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74.3% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 106: Unexpected surprise.

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Chapter 106: Unexpected surprise.

Jason said goodbye to the cats.

"Are you going to visit us again?"

Jason turned and saw Nekohime's expectant face.


Jason left Infernum and went straight to the training room.

Meanwhile, in the last cell in Infernum.

Blair was facing Nekohime.

"Why didn't you tell him?"

Nekohime lowered her head. She didn't dare look Blair in the eye.

"I couldn't."

"Don't you think he should know? He's the father after all."

A silly smile blossomed on Nekohime's face. She rubbed her belly affectionately.

"We still have time. You know that a Bastet's pregnancy is different from a normal one. He has said that he will let us out in nine months at the most, at that time, there will still be more than a year of pregnancy.

Blair sighed when she heard Nekohime's words.

"Do what you want."

She no longer paid attention to her princess and focused on television. Sarashiki and Chloe watched their discussion without saying anything. They had no right to say anything after all.

Blair was Nekohime's right-hand man, and they were just her bodyguards. They had no voice in such matters.

Jason left the training room for dinner. He shared dinner with the core members of Soaring Dragon while the Nekoshou Maids served them.

He asked about the progress of Ingvild and Akeno.

"Ingvild has improved a lot by controlling his magic. Her control of Acqua Diavolo has also improved greatly, although she still has a long way to go before she is considered a master swordswoman.

"Akeno, on the other hand, continues to practice her holy power fusion with her lighting magic. She still has some way to go, but if she manages to bring her power to its limits, she can become a terrifying power."

Jason was surprised to hear Medea's words. For someone at her level, categorizing a power as terrifying was not something to be taken lightly.

After dinner, Jason went straight to his room. Accompanying him was Medea. Semiramis had decided to let Medea have quality time with Jason.

Soon the next morning arrived. A new week was starting, and Jason had a feeling it was going to be a special week.

As usual, Jason and Akeno went to school together. Arthur and Elisabeth were already at the door, waiting for the two of them to arrive.

Jason accompanied Arthur to the dorms while Elisabeth went with Akeno. After leaving their belongings in the respective dormitories, the four met again in class.

Professor Smith entered the class, and the first thing she did was to give a piece of unexpected news.

"Today we have a new student in the class, he comes from another country, so I hope you treat him well.

"Boy, come on in."

The new comrade entered the class while grumbling.

"That damn Azazel, look what to send the Vanishing Dragon to school. I'm going to use Half Dimension in this school for kids so I can go back to training".

Everyone watched in astonishment as the silver-haired boy spoke to himself. The most exaggerated reaction was Jason's; he had his mouth and eyes open. Jason couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"So this was the surprise Azazel wanted to give me."

The teacher didn't know how to react to her new student's words. What was the Vanishing Dragon and Half Dimension?

A grunt was heard from one of the corners of the classroom. Everyone looked at Jason in confusion.

"Vali Lucifer"

Vali looked at the person who had called him. He saw a boy with white hair and red eyes about 12 years old. Vali had never seen this boy before, how did he know his name?

Paying more attention to the boy, Vali realized that his face was very familiar. It was so familiar that it was terrifying.


"Hey, you still seem to recognize me."

It's really Aniki, Vali thought.

"Have you shrunk?"

Jason hit his head against the table when he heard Vali's innocent question.

"Shut up and listen to the teacher."

Seeing Jason's serious look, Vali nodded and closed his mouth. The teacher gave Jason a grateful look.

"This is Vali Lucifer. He will be your companion from now on."

The teacher pointed to an empty seat near Jason.

"You can sit there."

Vali did as the teacher said. He seemed to have recognized her as the person in charge, just as Barakiel was in charge of the SlashDog team.

Once Vali sat down, the teacher started the class.

"Hey, aniki," Vali whispered to Jason.


"Do you know why father sent me here?"

"No, I didn't even know you were coming."

"Is that so? He had told me that I could get improve if I came here."

"Aniki, what are you doing here?"

Jason's eyebrow twitched. Before he could answer Vali, the teacher scolded both of them.

"Vali, Jason! Shut up!"

Vali shut his mouth and said nothing.

Late in the afternoon, Jason and Arthur went to perform their club activities as usual. Of course, with the addition of the little Lucifer.

"Where are we going? Aniki, where are we going?"

Vali hadn't stopped bothering Jason all day.

"Let's go train," Jason replied.

Vali's eyes lit up. This is what he's been waiting for since he got to school.

Jason looked at Vali with pity in his eyes. Azazel seemed no longer to bear with him and had somehow tricked him into going to school.

"Let's train! What training is it?" Vali asked excitedly.




All the excitement in Vali's body suddenly disappeared. He wanted to see how Aniki had trained to be so strong; he did not want to train in sword skills.

Vali did not want to use any weapon other than his devil power and his Divine Dividing. The rest were just useless additions.

Jason knew what Vali was thinking.

"First, watch, then tell me what you think," Jason told him.

Arthur didn't say anything at any time. He had knowledge of certain matters in the supernatural world because of his position in the Pendragon family.

The last descendant of Lucifer, not knowing whether Rizevim was still alive or dead after the Devil Civil War, was a 12-year-old boy under the mantle of Azazel.

His name: Vali Lucifer.

Another open secret was that Vali Lucifer was a half-human and was the current user of Divine Dividing.

All three entered the dojo. The seniors who were already warming up greeted them, and Jason and Arthur returned the greeting with respect. They were the seniors, after all.

In these weeks, the seniors had become very fond of these two juniors. Every time the two had spars, they could see the great distance between them and the freshmen. But this didn't depress them; it gave them hope to win the international school fencing championship.

The two boys went to their usual corner, followed by Vali. This corner had been reserved for them since the first day, it was not official, but everyone knew that the two trained there every day and nobody bothered them.

Each took a wooden sword and placed it inside the arena.

Vali hoped that the auras of the two would explode and plunge into a brutal battle, but that was nothing further from the truth.

Jason and Arthur did not move at superhuman speed or use spectacular magic as Vali expected. The movements of the two had an intensity similar to that of their dojo companions.

"Pay attention to the swords" Jason's voice reached Vali's ears.

Vali then paid attention to the one thing he hadn't paid attention to, the swords.

Crash after crash. The movements didn't have much force or speed, and it was something that Vali was sure he was able to deal with easily.

The more Vali saw the exchange of blows, the more immersed he was in battle. He did not understand this feeling; how was it possible that a pair of wooden sticks could create such a beautiful scene and melody?

Vali then felt a chill in his heart. And if Jason were with everything and that sword of his, would he be able to withstand just one of his attacks?

Even if it was with everything, Vali didn't have confidence in Jason's 50% power. How terrifying!

And the other guy, that human named Arthur. Vali could see that he too was restraining himself. To be able to defend Jason's attacks and even force him to defend himself? His sword skills were not inferior to that of his Aniki.

If he had a sword of Jason's level, wouldn't Vali be in trouble facing him?

Vali's perception of weapons changed when he saw the confrontation between Jason and Arthur.

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