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54.16% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 77: Vali´s challenge, Fighting Slash Dog!

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Chapter 77: Vali´s challenge, Fighting Slash Dog!

"Is something wrong?" asked a confused Jason.

"N-Nothing, it's just that Griffon had never acted like this with anyone but me," Natsume replied, her voice sounded embarrassed and nervous.

"Even your beast abandons you, you are really pitiful" Kouki mocked Natsume.

"Kouki Samejima..." Natsume gritted his teeth.

Kouki is a handsome young man with spiked up dyed brown hair and gray eyes. He looked like a typical high school delinquent.

"You know my name, just don't bother me too much" Kouki was direct enough.

Tobio got up from the couch and approached Jason. He reached out, and Jason shook his hand.

"Tobio Ikuse, Slash Dog leader" Tobio introduced himself and sat down again. He was an Introverted boy.

(So he is one of the strongest humans. Someone on a par with Arthur and Cao Cao) Jason thought.

Jason then looked at Vali. He was the only one left to introduce himself, but it didn't look like he was going to introduce himself.

Vali is a young boy with dark silver hair and ice-blue eyes. He looked about twelve years old.

Lucifer's descendant also looked at Jason. He wanted to introduce himself, but his pride was too close to Jason.

Azazel smiled bitterly when he saw the attitude of his adopted son. Jason was now his older brother, or maybe the younger one? Not that it was important to him.

"Jason, the silver-haired guy is your new brother. Vali, come and introduce yourself. "

Vali snorted. Azazel gave him a stern look, and Vali grudgingly approached.

"I am Vali Lucifer, and from now on, I am your older brother." Vali pushed his chest out like an arrogant chick.

Jason frowned. Where would his pride go if a little boy declared himself as his older brother?

"I'm older than you, why should I be the younger brother?" Jason asked.

"It's obvious, it's because I'm stronger than you," Vali said. He seemed to be saying something obvious.

(Here we go again) Jason was really tired of this. First Rias (Go back to the first chapters) and now Vali, where all the members of the new generation of devils so arrogant?

"We haven't fought yet, how do you know you're stronger than me?" Jason asked out of curiosity.

"You can't defeat the great devil Vali Lucifer and his super companion the vanishing dragon," Vali exclaimed as he possessed a superhero of small children.

(What a tender Chunnibyou!) It was what everyone shouted in their minds when they saw Vali.

Jason's eyebrow crisp. Where was Issei's cool rival from the novels? Why was he an arrogant chunnibyou?

"Why don't we fight to see who the big brother is?" Jason challenged him.

Vali's eyes shone, this was a direct challenge! He came close to accepting it but recanted at the last moment.

(I'm the final boss, he has to go through the minions before he can fight the strongest) Vali thought. The eighth-grade syndrome was quite severe in the case of the young devil.

Vali looked at the Slash Dog team and smiled when an idea appeared in his head.

"If you want to fight against the magnificent Vali Lucifer you first have to beat his subordinates, HAHAHA" Vali laughed exaggeratedly trying to imitate a villain.

Everyone face-palmed.

"And who are your subordinates, Va-Kun?" asked an innocent Lavinia.

"You, Slash Dog" Vali pointed them out.

"Vali, watch your words," Azazel remarked.

"It doesn't matter, I'd also like to see Jason's strength" Kouki shrugged.

Natsume once agreed with Kouki. Tobio just got up from the sofa, the introverted boy also wanted to fight Jason.

"Although Va-Kun has been a little rough, I don't dislike the idea of trying Jason's strength," Lavinia smiled.

Azazel sighed, Vali really was a troubled boy.

"All right, let's go to the training grounds."

Slash Dog, Jason, Azazel, and Vali arrived at the training grounds. The terrain was a place similar to the Gremory Palace terrain. Here they could fight without having to think about the consequences.

"Who wants to fight first?" Tobio asked.

"Let me go," Kouki stepped forward.

"It's okay" Tobio accepted Kouki's proposal.

Kouki entered the combat area. His cat was with him.

Jason was already inside the combat area. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Kouki go in alone.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you," Kouki told Jason.

"You're pretty confident, are you really going to fight alone?" Jason asked Kouki.

Kouki was irritated when he felt Jason was underestimating him. The same thing happened to the other members of Slash Dog.

Natsume clenched his fists and teeth, Kouki had a similar level to hers, and seeing Jason underestimate him was the same thing he underestimated her. Even Lavinia frowned.

"Isn't he too arrogant?" Tobio asked Azazel.

Azazel looked at Tobio and the other members of Slash Dog, he then looked at Jason. The dark energy returned to Azazel's mind.

"He is not an arrogant person" Those were the only words Azazel said.

They didn't understand what Azazel meant. Seeing that Azazel did not want to explain himself, they decided to turn their attention back to combat.

Kouki was facing Jason. He did not know why Azazel had brought him, Kouki had encountered a large number of enemies and used to feel pressure if the opponent was strong, but he could not feel anything when facing Jason.

"You can start" Vali's voice was heard inside the combat area.

(That kid, you'll see when I´m done with Jason) Kouki thought.

Kouki ran to Jason, ready to enter combat at close range. Jason saw Kouki approach, but he didn't make a move.

Kouki was surprised when he saw that Jason did not make any movement.

(Are you so surprised to see my fast speed?)

Kouki was a speedy person, he needed that speed to adapt to his special weapon. He was one of the fastest even within Grigori.

He decided to end the combat quickly. Kouki clenched his fist and punched Jason's face, aiming to knock him unconscious.

Just when he believed he had hit the mark, Kouki's fist did not hit the target, and he destabilized. A great pain appeared in his back, and he fell to the ground.

"Agh" Kouki spat blood.

Something hit his stomach, and he felt like he was flying. Kouki looked up and found Jason's pair of cold eyes.

"Not bad, but you can't do much with just that." Kouki clenched his teeth when he heard Jason.

"I underestimated you."

"Yeah, in a real fight you'd be dead." Jason nodded.

Kouki got up with difficulty. He took a deep breath.

"Byakusa- True form."

Kouki's white cat stood in front of him. Jason was put on alert when he felt the aura of ancestral beast expand.


The cat grew to become a huge tiger about 3 meters high with many tails. Lightning came out of the fur of their tails.

"How interesting," murmured Jason.

"Come on, fiend of ignorance: Toukotsu!" Kouji shouted.

Kouji threw himself at Jason again. Jason frowned when he saw that the boy was going to repeat the same movement.

Jason stood still as before. He easily dodged Kouji's attack again, but when he was about to counterattack, he felt danger and jumped back by instinct.


A bolt of lightning struck the position where Jason had previously stood. Jason felt that this blow would have hurt him if it had hit him.

A slight smile came from his lips. This was more interesting than he expected.

"Roaaarrr!" Byakusa seemed outraged that he had failed. The tiger threw another bolt at Jason.

Jason could clearly see how he had thrown the beam. It seemed that the tiger was able to produce electricity from its tails and launch attacks with them.

"Kouki attacks and Byakusa covers his back. It's not a bad strategy" Jason praised the couple.

"But it's not enough."

Jason made his first move. Knowing that Byakusa was going to cover Kouki every time Jason made a move against him, Jason decided to attack the tiger first.

Jason dashed to the tiger. Everyone was surprised to see how fast he was.

Jason copied Kouki's attack and tried to punch Byakusa.


Jason quickly dodged the lightning that Byakusa had thrown and continued to run towards him. The hit was successful, and the three-meter tiger flew out until it hit the wall.

"It seems that the training has not been in vain" Jason muttered.

"Byakusa!" Kouki shouted and ran to his partner.

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