head in Jason's chest again.

Medea: "Ingvild and I were worried when we saw you fainting."

Jason sighed, "I'm sorry to have worried you."

Medea: "It's nothing. Just be more careful next time."

Jason just nodded and said nothing. When they left the room they saw that it was too late and decided to go home. Jason changed to his childish form before going home and having dinner with his parents.

Already in the room Jason lay down in his bed and Medea materialized next to him. Jason turned to look her in the face and stroked her cheek gently. Medea showed a beautiful smile as she noticed the care and affection in Jason's gesture and eyes.

Medea had been bearing it all along and in the end couldn't stand her curiosity.

Medea: "Jason"

Jason: "Yes?"

Medea: "I'm curious"

Jason smiled because he already knew what she was going to ask but he made a fool of himself "What's my princess curious about?"

Medea pouted but equally asked "Which is the Noble Phantasm that you have called, it has even managed to make you faint so it must be very powerful".

Jason smiled as he remembered getting his favorite shield just a few hours ago " It's called Rho Aias."

Medea was surprised to learn the name of the shield "The shield of Aias the Great, which stopped the Durindana!? But that was not a physical shield but it was formed by a very complex magecraft".

Jason: "In fact. It's not really the real shield that was used in the past. It's a perfect copy created from Magecraft, it's even more powerful than the original."

Medea was shocked (even more than the original!)

Jason didn't care about Medea's expression and went on to explain "As you've seen before, the shield has 7 layers which are represented by one petal each. Each petal requires more mana than the previous one to be formed since each layer is more powerful than the previous one. It can even withstand a blow from the Noble Phantasm of Cu Cuchlainn".

Medea couldn't be in shock anymore (It's even able to stop Gae Bolg!). Jason saw many feelings go through Medea's eyes, but the only feeling that remained from beginning to end was pride even though he didn't know what she was proud of. Only Medea knew that she was proud to know that such a powerful shield as Rho Aias was in the hands of her beloved and no one else.

Medea was still feeling discomfort in her lower part from losing her virginity the night before so after a few kisses they decided to go to sleep.

Jason closed his eyes but did not fall asleep directly. He wanted to know what rewards he had earned for passing the test.

[Name: Jason Frey

Age: 8 (26)

Title: Murder of criminals/ `The Chosen´

Bloodline: Dragon of the blazing blizzard / Descendant of Hero Jason the Argonaut

Shop Points: 0

Summon Points: 4800

Ability Points: 0


Strength: 750 -> 3500

Speed: 1500 ->3500

Lifespan: 200000 years

Mana: 3000 -> 5000


Sharingan 3 tomoe (129/1000)

Sword Master Lv 7 (745/20000)

Fire Magic Lv MAX

Ice Magic Lv MAX

Icycal flame Lv 3 (0/1000)

-Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (A+) -> (Ex) (sealed B) -> A: 3000 mana every shot



-Noble Phantasm


-Lottery (next ticket 10000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 5000 summon points)



-The Fate Path

-Siegfried Fate Path (Completed)

-EMIYA Fate Path (Sealed)

System Note: Support author with power stones and go to authors P/atreon if you want to read chapters in advance.]

Jason was euphoric to see that his increase in statistics was so high, he now had more confidence in the mission of rescuing Shirone and Kuroka. Not only had his statistics gone up so much, but so had his sword skill.

(System, what has been my reward for passing the Siegfried test?) He asked the system with doubts because apart from statistics and skills rise he didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

[User is thinking too much, the reward is in the experience you get when you pass the test. This time with Siegfried you have raised your sword skill by passing the same training that Siegfried passed, although you haven't reached his level you have improved a lot. Also by drinking and bathing in Fafnir's blood you have managed to integrate completely with your new bloodline, that's why your strength has gone up so much as not only your blood but also your flesh and bones have gone through a transformation so that you are no longer human but a true dragon.]

(So it is so...)

[One more thing. Because you've managed to revive Siegfried's feat to perfection you've managed to get Balmung evolve from A+ to Ex range]


The next morning Jason felt a prick in his cheek.

"Hubby, it's time to wake up" Medea woke him up with a kiss.

Jason got up and prepared to go to school. After school he set out to go home until someone called him.

"Seeeenpaiiiiii!'' Issei shouted as he ran to Jason.

Jason was getting ready to run when he noticed that Issei wasn't coming alone, a girl with short brown hair followed behind him. Jason smiled at the thought that he had met another possible member of his faction so he decided to wait for them.

(AN: Considering that Jason was predicting that Rias would join his faction in the future, he was already counting Issei as part of his faction.)

Jason: "What do you want this time Hyoudou Issei?"

Issei: "I'm glad you remember me Senpai! First let me introduce you, he my best friend, Shidou."

Irina's face which was red because it was so close to the Senpai she admired so much became black when she heard Issei presenting her as a boy.

Jason found the situation quite amusing and took the opportunity to make fun of Irina. "Nice to meet you Shidou-kun, I hope we get along as men."

Irina's forehead was beginning to fill with black lines and just as she was about to explode Jason spoke again.

Jason: "But you're too cute to be a boy, don't you think?"

Irina's face changed from black to red in a moment. Issei would look at Jason and then look at Irina without knowing what was going on (Since when does Shidou make female faces? Men can't make that kind of face, I'm going to have to explain it to him when we get home), but he didn't pay much attention to it and came to the issue he had called Jason about.

Issei bowed and said to Jason, "I want you to accept me as your apprentice!"

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I´m going to change some things gradually on my wirting during the novel. From the next chapter onwards I´m going to change the dialogues style.

If we get to top 50 (Dificult) I would have a 5 chap release on sunday.


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