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56.42% Reborn in Naruto As Madara's Grandson / Chapter 141: 137. Night Reaper Part-1

137. Night Reaper Part-1 - Reborn in Naruto As Madara's Grandson - Chapter 141 by ForgottenLife full book limited free

Chapter 141: 137. Night Reaper Part-1

A/N:- So folks my Finals have started. They will last till 23rd Dec. So, I won't be able to post often since I have to prepare for my Finals. But I will release double chapters for a week during Christmas Week since no online classes and it will be a while before new sem starts. Wish me luck. :)


Izuna walks out of the mansion as he gazes at the Kiri.

'No matter which world, you can't escape from politics. People always try to use others for their gain. It is the same in Konoha and it is the same here… Never mind that I will look around in Kiri for a bit and maybe buy some essentials.'

He slowly wanders through the streets of Kiri. Most of Kiri's architecture is composed of several cylindrical buildings and many buildings have vegetation growing on their roofs.

'Well… they sure are efficiently using their space. The society of Kiri is divided into three classes, the Higher class, the Middle class, and the lower class.'

Izuna skims through the memories of Anbus.

'The higher class also called the Noble clans are the descendants and clansmen of the First Mizukage who founded the Village. They have the most political power in the village and the civilians worship them like gods.'

Izuna has a conflicted expression on his face as he remembers various kingdoms from his past life.

'It is similar to the aristocratic system. So, what's the role of Daimyo in all of this?'

Izuna shakes his head as he continues to read the memories.

'The allied clan of the First Mizukage constitutes of the Middle class. They have fewer privileges in the village… hmm… makes sense… no king will allow his soldiers to gain more power.

So… the Terumi clan is one of the allied clan of First Mizukage... but due to some conflicts, there is friction between them.

And as for the lower class… they are the war prisoners or enemy clans which are being monitored by the village. The lower clans are assigned the most difficult of the difficult mission. There is a brutal graduation ceremony for them to graduate from the academy and the mortality rate of the lower clans is as high as 70-80%.'

Izuna rubs his forehead as he compiles the information.

'Well… this is Kiri's way of cutting loose ends. So… which family of Noble clans sent this guy to stalk me?'

Izuna looks at a cloaked figure from the corner of his eyes.

'This guy started stalking me right after I left the Terumi mansion. Maybe he is the assassin. I won't mind entertaining him… if he wants to dance.'

Izuna buys some essentials from one of the shops in Kiri.

'Things are quite expensive here. Well… Konoha is the only village with so many resources as it is located in the center of the shinobi world.'

He returns to the small house after completing his purchase. Kimimaro welcomes him with an emotionless face.

"You should smile more often." Izuna smiles at Kimimaro.

Kimimaro opens his diary and scribbles down something.


Izuna rubs his head in frustration and enters inside the kitchen. He ties an apron and prepares lunch.

'I have learned to cook from mother and Kushina nee-san. I have often spent my night in the wild while performing anbu missions. So… cooking helped me a lot. Well… I can only cook meat dishes… at least it is better than nothing.'

Sniff… Sniff…

The fragrance of the aroma of the meat spreads through the entire house. Kimimaro inhales the aroma and salivates.


On top of the roof of Izuna's house, the assassin gulps his saliva as the fragrance of the delicious meat enters his nose.

'Damnit! This is torture. I haven't eaten anything from the morning. I have been chasing this guy since morning. And here he is… having a feast.

Once I kill him… I will enjoy a feast in my favorite restaurant.'

The assassin pulls out a special transparent kunai from his pocket as it glistens with sharpness.


Later at Night,

The Assassin finally makes his move.

'It's time to finish him off. I have to perform the assassin without making my noise. I am not called 'Night Reaper' for nothing.

The Assassin makes some hand signs and calmly clasps his hand.

"Night Release: Endless Night Jutsu"

He releases some black mist from his body. The mist fuses with the surrounding as darkness intensifies. The moon slowly fades away from the vision and the house is completely covered in darkness.

'It's about time to finish it off.'

The assassin pulls out the glistening Kunai from his holster and enters inside the house.

'Night Release: Hiding in Night Jutsu'

His figure turns into black particles and fuses with the darkness. The assassin slowly crawls through the house.

He spots Izuna and slowly creeps his way to him.


A few minutes earlier,

Kimimaro is silently sleeping on the bed. Izuna looks at Kimimaro and sighs.

'This kid has quite an endurance. He has been struggling non stop for almost the entire day to get used to those heavy gravity weights. At this rate, he will able to walk normally by next week or so.

I will relieve some stress from his body. Izuna closes his eyes and absorbs Nature energy.

He transfers the Nature energy to Kimimaro to rejuvenate him.

Umm… mmm…

Kimimaro moans in his sleep as the Nature energy slowly rejuvenates his body. The bones in his body absorb the Nature energy and turn into a shade of Grey before returning to normal.

Izuna notices the anomaly.

'Interesting… his body or to be more precise… his bones have some affinity with Nature energy. I wonder if he will be able to learn Sage Mode.'

Izuna curiously inspects Kimimaro's bones and shakes his head in frustration.

'His Kekkei Genkai is an inherent ability. I can't learn it.'


Izuna raises his head and feels some vibrations through the roof. He has gained the ability to sense vibration and waves by utilizing shock release.

'Oh! Looks like… Mr. Assassin is about to make his move. I suppose… he has found an apt opportunity.'

Izuna lies down on his bed as he patiently waits for the assassin.

'I can kill this guy instantly... but then I won't be able to see his abilities. I have to learn some new abilities to further my understanding of Kekkei Shi.'

Yes… Kekkei Shi. That's the name Izuna came up with a nature transformation involving four Nature elements. Kekkei Mora involves Five or more nature transformation whereas Kekkei Tota involves three nature transformations.

There is a gap between both of them and Izuna never found any record involving Nature transformations.

It is considered impossible to combine Four elements in a unique proportion to create an entirely different transformation.

Even the Kekkei Tota 'Dust Release' is the pinnacle of Nature transformation mastered by any human. The First Tsuchikage Ishikawa started his research on three Nature transformations during his adulthood and failed to achieve success during his life.

His research was then picked by his student Mu... who became the Second Tsuchikage. Mu finally finished the research and created the first-ever Kekkei Tota. He then passed the secrets of his research to the grandson of First Tsuchikage Onoki.

'Now… I want to go beyond the limit of humanity. It is uncharted territory for me... and I am ready to learn everything. Well… I guess… this makes me similar to Orochimaru... who is also after the entire knowledge of Shinobi World. Nah… he is a pedophile… and I am not.

Izuna shakes his head and immediately denies it.

"Night Release: Endless Night Jutsu"

He hears a feeble whisper. Suddenly, darkness starts to encroach the house and the moon fades away in the darkness.

"Interesting!..." Izuna has a smile on his face as he is fascinated by this new technique.

'I never expected to come across another peculiar Nature Transformation on my second day of stay in Kirigakure. I have to do more research on this.'


Izuna activates his Mangekyo Sharingan and starts to inspect the darkness covered around his house.

"This is not Darkness Release as I expected. But it is quite close."

Izuna scrutinizes the darkness as he notices the microscopic black particles covering his house.

"By utilizing the aspect of genjutsu, Yin Release and Water Release… he has created a unique technique. Humm… the microscopic water molecules act as a prism and by using a genjutsu… the user creates an image of Night… he then imbues the water molecules with Yin Release chakra and cuts off any kind of light from the covered space… thus effectively isolating it from surroundings.

The result being the unique simulation of absolute Night."

Izuna curiously breaks down the complexity of the technique as he analyses it with his Mangekyo Sharingan.


'This jutsu has a weakness. The chakra cost is quite high… so an average jounin can only cast it once before running out of chakra... and the absolute Night won't give the caster any advantages either, unless the person has an ocular power to see through Darkness itself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-grandson_17734262306741205/137.-night-reaper-part-1_50421562972631654">;s-grandson_17734262306741205/137.-night-reaper-part-1_50421562972631654</a> for visiting.

As far as I know, only my Mangekyo Sharingan and perhaps the Rinnegan can see through this absolute night. No… perhaps I can use sound and vibrations to keep track of my surroundings… but it won't be that reliable compared to my Mangekyo Sharingan.'

Izuna deactivates his Mangekyo Sharingan and focuses his concentration on sounds and vibrations.

'Now my question is how the assassin will see me?'

ForgottenLife ForgottenLife

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