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75.2% Reborn in Naruto As Madara's Grandson / Chapter 89: 87. Farewell Danzo Part-1

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Chapter 89: 87. Farewell Danzo Part-1


Another explosion occurs, and it blows away the gate of the hall. The dust and debris clear to reveal Izuna.

It surprises Danzo to see Izuna and he questions,

"You? How come you are here? Where are my Root Anbus?"

Izuna throws the body of the team Captain towards Danzo and replies,

"Did you expect your dogs to maul me? You have quite high expectations for your subordinates.

Danzo Shimura, you have made a huge mistake by laying your hands on me. If my guess is correct, you are after my Sharingan. Am I right?"

Danzo's mouth gapes open wide as he looks at Izuna,

"Let me guess! Your previous Sharingan is failing you and you want a replacement for it." Izuna nonchalantly looks at Danzo.

Danzo gather his wits and smirk at Izuna,

"Kid, you are smart for your age. But you are foolish enough for walking straight into my turf and deliver the Sharingan to me. Haha…" Danzo laughs at Izuna's foolishness.

"Heh! Those are quite bold words for a soon-to-be-dead man." Izuna remarks as he slowly walks towards Danzo.

Danzo's expression turns sour and he orders his Anbu,

"Men, kill him. He may escape from the encirclement of previous teams, but this time he is in our headquarters. You shall leave no trace of him. Don't harm his Sharingan, they will become the replacement for my right eye."

Nearby Root members surround Izuna as they prepare to cast their jutsu.

"Danzo, do you think these bunch of people can stop me? I don't even need to blink to deal with them."

Izuna's eyes turn into Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Don't look in his eyes," Danzo yells loudly to his subordinates, but it is too late.

"Genjutsu: Uchiha Style: Hell's Purgatory,"

Izuna cast a powerful genjutsu on Root members. He slowly walks towards Danzo and stands in front of him.

"Now, it is only you and me, Danzo. Show me your skills and power which you boast off." Izuna looks at Danzo.

Danzo removes the bandage around his eye to reveal a fully mature Sharingan.

"So, you want to fight me with a borrowed Sharingan. Do you honestly think you can beat the real deal with your borrowed power?"

Izuna makes some hand signs and starts the battle with his classic move,

'Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu'

Izuna lunches a giant fireball towards Danzo. Danzo makes some hand signs,

'Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu'

He fires off a large water bullet to cancel the fireball jutsu.

Danzo makes some more hand signs and coats his legs in Wind Chakra.

'Wind style: Gale steps'

He quickly dashes towards Izuna and pulls out a sword from his back to stab Izuna.

'Metal Release: Iron claw'

Izuna's palm turns in metal and collides with the sword.


The sword snaps into half from the impact.

"This is…"

Danzo's eyes widens as he looks at Izuna's arm.

'How this kid can use Metal Release?'

'Swift Release: God Speed'

Izuna vanishes and appears in front of Danzo. He punches Danzo in guts and sends him flying through the roof.


Danzo's pukes out a mouthful of blood. There is a fist-size hole in his stomach.

"Don't worry, Danzo. No one will disturb us. I have erected a barrier around this place. Paired with silencing seals and illusion techniques, no one will be aware of our fight here. I will silently deal with you and leave the village.

At least, I will spare some of your dignity. You have taken no particular step to harm my family, so a quick death will do."

Izuna slowly walks towards Danzo. Danzo's body disappears and reappears behind Izuna with a kunai in his hand and tries to stab him.


The kunai snaps in half in contact with Izuna's back.

"Izanagi! Do you honestly believe I am not aware of this forbidden Technique of the Uchiha clan associated with their Sharingan? Tell me how many Uchiha clan members you killed to gain those eyes?" Izuna stares at Danzo with a cold expression.

'Damn! this Uchiha kid is much greater of a threat than I expected. I have to quickly deal with him.'

Danzo jumps back and removes the bandages from his right arm to reveal a large golden bracer. He slowly unseals the bracer to reveal a decrepit brown prosthetic arm with many Sharingans on it.

Danzo throws the bracer aside and makes some hand signs,

'Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Wave'

He fires several wind blades in Izuna's direction. Izuna dodges all the wind blades with his speed.

'Wind Release: Vacuum Blade'

Danzo spews out a wind chakra on his kunai to increase its sharpness, range, and lethality. The kunai forms a makeshift scimitar. He swings the blade towards Izuna.

'Wind Release: Wind Wave'

A powerful wind current rushes towards Izuna. Izuna coats his chakra blade with wind chakra and slashes it down,

'Wind Release: Wave splitter'

Izuna slashes Danzo's jutsu in half and engages with Danzo. Both of them fight with their blades. Izuna infuses more chakra in his blade and slices Danzo's blade in half together with his body.

Danzo's body splits in half, and it falls on the ground.


Danzo's body disappears, and he reappears behind Izuna as he makes some hand signs,

'Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere'

Danzo inhales an enormous amount of air and expels it in the form of a compressed, crushing wind sphere behind Izuna's back.

A Golden ribcage forms behind Izuna and blocks the attack. Out of nowhere, a silver arm grabs Danzo and squeezes him into pulp.


Danzo's body disappears again, and he reappears in front of Izuna.

Huff… huff…

Danzo breathes heavily as he looks at the Chakra construct.

"So, that's the legendary Susanoo available to Uchiha clansmen who have unlocked and mastered his Mangekyo Sharingan. Impressive!"

'He has the power of Mangekyo. I can't win this fight alone. I need some help.'

Danzo makes some hand signs and slams his hand on the ground,

'Summoning Jutsu'

A large elephantine chimera with orange fur appears. The creature has stripped legs similar to a tiger and huge tusks protrude from its mouth. The ginormous size of the creature is comparable to a full-body Nine-tails.

"Baku devour him," Danzo commands the creature.

The creature opens its mouth and sucks everything around it. The powerful suction force pulls Izuna towards it.

'Oh! So Danzo is using his summon. I think he is going to pull the same strategy he pulled against Sasuke.'

Danzo appears behind Izuna's back and makes some hand sign,

'Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Wave'

Danzo bombards various wind blades at the back of Susanoo. The wind blades are further empowered by the suction force of his summon. The Susanoo rib cage easily blocks all of Danzo's attack with no scratch on it.

"Impossible! How is this possible?" Danzo shouts in disbelief.

"You like to eat things, then eat this."

Izuna stretches out his right hand. Green chakra gathers in his palm.

'Radiation Release: Nuclear Rasengan'

Izuna forms a Radiation release Rasengan and throws it towards the summon. The Rasengan is green with many unstable particles continuously emitting from it.


The Rasengan explodes near the chimera and covers its entire body. The summons outer skin melts from the radiation, its skeleton appears beneath the skin.


The chimera summons disappears in a puff of smoke. Izuna dispels his Susanoo. Danzo tries to take advantage of the situation and appears behind Izuna to stab him.

'Inferno Release: Flame Control'

White flames appear around Izuna. The flames shape into a spear and stab through Danzo's heart.


Danzo pukes out another mouthful of blood, and his body disappears again. He reappears at another place some distance away.

Danzo looks at his right arm and notices the lack of Sharingan. "Damn! That was my last Sharingan."

He claps his hands and yells,

'Wood Release: Nativity of a Sea of Trees'

A small forest sprouts from the ground and blocks Izuna's vision. Danzo escapes from the spot as he murmurs,

"I never expected this. He possesses a Mangekyo Sharingan and many other Kekkai Genkai. The information I collected regarding him didn't state any of this. I have underestimated his power.

I have to escape and find another way to deal with him. He is too dangerous to be left alone for my plans. I will ask help from Orochimaru, the body of an Uchiha will interest him while I get to keep his eyes."

Danzo runs towards a secret exit to escape. He triggers a mechanism and blows the entrance of the secret exit.

"Oh! Trying to escape when the situation turned unfavorable. Do you think I will allow it so easily?"

"Fire Release: Majestic Flame Destroyer"

He burns the entire forest to cinders. He closes his eyes to sense the Chakra signature of Danzo.

He spots Danzo running through an Underground secret passage.

"Found you." Izuna spots a frantic Danzo.

'Swift Release: Sonic Steps'

He immediately chases after Danzo. He appears in front of the blocked entrance.


Izuna walks through the blocked entrance and enters the secret passage.

"This ability of Obito is very handy."

He dashes in front of Danzo and blocks his way.

"Do you honestly believe I will allow you to escape so easily? It is time to pay for your evil deeds, Danzo.

I have a perfect technique for traitors like you."

'Purple Lightning: Chidori Raikiri'

Chirp… chii…

Purple electricity gathers in Izuna's palm and shapes in a blade. Izuna dashes towards Danzo to stab him.

"Farewell! Danzo"

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