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45.13% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 64: Two Servants, One Master (R-18)

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Chapter 64: Two Servants, One Master (R-18)

Jason and Akeno returned to Hanging Gardens of Babylon after having lunch with Arthur and Elisabeth.

Akeno ran into her mother's arms. Shuri hugged her and led her by the hand to her room.

Akeno seemed to be mumbling something about hamburgers and how good they are.

Jason greeted the girls of his faction.

"Hi everyone" He smiled brightly. A week away from his favorite girls was a pain in his heart, he really missed them.

"Welcome back, Hubby" Medea approached him.

Jason quickly changed his shape and attracted Medea to his arms. He gently grabbed her chin and gave her a passionate kiss. Medea was not left behind and returned the kiss with the same passion if not more than Jason.

"I missed you" Jason gently stroked Medea's cheek.

"Me too" Medea leaned on Jason's chest.


Medea and Jason separated quickly... they weren't going to make such an obvious cliché.

Medea and Jason didn´t separate and looked at the person who had interrupted them. Jason looked calmly at Semiramis as Medea looked at her with challenging eyes.

"I'm getting jealous, Master" Semiramis showed her seductive smile.

Semiramis stepped down from the throne and approached Jason and Medea. She approached Jason's face and stole a kiss from him.

Jason laughed slightly. He released one of the arms with which he was hugging Medea and attracted Semiramis to his hug.

Jason then kissed Semiramis. Like Medea, Semiramis passionately returned Jason's kiss. She went one step further and began massaging Jason's penis.

Jason shuddered slightly when he felt the caresses of Semiramis and put more intensity to the kiss, squeezing tightly the Semiramis ass.

One hand forcibly separated the mouths of both and before Jason could protest Medea had already kissed him. One hand began to slowly massage his balls.

Jason brought his hand to Medea's tits. With one hand he was stroking Semiramis' beautiful ass and with the other he was playing with Medea's tits.

Jason began to feel the pressure on his dick. Thinking it wouldn't be right to ejaculate in his pants, he decided to take action.

Grabbing his two Servants by the ass, he lifted them up and placed them on his shoulders. He was holding them by the ass as he inserted a finger into the pussies of the two women.

They let out a moan of pleasure without hiding it in the least. They looked at each other with looks of defiance, none were willing to admit defeat.

Jason entered his room and threw the two bishoujo into bed. Jason smiled when he thought Semiramis' idea of having such a big bed was really good.

(Maybe she did it because she was anticipating a scene like this?)

"Witch of betrayal, why don't we have a bet?" Semiramis smiled cunningly at Medea.

"Ehh, sounds interesting queen of shit" Medea smiled back.

"Whoever takes more of Jason's loads will be the one who has a date with him next time."

"I accept" Medea accepted without hesitation.

Jason looked at the two women in amazement. They were deciding matters in which he was an important piece regardless of his opinion.

"Girls, don't you think I should agree too?"

Medea and Semiramis didn't answer, they just looked to Jason. Jason only had to look into the two women's eyes to know that if he didn't accept he should probably have to take it easy with porn magazines and lubricant in the future.

"All right, I accept," Jason accepted, although it's not like he's against it in the first place.

The two girls smiled lewdly. They dematerialized their Soaring Dragon kimonos, leaving only their underwear.

"Do you like it? I've chosen it especially for today."

Medea had a bra and purple panties to match her hair, which gave a mystical feeling that prevented Jason from taking his eyes off them. The purity of a woman in love with her husband who emitted Medea along with the mystical sensation that emitted her underwear made Jason's dick, which had returned to normal while taking the two women to the room, become active again.

"M-A-S-T-E-R, don't you want to play with my body?" Semiramis caught Jason's attention.

Compared to the aura of a woman in love that Medea brought, Semiramis carried a seductive aura of a woman in need of sex. She was wearing one-piece underwear, if you could call that underwear.

Semiramis' underwear covered her neck, stomach and vagina. These underwear left her two big tits outdoors, barely covering her nipples with two black circles.

Jason's gaze was fixed on Semiramis' breasts. She smiled when she saw that the lingerie that had caught her attention by chance while watching an XXX magazine had achieved its goal.

She gave Medea a look of victory, Medea clenched her teeth. Semiramis took advantage of Medea's and Jason's distraction to catch him and put him to bed.

She then approached him on her knees and began to pull down his pants, revealing his erect dick. She caressed him gently as she approached his mouth.


Semiramis swallowed Jason's penis to the bottom, it grew even bigger when Semiramis' tongue twisted inside his mouth. Semiramis had underestimated the length of Jason's penis and quickly pulled it out of his mouth.

"Cough, I seem to have been too greedy" Semiramis lamented.

Medea had already woken up from the daze and took advantage of the moment when Semiramis pulled Jason's penis out of her mouth to launch the attack.

Medea swallowed Jason's penis in one fell swoop, leaving not an inch out of her mouth. Semiramis opened her eyes in shock and smiled bitterly.

"Ohhh..." Jason groaned softly for the pleasure Medea was giving him.

Semiramis didn't stand still while Medea was blowjobing Jason. She took off her panties and sat on Jason's face.


"Ufufufu, Master should eat a little"

Jason cursed Semiramis inside, at the same time he was also praising her. He grabbed Semiramis' buttocks tightly and put his tongue into her pussy.

"AAAHN!" Semiramis groaned with pleasure as she felt Jason's intrusion into her pussy.

Jason shuddered when he felt Medea's hand caressing his balls. He grabbed Semiramis' buttocks tighter and started licking faster.

"Yes, YES!" Semiramis seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

She took one of Jason's hands and carried it to one of her tits. Jason didn't let her go and squeezed her nipple tightly.

Jason felt he couldn't take it anymore and ejaculated into Medea's mouth. He squeezed Semiramis' nipple at the same time he was ejaculating. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


She groaned and orgasmed. A stream of liquid fell on Jason's mouth, he drank it at ease and without complaining.

"I got the first one" Medea smiled victoriously at Semiramis.

Semiramis quickly recovered from her orgasm and pulled Medea away from Jason's penis. She pulled her penis towards her tits and started shaking them from top to bottom.

"We'll see what Jason likes best, your blowjob or my titjob."

Inside the throne room.

Ingvild, Nekohime and Kuroka looked at each other. They too had been waiting in the throne room for Jason and Akeno to return from school.

Initially, the maids along with Sarashiki, Blair and Chloe had also been waiting for Jason. But knowing that he wasn't coming back until later, they decided to go train or take care of household chores.

"Have we just been completely ignored?" Nekohime asked. She was still blushing because of the public affectionate disposition of Jason and the two women.

"They've probably gone to make babies," Kuroka muttered, she was thinking whether she should join them or not. She remembered that her teacher was one of the two women with Jason right now and decided not to risk another hellish training from her.

Kuroka's words were obviously heard by the other two girls, Nekohime's cheeks reddened even more as she mumbled incomprehensible words.

Ingvild on the other hand was relatively calm. The determination in her eyes seemed increasingly intense.

"I can't stay behind," she said to herself.

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