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93.05% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 133: Vali's determination.

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Chapter 133: Vali's determination.

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Vali asked Jason.

"About 15,000 meters above sea level."

Vali and Tobio stopped in shock. Did they hear him right? Fifteen thousand meters was a lot of meters. It was higher than the height at which airplanes fly.

"Why are you stopping?" Jason confusedly asked.

The two resumed their walk. Soon they arrived at the main training room of the Hanging Garden of Babylon.

"Here comes the end of your journey, Vali. Go inside, and I'll explain how this room works."

"What about me?" Tobio asked.

"You wait outside. Your training is going to be a bit special. You're not going to increase your strength yet."

Tobio nodded. Jason walked in with Vali inside the room. Looking inside the training room, Vali saw a lot of glyphs, matrices, and magic circles all over the place.

Jason pointed to the magical formation in the center of the room.

"Sit in the center of the formation."

Vali said nothing and did as Jason had indicated. Once Vali sat down, Jason began making seals with his hand.

Jason asked him a question that was key to Vali's training.

"From 1 to 10, at what level would your pain resistance be?"

Vali didn't hesitate to answer.


"Are you sure? This training is going to hurt a lot. I need you to be sincere to adapt it to your abilities." Jason was very serious about this.

"I'm totally serious. You don't know what I've had to put up with since I was a kid."

"You're still a kid," Jason reminded him.

Vali clenched his teeth. What he hated most right now was that he couldn't disprove Jason's words, he was really a kid.

Jason didn't want to get into Vali's past, at least not yet. Vali's hatred of his father was incalculable and could not be healed with a single talk. The boy needed time and affection to heal the wounds of the past.

"Relax and calm down. The pain you will feel now will have nothing to do with anything you have felt or will feel in the future."

Vali closed his eyes and crossed his legs as he sat down.

"Devil's Purification, 1%."

A large number of glyphs and runes gathered around Vali, shining you are with sacred light.

Devil's Purification, as its name implies, is a magical formation created to purify the devil's blood. A formation created to put an end to devils, it inflicted a sacred aura inside the body of the target by destroying the blood containing the devil's DNA.

Why was Jason using such training with Vali? That formation would purify Vali's blood and kill him, wouldn't it?

Jason was using the term "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" to train Vali. This was the same method he was using with Ingvild to make her stronger. If Vali was able to endure the pain and survive Purification, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds. His speed of growth would be linked to the amount of pain he can endure.

"My blood is boiling," Vali said.

"The sacred aura wants to consume your blood. Concentrate, protect your blood from sacred attacks with your devil power. Slowly your devil power will improve, and the pain you will have to endure will be greater."

Vali clenched his teeth and did just as Jason had told him. He guided his devil power through his body to block the sacred aura that wanted to destroy his blood. Once he managed to achieve it, he realized that the pressure and pain was no big deal.

"Is that it?" Vali asked.

"No, no. This is just the beginning."

Jason made a different hand seal. Another group of yellow glyphs, runes, and magic circles were integrated with the magic formation.

"This is something I started training with, too bad I can't use this kind of training anymore."

"Gravity x10."

This change in gravity was much more noticeable than the previous formation. The last formation was an attack on Vali's blood. He just had to concentrate his devil power to defend against the attack.

The change in gravity involved much more. Vali's bones and muscles were used to supporting a certain amount of weight, and now that weight had multiplied tenfold. If before Vali's bones endured 40 kilograms, now he had to take more than 400 counting that the clothes now weighed hundreds of grams and even kilograms.


As expected, Vali's bones couldn't withstand the sudden change and began to creak. Jason, worried, was about to lower the pressure when Vali screamed.

"I can take it! This pain is nothing!"

Jason raised an eyebrow. Vali's bones kept cracking, and the boy seemed to be in pain, but he had no intention of retreating. Vali had his eyes closed, but Jason was sure that if Vali had his eyes open, his look would frighten anyone.

Jason observed him. He wanted to see how long the boy's determination could last.

10 seconds. Vali kept holding on.

30 seconds. Vali clenched his fists tightly. The bones seemed about to break, but Vali wasn't going to back down.

3 minutes. Vali's fists began to bleed due to how tightly he was squeezing them.

5 minutes. Blood came out of all of Vali's pores, covering his body in red.

10 minutes. Jason finally reduced the pressure to x2 gravity. Vali would surely endure the pain, even if it led to his own death. He had stopped controlling his devil power, and the sacred aura was beginning to destroy him inside.

"WHY?" Vali roared in rage.

"Shut up and control your devil power. I'm helping you train, make you stronger. At no time did I want to collaborate in a suicide."

Vali clenched his teeth and protected himself from the sacred aura that threatened his life. Jason saw the situation stabilize and made another hand seal.

"Now you're going to experience the real pain."

"Asclepium summa remedium."

More and more runes were added to the formation. These shone with a greenish color.


For the first time since training had begun, Vali screamed in pain.

Although the name suggested that this formación was used for healing, this was not necessarily the case. Asclepium accelerated the speed of Vali's body recovery but did not heal him directly. Bones that would normally take weeks or months to rejoin came together at a pace that could be seen with the naked eye. The same was true for unattached muscle tissues.

This didn't come without a price. Vali was now enduring the pain she had felt before but multiplied several times, added to the fact that Vali could feel his bones joining and it wasn't a pleasant sensation.

Vali's body fully recovered in a minute. Jason deactivated the healing formation once Vali had finished recovering.

"I'm going to increase the sacred aura, get ready."

"Devil's Purification, 5%."

The intensity of the brightness of the sacred runes increased. The sacred aura surpassed Vali's devil power, so Vali had to concentrate on improving the strength of his own power as he tried to defend himself from the holy aura.

Once Vali stabilized the situation, Jason approached him. Increased gravity did not affect him, but the sacred aura also tried to enter his body. Jason did not bother to defend himself from the sacred aura, as it did not pose any danger to him.

Jason placed two fingers on Valim's forehead sending him information about the control of the three runes.

"You have temporary control over the three runes, use it to train. This room is special, a day in here is an hour outside."

Vali didn't speak. He was reviewing the information Jason had given him.

Before leaving the room, Jason told Vali.

"Don't kill yourself. I don´t want to lose my little brother."

When Jason left, Tobio was waiting patiently.

"Let's go," Jason asked.


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