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Chapter 54: Windsor and Pendragon

"I am Elisabeth Windsor, heir to the throne of England and a Longinus wielder, Alphecca Tyrant."

Akeno stunned at Elisabeth. She knew perfectly what the word Longinus stood for. One of her teachers, Ingvild, owned a Longinus.

Nereid Kyrie: A Longinus that allows Ingvild to control both the sea and the dragons.

Just to think of a Sacred Gear capable of controlling both the sea and the dragons, just thinking that someone was capable of doing that sent chills to many people.

Akeno knew perfectly how terrifying Longinus could be, so she was surprised to learn that her roommate for the next four years had one of them.

"So you're the variable Arthur was talking about" Jason was also slightly surprised.

He knew much better than Akeno how powerful the Longinus could become. Being a DxD fan it was impossible for him not to know what the Longinus were and what they stood for. As God's system errors, a Longinus taken to its maximum potential are weapons that can kill gods.

"It's her" Arthur nodded to what Jason said.

"Variable? I am the heiress, I am no variable" Elisabeth was angry for some reason.

Jason wanted to know what Alphecca Tyrant was capable of doing. Of all the Longinus, this was the least known. In fact, the only information that is known is the fact that it belongs to someone in the royal family. At no time is it said to whom it belongs or their powers.

Jason knew he couldn't ask Elisabeth such a personal question, at least for the moment. He was planning to ask her later when their relationship improves and they get closer, he may even use the fact that Ingvild is her roommate to get more information.

By the end of the day, Jason had come to the conclusion that he wanted these two inside Soaring Dragon. Arthur was already one of the people on his list and now Elisabeth was also joining it.

Jason had traveled to England with the idea of settling down and finding ways to join Grigori. Once he joins Grigori, he wants to get closer to Vali so he can get inside Khaos Brigade.

Jason wants to get into these two organizations so that he can approach certain individuals who may be part of Soaring Dragon in the future. Examples of these would be: Cao Cao, Tobio, Lavinia, Jeanne, Heracles, etc...

Once Jason enters Khaos Brigade, Kuroka would also enter. So he could end up with that secondary mission and receive that lottery ticket.

Elisabeth was actually a variable. Jason did not expect to meet the mysterious wielder of this unknown Longinus within the school, it was also a surprise to meet Arthur here.

Jason and Arthur separated from Akeno and Elisabeth and returned to the dormitories. It was too late and they decided to rest a bit, after the previous fight everyone was exhausted.

The next morning, Jason and Arthur went down to the cafeteria after a morning shower.

Outside the dormitories they met an acquaintance, Zack Windsor. He was surprised to see Arthur walking beside the same boy who had threatened him the day before.

"So the Pendragon family would rather face strangers than the royal family," Zack said sarcastically.

"I would give you the face if you were the heir, but you are just trash who only knows how to use his family name" Arthur did not fall short with his words.

"You dare to call me trash!" Zack pointed his finger at Arthur.

"I dare to kill you right here," Arthur said flatly.

"If you don't put your hand down in 3 seconds, I'll make sure you can't lift it anymore," Jason threatened coldly.

Zack froze when he heard the boys' direct threats.


Jason started the countdown.


Zack still didn't react. It seemed that this boy, who had grown up with a silver spoon, could not stand the slightest threat.


"Wait!" An anxious voice stopped Jason before he acted.

Jason frowned and looked back. Elisabeth came running along with Akeno. Jason relaxed as he saw who she was.

"What are you doing here?"

"We got up early and wanted to find you to take breakfast together," Akeno replied.

Jason nodded. He looked at Elisabeth, she was looking furiously at her older brother.

"It seems you need to be reminded that you are not the crown prince anymore" Elisabeth's voice was cold, she didn't seem to be talking to her brother but to an unknown person.

"Fucking bitch, if it weren't for you," Zack whispered low.

A dark aura emanated from Elisabeth's body, exerting pressure on Zack. Zack was a normal human being so he couldn't withstand the pressure and was forced to kneel.

Jason watched Elisabeth curiously. Apparently, Alphecca Tyrant had something to do with dark energy. Jason was surprised to see for a moment a dark crown over Elisabeth's head and a blanket of dark energy surrounding her body.

"Go away, don't even think about laying a hand on Akeno. I say it for your own good." Elisabeth said coldly to Zack as she withdrew the pressure.

Zack got up quickly and left the place. Fortunately for him, all the students were in the cafeteria or still sleeping, so no one had seen him kneel in front of his younger sister.

Elisabeth sighed heavily at the sight of her brother leaving.

"Are you really brothers?" asked a confused Akeno.

"Yes, we are brothers of the same mother. But since they discovered the fact that I am the wielder of Alphecca Tyrant and they gave me my brother's place as heiress, he has treated me as if I were a bitch who stole everything from him. It is not as if I so desperately want the position of heiress" Elisabeth complained openly.

"Why did you agree to be heir then?" Jason asked.

"Alphecca Tyrant is a Longinus who has belonged to the English royal family for countless generations. By custom, the wielder of Alphecca Tyrant has to be the heir to the throne as this Longinus represents the power of the royal family" Arthur explained in Elisabeth's place.

"It is said that Aplhecca Tyrant appeared for the first time in Mordred and passed on to his descendants. Later, the Pendragon family split into two branches: The Pendragon family in the shadows and the Windsor family in the light. Both families control the power of England and govern it." Elisabeth continued with the explanation.

"Alphecca Tyrant maintains the balance between the two families, since for some reason this only appears in the members of the Windsor family. On the other hand, the members of the Pendragon family are more physically powerful and are better with magic".

"Alphecca Tyrant had not appeared for generations. But luckily no special member was born in the Pendragon branch, so there could have been neutrality between the two branches."

"But this ended when Arthur was born, right?" Jason more or less guessed the rest.

They had been talking along the way and were already sitting at a table in the cafeteria.

"That's right." Elisabeth didn't deny it. "And it got worse when his younger sister arrived."

"Both my sister and I are geniuses of those who appear once every thousand years. She and I seem to be comparable to our original ancestors, Arthur Pendragon and Morgan Le Fay," Arthur explained.

"The members of the Windsor family became nervous at the thought that in the future the Pendragon branch could take control of the whole of England. And that's when you woke up your Longinus," Jason supplemented the explanation.

"Alphecca Tyrant only appeared a few years ago. When I woke up Alphecca Tyrant, my father and mother quickly stripped my brother of his title of heir and handed it over to me."

"Essentially they threw all the shit on you" Akeno sighed in frustration. She could not understand why adults were like that, she knew all that her mother had suffered during these years because of the obstinate elders of the Himejima clan.

"My brother wasn't like that before. Before I was his little treasure and he was my beloved older brother. Now we can't even see each other" Little tears formed in Elisabeth's eyes.

Jason frowned. Arthur saw his gesture and asked him confused.

"Is something wrong?

"Is it okay for you to tell us this? We've only known each other a day"

"Well, though it's a secret to the plebeians. Everything I've told you before is known by the supernatural world. It is strange that people in the supernatural world like you do not know about this," Arthur explained.

Jason scratched his head in shame.

(In novels they have never talked about English royalty. How do you want me to know something so "basic"?)

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

So here we have some story explanation. If I have any plotholes please tell me in the comments.

Tomorrow we continue with the mass release. Currently 3/6.

Let´s get into the first 50 in this week!

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